Winners from Thurs/Fri T.U.G Holiday Giveaways: MenScience Travel Kits, KINGS Underwear, Buckyballs, Heyday Arcane Wrath Sneakers, Nixon Watch, Etc.

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Below are the Website/Blog, Facebook, and Twitter winners for T.U.G Giveaway #4 and T.U.G Giveaway #5.


The Urban Gentleman Holiday Giveaway #4:

MenScience Travel Kits: Mike Nash, C.Johnston, @MrRePHIned

Kings Underwear: Zach Walker


The Urban Gentleman Holiday Giveaway #5:

1-Ryan Bitzer, 2-@_Duran 3-@GIANImartin 4-@RyanRains , 5-John Eisenmann, 6-Sean Swetnam

Everyone should email info (at) theurbangent (dot) com with your full mailing address.

Giveaway #5 winners: Also email your number 1-6 choices. The Buckyballs come in black, gold, or silver, so winners 4,5,6 choose the color you want.


And to everyone else… there's plenty more giveaways. So don't worry!

Holiday Giveaway #5: Heyday x Wrath Arcane Sneakers, Nixon Watch, 10Deep Snapback, (from Trucker Deluxe), and Buckyballs.

It's Friday so we figured let's have a bit more fun with the giveaway. So provided by Trucker Deluxe and Buckyballs we have an array of items for 6 lucky winners.


While The Urban Gentleman often focuses on luxury, classic, and vintage items, we also delight in showing love to other styles, and today… well, this giveaway is for you Jereme Rogers, Terry Kennedy, pro-skater, street-wear loving gents. Checkout the giveaway items:

Heyday x Wrath Arcane Concept Shoes

Photobucket  Photobucket

Heyday teamed up with minimalist streetwear brand Wrath Arcane to create The Concept, which takes the basic design of Heyday's Super Shift and tweaks it to create a sneaker unlike any other. Cost $170, here.

Nixon – The Rubber Re-Run Watch



10Deep – 1995 Snap-Back Hat




All items above are from Trucker Deluxe.

Now for something fun…

Who said adults can't have toys? Buckyballs are the latest craze in addictive and stress-relieving desktoys. So we're giving away 3 executive edition Buckyballs in silver, black, and gold.


Check out this Buckyballs video:

Purchase Buckyballs here.

6 readers will be chosen. To win the Heyday x Wrath Arcane concept sneakers, Nixon watch, 10 Deep snapback, or Buckyballs you must comment on this post, comment on our Facebook, and/or re-tweet on Twitter.

Let us know the order in which you prefer the items. For Example: 1. Nixon watch 2. Heyday shoes, 3. Buckyballs, 4. 10 Deep hat. Depending on the order you're randomly drawn  you'll be given your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th choice.

Holiday Giveaway #4: 3 MenScience Travel Kits + Kings Underwear Premium Package

Today our giveaway focuses on the essentials– the real essentials.

Grooming and underwear.


MenScience, we love them, their microfine face scrub rocks. So we're giving away 3 MenScience Travel Kits. These kits truly have everything you need, especially for those who are always on the go.  Each kit comes with: Advanced Shave Formula, Daily Face Wash, Advanced Face Lotion, Post-Shave Repair, Daily Shampoo, Advanced Deodorant, Advanced Lip Protection, Night Sleep Mask, Advanced Ear Plugs, and Personal Travel Bag.



Kings Underwear. Their focus is on creating supreme undergarments that are better than the rest, they're known in some circles as the "Victoria Secrets for men". All the items are made with comfort, fit, and masculinity in mind. Oh, and did I mention they're made in the good ole USA? Well, they are. Our personal review of their new line of underwear is coming soon, so be on the look out for that, but for now we're going to giveaway a premium package of Kings boxers, socks, and t-shirts… so maybe you can help us review them too.

Kings Underwear Premium Package: any 3 underwear, any 3 premium business socks, 2 pack of under-shirts (any style).



So to re-cap, today's Urban Gentleman Holiday Giveaway:

- One MenScience Travel Kit will be given on facebook, one on twitter, and one right here, at your Urban Gentleman home.

- One lucky person will be chosen to win the a premium package of  Kings Underwear. Just comment below.



Alrighty, get your tweet and comment on.

Holiday Giveaway #3: 2 Eleven Eleven Luxury Watches

An exclusive to Barney’s, Bergdorf’s and Neiman Marcus Eleven Eleven watches are the latest entry into the world of fun and colorful, luxury watches. Ranging from $295-$395 Eleven Eleven's motto is "It's 11:11 Make A Wish". I'll admit, at first I didn't get it, but a quick google search filled me in. 11:11 is the best time to make a wish… So if you just so happen to look at the clock at 11:11 and make a wish, it's supposed to come true. (btw: it has to be spontaneous, you can't look at the clock at 11:08 and think "I have 3 minutes!").  Did I mention they're customizable– so you're able to change the straps depending on your attire (or mood).



2 readers will be chosen. 1 will be chosen at random by commenting on the post (you have until 12am pacific time). And the other 1 will be chosen via facebook and twitter. So comment and tweet like craaaazy!

Check out the complete collection of Eleven Eleven watches for men and women, here.



Holiday Giveaway #2: 8 Pairs of Monarchy Selvedge Denim Jeans

Luxury rock denim brand Monarchy, known to long time denim connoisseurs for their raw vintage styles and unique deconstructed treatments, is being revitalized. Monarchy's spring collection (featured below) is full of signature looks that capture the brand at its original essence– raw,  luxe, and humbly badass. The band Carney  even has a video fully rocked out in Monarchy threads… pretty sweet, right? check it out below:


You can purchase Monarchy denim (MNRKY) at Revolve Clothing and of course on Monarchy's new website (they're having a crazy huge site-wide sale throughout the holidays to celebrate the website's relaunch– so stock up now).

Oh, and I almost forgot… THE GIVEAWAY:


8 readers will be chosen. To win a pair of slim-straight MNRKY premium selvedge denim you must comment on this post (you have until 12am pacific time), comment on our Facebook, and/or re-tweet on Twitter.  Instead of paying $165 (plus tax and shipping) why not win a great pair for free? getterdone.

Check out a few images from their SS 2011 Look Book:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Holiday Giveaway #1: 50 Axe Shower Tools & Shower Gels

Today we want to make almost everybody feel like a winner, so we're going to start off with a lite and simple giveaway.

50 readers will be chosen. 20 will be chosen at random by commenting on the post (you have until 12am pacific time). And the other 30 will be chosen via facebook and twitter. Everybody loves free ish– Let's getterdone!


AXE Rise Shower Gel and AXE Detailer


A hilarious "Clean Your Balls" video…

Review and Purchase Axe RISE here.

More reviews on Axe Products here.

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