Citizen Ecosphere Watch

I had been on the hunt for a great timepiece for a long while. I wanted something to match my personality and lifestyle. Something stylish and sophisticated for everyday wear but also sporty enough to wear while being active or working out. Then I saw the Citizen Ecosphere Watch and fell in love.

It's black stainless steel face is sleek and nicely contrasted against the stark white accents, and the rubber buckle strap adds to the watch's wearability. The fact that it's water resistant is a major plus as well for any swimmers, kayakers, or sweaty runners. So if you're looking for a watch that's going to turn heads and let you live as actively (or inactively) as  you want, take a look at the Citizen Ecosphere. You can find one for yourself here


Chike Ibezue for The Urban Gent

GET THE LOOK: Wax Jackets, Red Wing Boots, Nude Fedoras and Other Early 1900s Inspired American Men’s Style

We've edited the videos to include links to more easily get the looks. Watch below: 


`Memoris by Louis Moinet: The Chronograph, Genius, and 200 Years

As I steadily climb the staircase of my 20s, only a few flights away from the next floor, I find myself really thinking about life. About living, creation, why we’re here and what we’re suppose to be doing. What is a life well-lived?

I’ve settled on the idea that it's doing what you love, to the best of your ability, and just accepting the beautiful journey of life. Louis Moinet, born 1768, seemed to have done just that, he did what he loved, and he did it masterfully… so that even 247 years after his birth he lives on. 

The Chronograph
Louis Moinet is the creator of the chronograph. A chron·o·graph / ˈkränəˌɡraf,ˈkrō-/ noun/ is an instrument for recording time with great accuracy. A stopwatch.

So essentially you can find him, Louis Moinet, on the wrist of every serious timepiece aficionado.  Not only that, but throughout the world of astronomy, aviation, deep sea diving, and he was even on the NASA Apollo missions when each astronaut was equipped with a fully functioning chronograph.

On wrist and pocket watches, the chronograph is a stopwatch function that uses sub dials to keep track of seconds, minutes, and hours. Chronograph watches have a long fancy history, dating back to King Louis XVIII of France who had one custom made to better time horse racing — one of his passions.  And since then, in these modern times, every major watchmaker has atleast one chronograph style watch in their collection. In fact, Memoris, the first chronograph watch in history was created by, of course, Louis Moinet in 1816.

The Journey to Genius
Genius is a word that came to mind as I began to do my research on Louis Moinet. And so I thought to myself – how does one cultivate a life so rich, in whatever capacity, that genius is created? Steve Jobs genius may have been a cumulation of a Californian bohemian lifestyle mixed with the side effects of your two best friends being engineers. Tupac Shakurs genius may be directly related to having parents who were active members of the Black Panther Party mixed with being in an environment full of raw creativity and artistry. Genius takes many forms, and the world gives it out generously for those comfortable with taking a journey.

New Jamaica Vibes + Round Frames.

For the past week, I've been jamming to the tunes of fellow yardie – Proteje. And I must say it's been quite refreshing. We all love Bob Marley, but I had been wondering when another artist would come along and offer a modern alternative. I did a little digging and learned that, "there's an exciting resurgence of conscious, organic music in Jamaica" and artist like Protoje are leading the pack. It's a Reggae Revival. Stay Tuned for our Protoje interview. 




If you have't already you gotta get a pair of round frame sunglasses. They're going to be important for the next several seasons, so you might as well get a pair a now. Maybe you've been thinking about it, but have decided to hold on to your aviator or wayfarer styles. I dig that, but round frames gives most looks a smart stylishness… add atleast one pair. Check out our selections below ranging from $18 – $815 (a pair for all budgets):


Throwback to our MadMan x Banana Republic x The Urban Gentleman Feature. 

Expensive Suits Should Have Nice Socks

It doesn't make sense to put cheap tires on a McLaren 6505, so why would anyone wear cheaply made socks with an Armani suit? If you're trying your best to advance your business career, socks are not something to roll up and toss.

Your socks can be liberating and set you apart. Everyone says: "Your clothes say a lot about you." VKNagrani men’s designer socks can do better than that. They can inspire you to live with purpose. If you feel like a badass, you'll act like a badass. Try that with some boring, old, black, nylon socks!


Life With Purpose 

Most of what successful people do in life is work. So whether a person is filling out an accounting spreadsheet or running a board meeting, they have an opportunity to be their best.

Values are the things that are important to us. Values give individuals a purpose. You could value adventure or learning. The best companies value quality and practicality.

Socks might seem like a silly thing to worry about, especially when it comes to defining your purpose in life, but not only do the higher end socks feel good, they tend to show what kind of person you are. Typically no one is going to see your socks, but when they do, you want them to see something of high quality, and something that you didn’t pick up in an eight pack at your local retail store.


Like a Fine Meal

Unlike food with exotic ingredients you eat and only remember, the higher end fashion socks end fashion socks have exotic materials that will last and you can wear often. While socks may not seem important, during the day these high end socks stay up, they don't get holes in them or become threadbare after two washes. 

Wool-only or nylon-only socks don't wick away sweat or stay up. They are hot and can lead to athlete's foot. What you want, is a pair of socks that can breathe and keep your feel comfortable all day. If you’re going to look like a million bucks, you might as well feel like it, right?

It’s all about quality, and buying with purpose. Rather than buying clothes randomly, ask yourself how they can serve you not only today, but for many years to come. This means each item in your wardrobe should be functional, not once-a-year-flashy. Quality socks should last and not have to be thrown out after six months. The wearer should be able to enjoy them for years.


Be Practical

Socks should look good, but they also should do their job. They should be comfortable; fashion does not have to be painful.

With the best socks on the market, you can look and feel good simultaneously. Drugstore socks might look good in the package, but the wearer will know the difference, especially after a lengthy session of wear.


Fast Fashion

It certainly is not practical to buy your wardrobe based on spring Fashion Week. Let the masses buy cheap versions of runway clothes from large retailers. Those clothes will probably wear out before the fall Fashion Week.

"Fast" can mean a lot of things in fashion. How fast a retail sell out of the latest trend? How can a pair of cheap socks be thrown out? How fast can you waste your money treasure hunting?

The point is you can save money in the long run and always look good by focusing on quality and practical clothing including socks.


Don't Be Boring

Sure, plain black nylon socks will insulate your feet, but a pair of quality socks with interesting colors and patterns will get you noticed in a good way. Socks are supposed to absorb sweat from your feet, so your expensive leather shoes don't smell bad and last longer, according to Business Insider.

Bold patterns are okay, as long as the color of your socks matches or complements the colors in your shirt or tie. If a super conservative environment is your workplace, then match the color of your socks to your trousers. But you can play about with the texture of the socks to make things interesting.

In the end, the best socks on the market are not necessarily about making sure you have something to cover your feet, but rather about making sure you can walk in comfort while reflecting the refined, tasteful individual within. Start looking into the best dress socks on the market today. It won’t be long before you have exactly what you need, and you’ll be dressed to impress every day of the week. The fate of your feet are in your hands now.


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