Polo Booster, Pittsburgh


downtown Pittsburgh, Ralph Lauren sweater, button-down, corduroys, and boots; TUG pinback/badge

Sometimes you'll put an ensemble together and later on realize that you look like an old school polo booster kid— that's what happened here, lol (unintentionally RL from top to bottom, I even think the socks are RL…). We were in Pittsburgh last week, too busy to really hit the city, but we made our way to a few spots. One worth mentioning was a vintage spot in Squirrel Hill called Avalon Exchange. Unfortunately I left my camera the night we went, so there aren't any in-store photos, but we purchased a few pieces– vintage Wrangler vest, lightweight baseball jacket, creme Members Only jacket for the Spring, and a few other pieces. (oh, and shout out to all the Steelers fan– the only time I see that much black and yellow in one place is when I'm at a Georgia Tech game, and even then I see more old gold & white than black and yellow).


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Winterized Street Layers

Let's take a quick break from our Valentine's Day Giveaways to see what's been going on in the streets. (via Scott Schuman and Tommy Ton)


Gotta love seeing that classic American style (jean shirt and pants, canvas vest,aviators) on the streets of Milan


I really love the drama of this photo. The fitted elegant styling and monochromatic hues of dark blue gives me flashes of the style of the men in the Black Panther Party, like Huey Newton, but with the color navy instead of black. (Happy Black History month, btw).


One of my favorite things to see is the mixing of "types" of clothing. A bubble vest, a more rugged type of clothing, layered on top a suit just does it for me on so many levels.

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Get Inspired for 2011: Street Style Roundup

**Happy New Year to you all! 2010 was great, and 2011 should be even greater. The world might just end next year, so make this year count! Lol, just kiddin'. (2012 is a pretty good movie though). But forreal, heed to the cliches' of following your dreams and living with a purpose. I found myself listening to Lauryn Hill the other day (her MTV Unplugged album) and as usual she had some wise words, and spoke about "living" and doing what you love, doing something with a purpose, something that adds to the world not detracts or extracts from it… So that's our little T.U.G advice for 2011: Live & Live with a (positive) purpose.**

Alright, so yesterday I found myself flipping through a couple of magazines, yanno just checking up, peeping the styles, etc etc. And, well, after awhile I found myself totally uninspired. And the more I thought about it, the more it annoyed. So I decided that we were past due for a nice, Urban Gentleman street style round-up. I had a folder of looks I had been collecting from friends and sites around the net, buuuut somehow I can't find it… So I spent a little time collecting new ones (hopefully I'll find the other photos soon). Check it out:


Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Love this photo for some reason. It makes me happy. I guess because its original and reminiscent of classic slap-stick comedy, like the Three Stooges or something. The crew-neck sweat shirt pushed-up, the urbane wanderer backpack, the worn classic brogues… even the color story works, the orange socks and tan brown brogues match his hair. My only question is: how intentional did he put  this look together? *pondering* The more I look at it, the more it looks like a  ready-to-wear mix between Adam Kimmel and Comme Des Garcons.


Gotta love the layering. Navajo print, plaid, corduroy, and knit.


Usually I would never be attracted to loafers with such thick soles, but the thick-soled loafers work with this look. I'm digging the silhouette as well. Usually very skinny pants paired with a very full coat on a man can tend to look feminine, but this doesn't… therefore, I can dig it.

Photobucket Photobucket

The weaved scarf is a winner.

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Lunch Break: LA Gears & Milkshakes.

Black & White LA Gear KAJ. You can cop a pair here.

These are from LA Gear's 1990s "Unstoppable" line.

Weeks and weeks ago, Kanayo and I took a lunch break to hit up our local Steak & Shake. We both had a sweet-tooth and, well, you can't help but love Steak & Shake's Happy Hour: Snicker,  Butterfinger, and Butter Pecan milkshakes (just to name a few) for 1/2 off — it's a pretty sweet deal. Then we figured… might as well get a steakburger too. We definitely don't encourage fast food (except for maybe Chick-fil-a), but every now and then won't hurt too bad.  

rolling through the drive-thru.

the "goods"

90s Steez: Vintage Disney denim jacket, Bape graphic tee,

Diesel jeans, Unstoppable LA Gears.

During our back to school article, seeing the Y-3 Yohji Yamamato Neo Tech sneakers gave me  flashbacks of LA Gears. So Sportie LA was nice enough to send us a couple pairs. LA gear's are definitely stand-outs due to its size, so if you like people to really notice your kicks… get a pair of Unstoppables.

Check out 90s Steez and more Fall Winter 2010-2011 trends here.

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