Which Men’s Wallet is Best For You? Classic Bi-Fold, Money Clip, or Front Pocket

Father's Day Gift Idea: Book, Cologne, Wallet, and Tools

A man and his wallet is like a woman and her purse– an everyday essential that is carried throughout all stages of life. The type of wallet a man carries will depend on his lifestyle, personality, and needs. Today we aren't going to focus on colors or textures. And we aren't going to bore you with 21 different styles. The Urban Gent will keep it simple and straightforward and help you choose one of the THREE main men's wallet options: classic bi-fold wallet, money clip, or front pocket wallet


Bottega Veneta, Fendi, Prada, and more // $25 – $600

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1. The Classic Bi-fold – Everyday before going to school as a kid my dad would open his brown or black leather wallet and hand me cash for lunch. This scenario or a similar one was probably the introduction to a wallet that the majority of us had. We'd see dad pull it out his back pocket when he paid for something in the store or gave us money at home. A bi-fold wallet is classic, useful, and loved by many.  Some bi-fold wallet carriers know how to keep their wallets organized and light. Unfortunately MANY others let it get bulky, fat, and overfilled with crap.  We've all seen it– it begins to look like a miniature mountain is forming on their right or left buttock… super unflattering. If the latter describes you, do us all a favor and steer clear from the classic bi-fold wallet. 

Who Should Wear / Buy the Classic Bi-Fold Wallet?

A well-organized man that has several essential items to carry, uses cash, and does not wear super skinny tight clothing. The classic bi-fold fits your ID, credit cards, a few business cards, cash, change, and if you still carry pictures it'll hold those too. 


Thom Brown, Gucci Embossed,  Cartier and more // $15 – $690 // 

Silver, Gold, Brown, Black, Unique, Monogramed, and more

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2. The Money Clip –   For some reason the first thought that comes to mind when I think about a man carrying a money clip is a gangster type: Tony Montana, Donald Trump (you know he gives you New York mobster vibes too), and of course Knucky Thompson and Chalky White (Boardwalk Empire) weren't about that heavy bi-fold wallet lifestyle. While those who are allegedly involved in organized crimes have higher incentives to carry around cash only, this is a pretty unfair instant visualization. Valets, bartenders, and various sole proprietor entrepreneurs (mobile barbers, mobile car wash service, etc) are prone to have cash on hand as well. Then of course those who are all about the Dave Ramsey Debt Snowball life at the moment are taught to throw out all your credit cards and carry cash only. 

Who Should Wear / Buy the Money Clip?

A man that carries mostly cash and currently uses rubberbands. Rubberbands are for kids, not grown men on a mission to build a respectable life for themselves. (Not meant to sound like I'm judging you, but also meant to sound like I'm judging you). It's also for those who are just naturally inclined to want to show off money. Let's be clear here– you should not be showing off your money, BUT if you're that guy then atleast class it up a little and get a money clip. It can also be useful for those who are on strict cash only budgets. A money clips holds about 20 bills at a time, so there's more than enough space to manage a weekly cash budget via a money clip.


Ferragamo, Ralph Lauren, Balmain, and more // $15-$475

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3. The Front Pocket Wallet –  Like phones, computers, and cars the wallet has had quite the evolution. From simple drawstring animal skin pouches used by the first men in Ancient Africa to carry around coins (think Bible times), to the billfold wallet created in 1690 in the then colony of Massachusetts when paper currency was first developed. The pocket-sized wallet we know today was introduced around 1950 and the latest evolution has given us the front pocket wallet. To me the front pocket wallet is the modern wallet and it's hands down the best option for most. It comes in so many different variations: front pocket only, front pocket with money clip, front pocket with fold over flap, and the list goes on. 

Who Should Wear / Buy The Front Pocket Wallet?  

A man whose wallet currently looks more like a miniature leather bound text book aka the guy who hoards things in his wallet. If you have the tendency to pack your wallet down with stuff, then the front pocket wallet is without a doubt the best option for you. It's not quite as minimal as a money clip, but it's smaller than the bi-fold, so it's the perfect compromise. You'll learn to streamline what you carry and only include your wallet essentials. This is also a good option for those who wear slim fitted clothing (more than half of you). You want your appearance to be an clean and neat as possible, having a slim front pocket wallet helps your overall look and style. If you carry cash then a front pocket wallet with a money clip is perfect. 


Don't be like George Constanza from Seinfield…


Don't be like a 2003 version of the rapper TI…

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