Zonkey Boots


There's a new luxury Austrian shoe brand around, its name? Zonkey Boot. Sounds sorta weird huh? And yes, the name is meant to sound like a cross between "Zebra and Donkey"…




St.Crispin shoe designer Michael Rollig explains, "So, what is a Zonkey [you may ask]? Zonkeys are crossbreeds and come in various shapes; the mixture of their features [are] unpredictable. They are a man made attempt to create something new from known ingredients, in this case genes. Looking at a Zonkey one finds himself searching for the Zebra’s and the Donkey’s attributes; some are visible, some are hidden and the distribution is different in each specimen. [So] what is Zonkey Boot? Our ongoing attempt to create heavenly shoes."

I guess that makes sense… they already have the ingredients to make great shoes, but they want to create something that is unpredictable and new, like a Zonkey. I can dig it. The name is definitely catchy, and the shoes are pretty darn hot. So I'm sure these will be a success.


Welts & Leisure (above). Hand-welted shoes — which many proclaim is the best method for making shoes (they'll last a lifetime), it's very time-consuming process and requires great skill, so it is "rare and precious" to have new hand-welted shoes these days.


Zonkey Boot Urban Sports (above): The Italian province of Veneto, on the southern side of the alps, has a tradition of mountaineering shoe making. Zonkey Boot sports shoes are a minimalized version of the mountain boots, featuring all the technical requirements for urban outdoor use, like ortho-cork inlays and advanced rubber sole constructions.


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Kanye West in Fur, Lil Wayne in Teddy Bears


Kanye West leaving his NYC Hotel in a full length fur coat, faded black crew neck tee, black leather pants, python skin and leather paneled backpack, and Air Jordan Retro 3 sneakers. (Let's be honest… We expect these types of looks from Kanye these days)


Seems like Lil Wayne truly is the poster boy for Jeremy Scott (remember him in the Fruition x Jeremy Scott Bart Simpson ensemble). He's recently been seen rocking the Jeremy Scott Adidas Teddy Bears. Jeremy Scott is on the Adidas Originals by Originals team and he's been busting out many creations that continuously to sell out. (Check Lil Wayne giving us a little 90s Steez with the acid wash jeans)

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Ethyn: 4 1/2. Young. & Fly.



Looks like this young urban gent from our last post has been identified as 4 1/2 year old Ethyn. It took less than 24 hours, if that, after posting, for his mom to email us claiming her young fly son. She was told by friends and wanted us to know who he was… news travels soooo fast these days! His mother, Courtney, is a lover of hip-hop and has always wanted her kid to have alot of shoes… "Growing up I always wanted my kids to have as many shoes as possible so the majority of his shoes are picked out by his dad & I. He still doesn't really care much about his shoes or clothes YET, but out of all of his shoes his ultimate faves are the Jordan 5's."

Pretty sweet, Ethyn has about 30 pairs of shoes…. and he's 4 1/2 and still growing… I wonder how many shoes he'll have when he's 18?

Lunch Break: LA Gears & Milkshakes.

Black & White LA Gear KAJ. You can cop a pair here.

These are from LA Gear's 1990s "Unstoppable" line.

Weeks and weeks ago, Kanayo and I took a lunch break to hit up our local Steak & Shake. We both had a sweet-tooth and, well, you can't help but love Steak & Shake's Happy Hour: Snicker,  Butterfinger, and Butter Pecan milkshakes (just to name a few) for 1/2 off — it's a pretty sweet deal. Then we figured… might as well get a steakburger too. We definitely don't encourage fast food (except for maybe Chick-fil-a), but every now and then won't hurt too bad.  

rolling through the drive-thru.

the "goods"

90s Steez: Vintage Disney denim jacket, Bape graphic tee,

Diesel jeans, Unstoppable LA Gears.

During our back to school article, seeing the Y-3 Yohji Yamamato Neo Tech sneakers gave me  flashbacks of LA Gears. So Sportie LA was nice enough to send us a couple pairs. LA gear's are definitely stand-outs due to its size, so if you like people to really notice your kicks… get a pair of Unstoppables.

Check out 90s Steez and more Fall Winter 2010-2011 trends here.

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