Spring Inspired: The Street Style Round-Up

From New York City to Tokyo, with Madrid, Milano, Barcelona, and Paris in between, check out the latest collection of street style photos. Maybe even get inspired.

White Out. Not everybody can do it,
but those who do almost always look great.


A lifetime essential– the jean jacket. The popularity of the jean jacket will fluctuate with each season. But it will, for sure, never completely go out of style.


Still drumming. The band jacket is still hanging around.

A little tear and tatter can add character to clothes


Purposeful geekdom. I can finally admit that I never cared for the Willhem x Farrow glasses, (as seen above) they’ve just always looked, well, lame (for lack of a better word), lol. So those shades combined with the button-up white uniform shirt, high-watered black trousers, and elongated worn-in shoes makes this guy look like the ultimate geek– or a cartoon character. Either way, he still has a sense of personal style.

Buttoned-Up is how alot of the cool kids do it.
(He should loose the purse though, unless of course it’s a computer bag, which means that he just shouldn’t hold it quite like that).

90s summer camp x colorized, gone wild?

“The Basics”

You may not wear yours the same fit as this guy, but when in doubt this Spring opt for a white tee, blazer, dark denim, and a pair of casual low-tops. Its hard to go wrong with those four.



“And a hint of fatigue”. Army Fatigue/Camouflage is making its way back into our lives. From celebrities like Drake and Rihanna to fly stylish folks around the globe. Everyone is bringing back out or adding in one or two camouflage items to their wardrobe. This guy chose a jacket, the guy above him chose a bag, I chose a hat, what will you choose?

“Going Sockless” is how a gentleman stays cool in the warm months.


The beads. I really didn’t think that this trend would move so quickly, but it did. It’s hard to find someone, no matter wealth/status/race/or religion, who doesn’t bead it up every once and awhile. I guess the internet really does make trends alot more global.


This is a great story on how to match your blues. Like we covered in the Spring/Summer Trend and Style Guide shades of blue are in for this season.


Quite beautiful. I wish Scott Schuman (or one of his photographers) would have taken a full body shot of this guy’s ensemble. I’m curious to see his pants and shoes.


“Shorts over leggings” one of the bolder Spring/Summer trends…
And this guy handles it pretty well

Harem Nation… featuring Nike Blazers

So darn elegant. Love this one.


“Gritty Sexy” is how I suppose this lad could be described. The ensemble is great in a picture, but I’m not sure if we’d love it as much in real life, hmmm….

Whimsical elegance. It’s so important to ingrain your personality into your style. It helps tell the story of who you are.

Photos from: TheSartorialist.blogspot.com, LeLook.eu

Street Style: Black/Leather/Mesh/& Studs.

Via StreetPeeper, these street style pictures continue to go along with the Hard-Studded Winter look. What do you think of the way these guys implemented the trend? (are they trying too hard, could the looks go harder….)
his combination: mesh glasses with chains, leather jacket, drop crotch pants, black studded boots.

his combination: mesh glasses, leather shawl collar shirt, black jean jacket, extra skinny acid wash jeans (cut and rolled), black cowboy boots, and fedora.
Check out the previous “Hard-Studded” street style here.

source: streetpeeper.com

Hard-Studded in Action via Street Style

One of The Urban Gentleman fall/winter trends is Hard-Studded, basically it’s wearing clothes that figuratively look rough or evoke toughness– leather, studded jackets, rugged jeans, boots, etc. So when I saw this picture on PimPumPam I HAD to show you guys… this goes pretty hard huh? So now maybe this trend will get more love on our “What’s your favorite fall/winter trend” poll… Assorted Swank and Conservative Dapper are in a constant battle for first place… be sure to place your vote.
Get this Hard-Studded Look below:

Fall Preview: Street Style during New York Fashion Week

It’s fashion week in New York and all the designers are showing their Spring/Summer 2010 collections. While many sites are covering the actual collections I feel it would more beneficial to cover the street style… to see what the guys are wearing as Fall sweeps in. (I’ll cover ss2010 later).

Bryan Boy (sunglasses: Marc Jacobs, tulle top: Veejay Floresca, pants: Gucci, sleeveless shirt: Zara, shoes: custom made)

Ykiro Nigel, designer for the clothing line Laissez-Faire.
(jacket: Laissez-Faire, top: Laissez-Faire,
jeans: Cheap Monday, shoes: Top Shop)

Teen Vogue editor Andrew Bevan

designer Kristopher
(white Gap shirt, rolled up torn Levis Jeans, Ferragamo loafers)
As a woman- the thing to envy about men’s fashion is that it doesn’t radically change. The styles subtly adjust overtime allowing a stylish man to really enjoy the current trend. And as per last Fall there’s still these extremes of men’s style: the over-sized vagabond type look, very skinny/very tailored styles, rugged/torn edginess, authentic preppiness, rolls rolls and more rolls. It’s interesting to see the trajectory of only a few guys consistently rolling up their pants in Spring 2008 to now. It’s hard to catch a stylish guy without them rolled/cuffed up in Fall 2009. I wonder how this will play over in deep fall and winter? Will patterned and colorful socks be all the rave again, so that guys can keep their Thom Brown look without their ankles getting cold, hmmm, I wonder?

For now I advise all guys to purchase a really nice pair of oxfords and boots. Get one pair of each that you feel you can wear with almost anything. I’ll do a post on my favorite oxfords and boots sometime this month.

photos from: thesartorialist.blogspot.com, facehunter.blogpsot.com, altamiranyc, streetpeeper, jack&jil.

Elegant Street Style.

You guys know I like to do a complete Sartorialist post every now and again… so I visited his site and chose a few of his recent men’s street style.

true gentleman, Brooklyn

perfect cuff, Florence

slim jeans, dapper style, Florence

skippers, sweater, cotton in Florence

Cucinelli suit, Milano


perfectly wearing blue, Florence

how to match red in the Fall, New York City

accessories, Florence

blue, khaki, white- always matches, Paris

monochromatic in Milano

casual in Milano

When I look at the photos, I can’t help but think about how much I love seeing older well-dressed men, and women for that matter. It’s just something about it… as one of my close friends always says “it gives me this strange kind of pleasure”, lol. No but really, I think its like seeing real-life perfection. Everyone, no matter your income or social status, wants to be elegant in old age… and the Sartorialist does a great job of showing a variety of people who look how we all want to look when we’re in our 60s, 70s, and beyond.

And a style note for you guys, minus two pictures, notice how all the men have creases in their pants, even their jeans. Creases are a subtle but definite way to show that you care about the way you look. Do I think all pants need them? perhaps not. But the men that I admire, that indirectly and directly taught me about Men’s Style… almost always have them- even in their lounging attire…

Scott Schuman’s book is out now, it would be a great permanent coffee table book for anyone remotely stylish… buy the bespoke edition here (around $100) or the paperback here (around $16)

(more ) Summer Street Style

the perfect tank top to shorts ratio.
jean shorts ,right at the knee
tank top, right below the pockets
and a fedora and wayfarers to boot
(sandals, optional)

“saaay cheeese”
he looks really cool
(minus the shoes)

this is style. perfect ensemble to wear in places like
rio de janeiro, san juan, ocho rios.
gosh, he looks so relaxed and happy :)

via the street style kid

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