How to Pick the Right Dog for Men: Budget, Breed, Lifestyle

No Urban Gentleman and Gentlepup series would be complete without a TUG Guide to Picking the Right Dog for You.

When on the search for a new pup the selection process can be as simple or detailed as you would like.  Three years ago, when I was on the hunt for a new dog, there were a few things I knew I HAD to have: he needed to be small (I lived in an apartment), he needed to not shed (I didn't want to have to constantly cleanup hair), and he needed to be smart (I couldn't deal with slow/stubborn dog at that point in my life, lol ;). Those parameters narrowed down my list pretty quickly, so similarly I would advise you to  follow the steps below when choosing a new dog.

Fitzgerald, the Schnauzer in a custom denim bow-tie

List of 6 Steps to take when Searching for the Right Dog

1. Think about your lifestyle and what you want and need from a dog-– write down your findings. This doesn't have to be long, just a few sentences. After doing this you'll probably already have a few breeds in mind that you think could work.

2. Decide what size you want: Small, Medium, Large. This will largely depend on where you live and on your purpose for having a dog.  Are you in the suburbs or city? 1 bedroom apartment or 6 bedroom townhouse?  While there are big dogs that do well in small spaces, its always best to try to keep the dog's size proportionate to your living situation.

Also get down to the nitty gritty of why you want a dog– just for companionship?  to play sports/be active with? to be an extra layer of security? If your sole purpose is to just have an on-call co-pilot then you may be more keen to have a smaller size. On the other hand if you want a dog that can be your canine bouncer then you'll likely want a pup with more build and stature.


Going on Dates with Your Dog: Urban Gentleman and Gentlepup Series, #2

Yesterday we discussed how dogs are man's best friend – it's a relationship that seems to have naturally fell into place centuries upon centuries ago. And along with our dogs being our best friends, they happily become our co-pilot. Working out? They're leading the trail. Running errands? They're riding shotgun with their face in the wind. But what about dates? Is it okay to allow them to co-pilot when on a date? 

Topman jeans; Common Projects Derby

The answer varies. If she's allergic, then no. There's no point in being a jerk, leave your urban gentlepup at home (and rethink if you can really date someone allergic to dogs- j/k). If it's evening and you're going somewhere fancy… I know your co-pilot has his own bow-tie collection, but still please forgo dragging him along. 

It's really only appropriate to bring your dog on dates when it's casual. For example: going to the park or hanging out at an outdoor festival or market. If you're in the mood to get dressed up with your Lady and wanna bring your dog, well, Sunday brunch is perfect! Check out Look 2 of our series below: 

Urban Gentlepup Fitzgerald the Schnauzer taking charge

George Frost necklace; TUG pinback

Get the Look:

See the complete Urban Gentleman and Gentlepup series, here.

Man and Dog: The Urban Gentleman and Gentlepup Series, Part 1 (At the Park)

Man & dog— it's just so natural. Even in the very beginning of time when African kings and queens sat upon their golden thrones they often had a canine companion by their side. Why? Because dogs are the ultimate best friend. Their loyalty and love is unconditional, plus there's the added benefit of being able to handpick and train them. 

Ancient African Drawings of Pharaohs with dogs

As we move into a society where we start family life after 32 opposed to 22, having a dog is becoming more than the norm… it's almost a standard. So this is our first ode to the new standard. This week is all about man's best friend. Featuring Atlantan Urban Gentleman Taariq Tut and our first featured Urban Gentlepup Fitzgerald, the Schnauzer.

This series contains 5 Looks.

– Look 1: Going to the Park  –

Obey navy tank; Zanerobe joggers; mirrored aviators; vintage backpack

A classic affair with your canine companion: going to the park, running around like kids, and chillin' in the green grass… good vibes all around.

Fitzgerald aka Fitz is a 1.5 yr old brown and white miniature schnauzer 

When going to the park with your canine BFF here's what you need:

– Your backpack of course.. or duffle

– toys: a single ball will do, but I would bring 2 just in case

– bottle of water: gotta keep hydrated

– small towel or blanket: if and only if you plan to stay awhile and chill on the lawn

– extras: insect repellant, sunscreen, and extra poop bags (some parks don't have them)


Music Break: A Shakur Summer, Get the Look

It's Tuesday, so why not play a little Tupac as we work. I love music, you love music, we all love music…  After having Marley Monday yesterday, I figured why not share our current listenings with you every once in awhile. Sometimes a song can dictate my post, a single verse can be the difference of why I choose a pair of Italian made moccasin -vs- a pair of Brazilian made huaraches to match a particular look. 


*(some songs are explicit)


Get the Look:

Expensive Suits Should Have Nice Socks

It doesn't make sense to put cheap tires on a McLaren 6505, so why would anyone wear cheaply made socks with an Armani suit? If you're trying your best to advance your business career, socks are not something to roll up and toss.

Your socks can be liberating and set you apart. Everyone says: "Your clothes say a lot about you." VKNagrani men’s designer socks can do better than that. They can inspire you to live with purpose. If you feel like a badass, you'll act like a badass. Try that with some boring, old, black, nylon socks!


Life With Purpose 

Most of what successful people do in life is work. So whether a person is filling out an accounting spreadsheet or running a board meeting, they have an opportunity to be their best.

Values are the things that are important to us. Values give individuals a purpose. You could value adventure or learning. The best companies value quality and practicality.

Socks might seem like a silly thing to worry about, especially when it comes to defining your purpose in life, but not only do the higher end socks feel good, they tend to show what kind of person you are. Typically no one is going to see your socks, but when they do, you want them to see something of high quality, and something that you didn’t pick up in an eight pack at your local retail store.


Like a Fine Meal

Unlike food with exotic ingredients you eat and only remember, the higher end fashion socks end fashion socks have exotic materials that will last and you can wear often. While socks may not seem important, during the day these high end socks stay up, they don't get holes in them or become threadbare after two washes. 

Wool-only or nylon-only socks don't wick away sweat or stay up. They are hot and can lead to athlete's foot. What you want, is a pair of socks that can breathe and keep your feel comfortable all day. If you’re going to look like a million bucks, you might as well feel like it, right?

It’s all about quality, and buying with purpose. Rather than buying clothes randomly, ask yourself how they can serve you not only today, but for many years to come. This means each item in your wardrobe should be functional, not once-a-year-flashy. Quality socks should last and not have to be thrown out after six months. The wearer should be able to enjoy them for years.


Be Practical

Socks should look good, but they also should do their job. They should be comfortable; fashion does not have to be painful.

With the best socks on the market, you can look and feel good simultaneously. Drugstore socks might look good in the package, but the wearer will know the difference, especially after a lengthy session of wear.


Fast Fashion

It certainly is not practical to buy your wardrobe based on spring Fashion Week. Let the masses buy cheap versions of runway clothes from large retailers. Those clothes will probably wear out before the fall Fashion Week.

"Fast" can mean a lot of things in fashion. How fast a retail sell out of the latest trend? How can a pair of cheap socks be thrown out? How fast can you waste your money treasure hunting?

The point is you can save money in the long run and always look good by focusing on quality and practical clothing including socks.


Don't Be Boring

Sure, plain black nylon socks will insulate your feet, but a pair of quality socks with interesting colors and patterns will get you noticed in a good way. Socks are supposed to absorb sweat from your feet, so your expensive leather shoes don't smell bad and last longer, according to Business Insider.

Bold patterns are okay, as long as the color of your socks matches or complements the colors in your shirt or tie. If a super conservative environment is your workplace, then match the color of your socks to your trousers. But you can play about with the texture of the socks to make things interesting.

In the end, the best socks on the market are not necessarily about making sure you have something to cover your feet, but rather about making sure you can walk in comfort while reflecting the refined, tasteful individual within. Start looking into the best dress socks on the market today. It won’t be long before you have exactly what you need, and you’ll be dressed to impress every day of the week. The fate of your feet are in your hands now.


Marley Monday: Bob Marley 1979, Music and Style

Let's start the week off with the mellow Caribbean tunes of Bob Marley.

Amandla Festival Press Conference with Bob Marley The Wailers and comedian Dick Gregory © Sharon Donahue


(tip:open in new window)


Get these Bob Marley Inspired Looks:




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