S/S Men’s Style Essential: Espadrilles

men's street style espadrilles

Our next featured style essential? Men's espadrilles… the perfect summer kick-around shoe, along with your canvas lace-ups of course.

And this year designers and brands have really expanded their espadrille offerings, they're not just offering the basic slip-on anymore… we've got high-top espadrilles, lace-up espadrilles, suede espadrilles, even leather espadrilles.Check it all out below:



Check out the complete Spring Summer Men's Style Guide, here.

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Fathers Day Gift Guide 2011

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A few gift ideas for Father's Day 2011.



Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Another holiday is around the corner– this time Mother's Day. Of course, as always, we have you covered with a gift guide.

The best way to approach gift giving to a woman, or just in general, is to think about what the person's interests are and to simply think back to what they've said they've needed… what's that one thing your mother or wife has been nagging you about? If she has everything she needs, what's the one thing you know she wants? Maybe she's been saving up for something– a new camera, a certain designer dress, well go ahead and get it for her so she can have the gift and keep the money she was saving.

Thoughtful gifts always get the best and most genuine reactions, they show you've been listening and paying attention. For example, if your mother or wife is going back to school– maybe get her a new laptop. And lastly, if she truly does have most things she wants and needs just get her something that fits her personality– if she's into fashion get her a new handbag, if she likes to "feel pretty" get her jewelry and perfume, if she likes unique things, something sorta out of the box– maybe an ice cream maker. Skies the limit, but we have a couple of ideas below in our…

Mother's Day Gift Guide:



Also, check out eBay's Mother's Day Gift Guide if you're on a budget.

-or- Mother's Day Gifts on Amazon if you're in need of one-day shipping.

And you know we had to top of this post with the #1 classic Mother's Day song:

"A Song for Mama" by Boyz II Men

photo from SmallRoots

Barneys New York x The Urban Gentleman

A little while ago, we got an email from Barneys New York wanting to interview The Urban Gentleman for Barneys.com.  And of course being the historic and iconic store they are we were very obliged and honored to do so. Check out "The (anonymous) Urban Gentleman"  interview, as they playfully say, HERE.

We're excited to be one of the very first men's fashion features, on, or should I say "in" the famous Barney's Window. Side note: I didn't know there was so much "mystery" around The Urban Gent team, lol, but for those who don't know us: Kanayo King, Cindy Samoht, ( <— we're the main two) and there are a small handful of contributors (and a meticulously expanding Urban Gent family) who help make The Urban Gentleman possible. (special thanks to Jean and Max).

More Below –>


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