Star Trek in Auckland

I was sent these pictures a long time ago, and kept forgetting to post them. (not any longer).

Actors Karl Urban, Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine, and John Cho on the sky deck at the Premier of Star Trek at Sky City on April 9, 2009 in Auckland, New Zealand.

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2009 was definitely the year of slim fitting suits. While 2008 made slim fit an option, 2009 made slim fit  a must.

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Mr. Louboutin: Pharrell Williams… upgrade from Vans to Louboutins.

Throughout the fall/winter, BBC king Pharrell Williams has been seen sporting Christian Louboutin studded shoes instead of his usual comfy Vans. Known for their high-end stilettos with the signature red bottoms, often worn by the likes of Victoria Beckham and Rihanna, the folks at Louboutin are really upping the ante on men’s shoes. Kanye once proclaimed himself Louis Vuitton Don… is Pharrell the new Louboutin Don? Nah, that sounds too corny.  Check out Pharrell Williams rocking not one, not two, but three different kicks from Christian Louboutin’s SS2010 shoe collection for men:

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shoe cost: $1200

Christian Louboutin studded Louis sneakers
in 2 colorways, white and black.

(chuckles) You gotta love that Pharrell stays true to his simple tee and jeans look. Here he’s wearing washed embroidered helmet jeans from his Billionaire Boys Club label ($385). The louis sneakers look good with his usual slight v-neck and jeans, but the freddy flats don’t quite coordinate, but he’s Pharrell so we’ll let it slide… this time.

Freddy Flat ‘Las Vegas’ shoes
(patent leather with spikes and signature red bottom).
One of the first, if not THE first official Christian Louboutin men’s shoe,
in a Leopard print high-top nonetheless (April 2009). 
So I guess it’s official guys, men’s shoes are expanding… and during a recession at that!

Celebrity Style Update: Kanye West, Zac Efron, Q-Tip, Adam Lambert, Jay-Z, Kid Cudi, George Clooney, Brad Pitt and more

A few recent photos of celebrity style from the past week, month, etc…
George Clooney in Toronta, Canada
Clooney always manages to portray such effortless easy style. If he’s not attending a black tie event you can count on him to leave 1 or 2 buttons open on his shirt to show a little chest hair, after all– it’s a man world.

Robin Thicke and wife Paula Patton
at Roger Vivier Boutique Opening Party in Miami

Zac Efron at the David Letterman Show
in New York City sporting perfectly polished ankle boots.

When it comes to dress shoes most men opt for the lace-up oxford, some go for the slip-on loafer, but if you’re a truly stylish guy and in need of new dress shoes, look into purchasing a pair of dress boots. Robert Wayne carries some of the best styles at reasonable prices.

Everything he wears fits exactly how it is supposed to for his body type– the cut of the suit, the break in his pants, Mr. Efron is definitely leading in style these days.

Gabrielle Union and Matthew Morrison
at the 2009 GQ Man of the Year Event

More pics from the GQ Event:

Drake and Wale

Tom Ford

Gerard Butler

Q-Tip, Michael Kyser, and super model Jessica White (far right), and Jessica’s friend at a recent Knicks game

Both Q-Tip and Kyser look fresh. Kyser keeps it classic with black Adidas shell-toes while Q-Tip sports a pair of Nike Dunks High Premium East Edition

Diddy’s 40th Birthday Party in New York
Tyrese Gibson, Sean “Diddy” Combs and rapper Baby

I may not care for his attitude, but Sean Combs is a mean dresser.
No one does cocktail attire quite like Diddy.


Adam Lambert on CBS’s The Early Show

Believe it or not, I’m loving this look. I don’t think I’m a usual fan of Adam’s style, but the styling on this ensemble, atleast from the waist up, is pretty great. Obviously I’m not saying this look is for everyone, but if you’re going to do goth– do it like this. I think it’s the hair, the placement of the scarf, and the gloves that really bring it all together… hmm, I don’t even mind the metallic finger nail polish.

UPDATE: So after a few request, I found a similarly shaped jacket, it’s now available in our store check it out here.

Question: Where art thou Yeezy?
Answer: In Paris!!!!

The paps finally found our beloved gent, in Paris, doing a little retail therapy at Cavalli and Marney. I’m so glad he’s laying low, chilling, and just generally getting his ish together. Let’s hope he comes back revitalized, humbled, and more creative than ever. And remember Ye’ no more turning hoes into housewives, lol.

Kanye West indulging in retail therapy

Ye’s in mourning… maybe that’s what the all black is about. Both he and Rihanna have been sporting ALOT of black over the past few months– and both of them have been through some pretty traumatic situations. Either way it goes the black looks good on them both, but I’m sure once they’re inwardly happy again we’ll start to see more color in their day to day ensembles. (he’s wearing Acne House VPatch SB shirt,  Martin Margiela regular painted pants, and Hermes crocodile hi-tops)

Brad Pitt at the San Sebastian Film Festival
to promote Inglorious Bastards

Kid Cudi and Drake

Pharrell Williams at a Miami Art Basel event

I love how he ONLY rocks BBC jeans, which only makes sense. If you have a clothing line you should wear you own clothes, otherwise it will send a clear message that you’re not passionate about the line and you’re solely doing it for profit. (wearing black Christian Louboutin sneakers from their SS2010 collections)

Pharrell performing on the North American college arena tour. He’s sporting a Billionaire’s Boys Club heart and mind zip hoodie, BBC jeans, and classic New Balances.

Actors Christian McKay and Zac Efron
at the “Me and Orson Welles” plaque unveiling
at the original site of Mercury Theater

Christian McKay and Zac Efron
I likee Christians’s scarf and Zac’s blazer
A heather grey blazer is a must for men and women
this year, and next, and just in general.

Fonzworth Bentley at a Gillette Fusion Event in DC

Jay-Z at the opening of Fela! on Broadway

Que from Day 26 at a Gillette Fusion event

Que definitely has the best style in group Day 26,
he loves to rock the hoodie and leather jacket look.

Drake dressed up at the 2009 American Music Awards

singer Brian McKnight and son hit the AMAs red carpet

50 cents

Sooo, this is Pete Wentz

Yea, I didn’t recognize him either when I first saw the photo. I’m loving his new look, seriously, whoever is styling him- keep up the good work.

Pete Wentz
The profile is so sick… the jacket, the boots, the overall swag.

Day 26

Tristan Wilds

Columbus Short at Planet Hollywood promoting movie Armored

Now I hate to do this, because Columbus is a good-looking guy and he’s buddies with one of my close friends, but gentlemen this is a perfect example of how not to dress. Okok, let me back up, there are great components in his outfit– the pea coat, white slight v-neck tee, grey trousers, textured grey scarf, but the fit the FIT is sooo off and he looks sloppy.

Jay-Z hosts a Yankee 2009 World Series Victory party 40/20 club

Kid Cudi at the 40/40 club

NY Yankee Maverick Caryer celebrating
at Jay-Z’s 2009 World Series Victory party

Alex Rodriguez, Donald Faison, Spike Lee, and Reggie Miller kick it court side at the Knicks vs Lakers game in Los Angeles

Blast from the Past
Grammy-winning band Boyz II Men on the trading floor at the NYSE
Nathan Morris, Wanya Morris, and Shawn Stockman

… and speaking of Grammys, Maxwell received 6 nominations– very well deserved. What’s the deal with his shirt? Looks to be an upscale re-invention of the “tie-shirt”. Hmmm, it could just be fabric on the placket, but I have a feeling if he buttoned the shirt up it would look like a skinny tie.

Record exec Jimmy Lovine and Jay-Z at a Lakers game
Mr. Carter looks nice, he loves himself a velvet bow-tie

Trey Songz celebrating his 25th birthday at the M2 Ultra Lounge in NYC
I love his textured damask print jacket.

photo cred:
getty images, theybf, just jared

That was alot of celebrity style to take in in huh?

The one thing that they all had in common was color– everyone was wearing black or grey with a little blue here and there. But that’s mainly because its winter and blacks, greys, and navys are the most popular colors for wintery clothing.

So whose recent style do you like, dislike, sorta kinda like….

Urban Gent Poll: Whose Style Do You Like Best

The results from the latest Urban Gent Poll are in… this was sort of a mini poll since it didn’t run for that long:

The Question: Whose Style Do You Like Best?

Zac Efron
20 (17%)
Nick Cannon
3 (2%)
Channing Tatum
10 (8%)
Kid Cudi
53 (45%)
John Legend
25 (21%)
Robert Pattinson
5 (4%)
Votes so far: 116

1st place goes to Kid Cudi, 2nd John Lengend, and 3rd Zac Efron.

I’m not surprised at Kid Cudi winning first, the Winter/Fall Fashion Guide has been posted front and center for the past month or so, and he’s posted as my example for Assorted Swank. Plus, alot of Urban Gent readers are big fans of artist like Kid Cudi, Lupe, Pharrell, etc etc. I’ll look into doing a more in-depth Kid Cudi style article later.

Zac Efron at UK premiere of ‘Me and Orson Welles’, Nov 18th

I honestly thought Zac Efron would get 2nd, if not 1st, but he got 3rd. He’s been pretty consistent with his style for the past two years and he constantly updates his looks; sometimes its a big update while other times it’s subtle. Zac’s perfectly polished look from the beginning of 2009 was, well, perfect. And his messy, swept-over hair do from mid-2009 was oookay, not one of my favorites, but I appreciated the update and experimentation. His current look is pretty great as well. Hmmm, I guess when I think of Efron’s changing styles I think of his hair. But besides his hair his attire is always perfect… his jeans fit well, as do his button downs. He and his girlfriend always look flawless on the red carpet.

John Legend always look nice. His suits are usually custom-fitted, he wears trendy bow-ties, and just keeps himself well-groomed (hair, skin, clothing) like an Urban Gent should.

***Don’t forget to vote on the new poll… What’s Your Favorite Fall/Winter Trend? (located on the right side of the page)

2009 MTV VMAs: Men of the Red Carpet, Fashion, Style, Best Dressed

This years VMAs were sort of… reckless. Kanye on stage with Taylor Swift, Lil Mama jumping on stage during Jay-Z’s and Alicia Keyes performance, Lady Gaga’s costumes were scary, it was a mess. But I guess that’s what makes it fun to watch- it’s just a random fun award show. And for that same reason celebrities don’t always take their attire seriously. From both the women and men their were more plain, okay, and bad clothing than good. On the women’s side, I think Solange Knowles had the best total look, and from the men… I’ll let you guys decide, who do you think?

Tristan Wilds
The new 90210 sports a very casual ensemble… looks like something a prep school kid wear when they have casual day at school. He has alot of potential though, I could see him dressing like Chris Paul once he matures.

Swiss Beatz
All black, simple, classic, casually clean. Everything fits well- the jeans, the tee, the jacket. His shades are really hot.

Jermaine Jackson and guest
A very nice, top-notch quality marching band jacket. Very appropriate for the tribute to MJ.

Dijmon Hounsou and Kimora Lee Simmons
cute couple, her baby weight is coming off nicely.

Adam Brody
Superb grooming. He has the whole “I just got off of work from my 6 figure job” look going. You know how it is when some of your banker friends get off work: they have a really nice suit on, tie a tad loosened, and their attire looks very relaxed- since they’ve been mostly at a desk all. That’s the look Adam has going on, I like it.

This is okay, I saw a close-up of the prints on the suit and it’s not my favorite thing in the world, but it fits his style and taste.

All American Rejects

Adam Samberg

Asher Roth
This is opposite of his usual look, but I think I like it with the mustache.
He looks like a dad from the late 50s.

Chace Crawford
He looks just about perfect, good job Chace.

Cobra Starship

DJ Cassidy
I get what he’s doing, but the look would have been much better with loafers, and if he stood up straight.

Fall Out Boys

Gerald Butler
I wanna say this looks sloppy, buy I think it’s mainly the camera angle. But actually, his pants are too long, jacket sleeves a little long, shirt is too short for his body type, and I wish someone would style his hair and beard better because they always look messy (not in a good way).
The Ugly Truth was really good though.

Justin Bleber
This is a very nice look for our young urban gents.

Kid Cudi

Mando Fresko
The quality of all his clothes are superb- jacket, jeans, and t-shirt


Very clean

Russell Brand
(no comment)

Sean Kingston

Sean Paul
I like Sean Paul, but his style is just off… its sort of stuck or something, he hasn’t allowed his style to evolve. Idk, but he needs some help.

Taylor Lautner
Another almost perfect look

My favorites are probably Taylor Lautner and Swiss Beatz…

photos via MTV

Mini Urban Gentlemen: Daniel Julez Smith-Knowles and Kingston James McGregor Rossdale-Stefani

Good Afternoon Gentlemen,

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Racheal and I’m going to be doing a weekly “blurb” on the mini urban gentleman, basically all the young guys 12 and under (and the Young Urban Gentleman: teens 13-15). I’m a mom, but a fashionable one who tends to dress her kiddo to the hilt no matter the occasion. I’m a graduate of THE Ohio State University with a degree in textiles and clothing. I worked for a major fashion retailer before moving to Atlanta to take a position in an executive management program for another major high-end retailer (which is where I met the creator of this blog (kisses to my girl).) I have a knack for style and an itch to be a stylist, but I currently teach to give back to my community. Alright, that’s enough about me!

To jumpstart our new section on Mini Urban Gentlemen I’d like to showcase a couple of the moms and kids with style that I admire, check them out:
Solange & Juelz. I love these two because they seem to be very stylish in their own individualized way. They always exude confidence and happiness when caught out and about.

he’s a rockstar.

With mom in France, sporting multi-colored Dunks

If you notice Solange keeps little Julez sort of dressed within the same
color scheme as her most of the time.

Out and about with auntie Beyonce’ and grandma Tina

This probably one of coolest pics of Solange’s Julez.
It’s like he’s saying “I’m cool and I know it and you know it too”
but he’s just not saying it… and I really like the colorful Oakley shades on the little guy.

4 year old Daniel Julez Smith, Jr. out with mom singer Solange,
aunt singer Beyonce, and grandma designer Tina as they visit the
Andy Warhol exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris.
Solange has dressed young Daniel in a more high-fashion type ensemble…
very appropriate for Paris.

He sports a graphic print scarf and tee (which really just looks like a cow-neck t-shirt), MJ-ish black jacket, and his black wayfarers- a staple in most of his day to day looks.

Gwen and Kingston. From birth this kid has been a maven of fashion and he hasn’t stopped since. I guess it helps that his mom is also pretty darn fashionable and owns a line of AMAZING clothes for the whole family… he and his brother are just two lucky kids.

yet again, another rockstar kid.

I love seeing little kids in studded belts, it’s like a mini-style statement

Young Kingston giving a very pregnant Gwen Stefani a back rub in London Park. All I can say is “niiiiiice.” This little guy gets alot of points for this act, every woman wants a son this thoughtful. I really like his jeans, the big cuffs complete the casual look.

Kingston well-layered for winter.

Kingston laying out at Long Beach in California with mum Gwen Stefani
and 8 month old little bro Zuma. You can’t really see it in this picture, but they all have on a type of seer-sucker denim… it’s nice when parents and kids very subtly match.

We’re sure Zuma will grow up to be cool like big bro Kingston

And of course I had to throw in atleast one of Kingston and dad rock star Gavin Rossdale since, after all, this is a man’s blog.

3 year old Kingston James McGregor debuting a blonde side-swept mohawk… I’m not too sure about dying your kids hair, but you must admit that he looks pretty rad


As Gwen and Solange show it’s easy to keep your little guy stylish. Cool graphic tee, quality denim, his favorite sneakers, and a complimenting accessory- be it a studded belt or colorful shades.

These are just two of my favorite young gents. PLEASE leave any comments and suggestions for posts! Whether you have your own little gentleman (like me) or need to buy your nephews, cousins, or friend’s kids a gift- I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions and give my opinion and suggestions.

Happy Friday Guys, Ciao!

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