His Basics

Someone sent us the photos above and below that feature alot of “stuff” that we’ll call “his basics”. Alot of creative types have taken pictures of their basics before– be it a pair of wayfarers, their iphone, favorite watch, and hat -or- their daily spectacles, wallet, moleskine, and slr. Their basics are usually spread out in a way that describes them (neat or a little messy) and the picture is usually taken in a place or on something that adds to their personality (on their steel desk, on the bed, on a desk covered with magazine clippings etc). And basically, we think it would be cool if you guys sent us photos of your basics… so think about the items you own that are most essential, maybe items you favor above the rest; then take a clear picture and send it to urbangentblog@gmail.com. If we get enough entries we’ll have a contest and you guys can choose the best. (include your name, location, and list all the items you’ve included).

photos via fffound (we think).

Urban Gent Poll: What Do You Want For Christmas?

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Electronics: phone, computer, TV, etc
  12 (12%)
Casual Clothing/Apparel: jeans, jacket, sneakers, etc
  38 (39%)
Dressy Clothing/Apparel: suit, dress shoes, tie, etc
  21 (21%)
Grooming Products: cologne, shaving kits, etc
  10 (10%)
  2 (2%)
Media: music, movies, games, computer program
  2 (2%)
Non-tangible: vacation, gym membership, etc
  2 (2%)
Any thoughtful gift or time with family/friends
  10 (10%)

Out of about 100 votes it seems most Urban Gentlemen wanted casual clothing for Christmas, followed by dressy clothing, and electronics. Though we hope everyone received lots of cool kicks, premium denim,  perfectly fitted suits, 7-fold ties, and top-notch fragrances, don’t forget that this is the season of giving (so be sure to give a little)! Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all the Urban Gentlemen around the world!

-The Urban Gentleman Staff

Mariah Carey: All I Want For Christmas Is You

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Let’s get in the Holiday mood, with a 90s Christmas classic…

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