It’s Island Time.

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It's mid July and I still haven't taken my summer vacay. I'm trying to choose between my dad's motherland of Jamaica or heading further south to chill on a beach of an island I've yet to visit. Either way, I'm gonna be on island time sooner than later. In the spirit of my near future relaxation only vacay, a few island inspired items. My favorites – the vintage Jamaica hat, Orlebar Brown trunks, and wooden Ray-Bans


Which island do you suggest I visit?

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Let the Games Begin.


Arya Stark, the favorite character of most

Last night the first episode of this seasons Game of Thrones finally hit the airwaves. Arya, opened us up in true gangster fashion by revenging the death of her family during the Red Wedding. The rest of the episode was surprisingly satisfying… Game of Thrones has the tendency to leave you disappointed and annoyed at the end of each episode. I understand its the nature of the book and trying to weave in so many things can be incredibly difficult, but it's just one of those shows that's generally best watched at the very end. As a mini ode to the return of GOT, we've chosen some modern goods that are inspired by the show. Suede shoes, glass rings, metal jewelry, and even House of Stark & House of Lannister wine glasses for Sunday nights. See below: 


Jon Snow

An Exception to Being Exceptional.

jackie-robinson-four-sport standout at UCLA -- starring track, baseball, football and basketball.


Born in 1919 in Cairo, Georgia – Jackie Robinson was a four-sport standout at UCLA — starring track, baseball, football and basketball. In fact, he was the school's first athlete to win varsity letter in all four sports. They say you have to focus on one thing, one trade only, to really be great. And for the most part, I do agree. But I've found an exception to the rule for those who can't be bolted down to repeatedly doing the same thing, no matter how awesome it is. That exception is diversifying in your chosen field.

EXAMPLES: For a person in finance this might mean having your comfortable Wall Street gig, but becoming Director of Finance for a start-up that really interest you. For an artist this might be painting and selling your own works, but also curating art galleries and writing about art for a publication you love. For an athlete like Jackie Robinson, it meant being an athlete in different sports while in college.


An ode to vintage sports style with a few chill summer jerseys, tube socks, and white tennis shoes. 

He’s So Swank in Navy.


Navy Blue Vintage Ferrari

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Our Favorites: The Brunello Cucinelli sneakers, essentially if you want or like the Nike Cortex, but wanna turn it up a notch. The Gucci backpack – it's an investment at $1950, but it's one heck of a subtle essential statement piece. With 27 navy pieces, there's something for everyone.

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