Summertime Style: Examples of How To Keep Cool (and stay handsome) in the Summer, Tips and Photos

I’ve been getting alot of emails about how to keep cool in the hot summer months, here’s one of the recent emails :


Hi. I’m a 30 year old urban gent from Birmingham, Al. My girlfriend lives in Tallahassee so I usually there on holidays and weekends. Recently I’ve changed to an older more sophisticated look. Similar to Kendrack Lewis your most recent featured urban gent. My problem is I don’t know what to wear when it’s really hot. When the temp is in the 90′s, it’s really humid, and sweating is unavoidable. Could you help me out?


Hey (name of Alabama gentleman)

When it’s hot keep it simple… its all about wearing quality or proper fitting clothing. Examples of looks to wear on a hot summer day:

1. white polo, seer sucker shorts, navy boat shoes
2. white/colored short sleeves v-neck, very light-weight cardigan with the sleeves rolled up, khaki shorts, canvas shoes
3. long sleeve plaid shirt w/ the sleeves rolled up, jeans, and your choice of shoes

accessorize with a nice pair of trendy shades like black wayfarers and you’re good to go.

The thing is Steven, I know its Really hot, but you’re a gentleman so its never really appropriate to wear combinations like tanks, shorts, and flip-flops unless you’re going to the beach… again, I know its hot, but guys just don’t have as easy as women when it comes to looking very stylish and keeping very cool in the sun… we can always just put on a sleeveless light weight dress and sandals, which would be the coolest thing we could put on aside from a bikini.


The gentleman above was focused on keeping his look sophisticated, that’s why I gave him the options above. But, if you’re a hipster of sorts then you could pull of the tank/shorts/flip flops look depending on the combination.

I pulled some photos from the Sartorialist (one of my fav street style blogs), that I feel are nice examples of summer Gentleman gear…

What do you see…

- mostly light colors with the exception of navy
- shorts are right at or just above the knees
- sockless w/ loafers, boat shoes, or sandals
(some people say gentleman do not wear sandals,
but I’ll leave that up to you)
- long sleeve shirts and sweaters are rolled up
- top buttons un-done (usually 2)

For more info, check out:
- Summer Rolls
- Sockless
- Sartorialist Does Brooklyn

Also for the summer months:
- carry a linen handkerchief/pocketsquare to dab at sweat
- use sunblock
- always carry sunglasses and/or a hat
- drink LOTS of water
- boxers may keep you cooler than briefs
- use a good deodorant
- consider taking a quickie mid day shower in addition to your morning or night shower, this usually keeps you a little more cool


Summer Rolls: Street Style

Seems like every other guy is rolling it up for the hot summer months, whether its their jeans, khakis, or shorts. The rolled up look has managed to find its way into both casual country and the distinguished preppy look. What do you think, will you be rolling it up too?

the twins, very well dressed!

PS- If you’re going to roll have the socks or well moisturized ankles to match.

via The Street Style Kid
(many street style blogs into one)

The Sartorialist Does Brooklyn

What do you think?

Fulton Street

S.Portland Street

One Photo, What Do You Think: Taz, Kanye West, and Old Man

Main Entry: 1style
Pronunciation: \ˈstī(-ə)l\
Function: noun

1 a: a distinctive manner of expression b: a distinctive manner or custom of behaving or conducting oneself ; also : a particular mode of living style> c: a particular manner or technique by which something is done, created, or performed
2: a distinctive quality, form, or type of something

3a: the state of being popular : fashion b: fashionable elegance c: beauty, grace, or ease of manner or technique

I’ve seen this photo so many times and everytime I see it, I always end up looking at it for atleast 5 minutes– there’s just something about it, I know what I think of each person in the photo, but what do you think?

Taz, Old Man, and Kanye West

How do you feel about their style?

On the Streets… PS: The Sartorialist

Every once in awhile I will glance through the street fashion found on the sartorialist website. I pulled a few for you guys, what do you think?

elegantly rough.
southern gentleman (minus the purse)
[New York City]

haute to some not to me.
but his style game obviously goes hard.
oh, but the shoes! Yes.
[New York City]

poor man flyy.
love the jacket, lets burn the shoes

underneath the sweater- perfect.

why can’t they all dress like you
(but loosen up, lol.)

color palette- sickening (i love it)
star trek, hmmm, idk.
[New York City]

waist up? i can appreciate it.
heels? im sooooo over it.

androgynous… i have so much to say
about this whole “feminine man” trend.
i’ve been working on a few articles for the
past few months about it, but i’m slightly
hesitant to be extra blunt about the
whole ordeal… long story short- i’ll
expound more on this feminine man trend
later, but just know that– i don’t like it, lol,
for the most part anyway.

3 different patterns- its the standard of fly
[kanye west concert]

Anyway, what do you urban gent think?

Inspire Me: Street Fashion… sockless

Hey guys, sorry for the long break in posts… but Parsons School of Design is a beast! and it’s consuming my life these days, but I am determined to get back to my daily schedule of posting…

Any who. I was rummaging through the net and found some really haute pics that inspire me in their own way, and I was going to just keep them for my personal delight- then I decided they would be great for the blog.
I heart saddle oxfords.
I know y’all are probably thinking…
Cindy this is some dorky ish.
But I love this because it’s so Benjamin Bixby.

Trends this look embodies:
the manbag/murse
the simple man/classic look
no socks

I am really feeling this casual look because
its so effortlessly stylish.

Trends this look embodies:
pants roll
vans shoes or skippers

If you look at him starting from the head down to
the waist you would know in your heart that he’s
wearing some nice tailored trousers, but nope.
This gentleman is confidently rocking denim
jeans complete with slashes.

Trends this look embodies:
pants roll

As you can see sockless is the way to go… yes, it’s getting cold but its not ice cold yet. Cuffs and rolling up your jeans is very chic and very in, so for these next couple of warms weeks be sure to cuff up your pants and rock your skippers with no socks. When winter comes invest in some really classic, unique socks in a variety of colors.

rugby socks, $8,
saddle oxfords, $129,
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