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Let the Games Begin.


Arya Stark, the favorite character of most

Last night the first episode of this seasons Game of Thrones finally hit the airwaves. Arya, opened us up in true gangster fashion by revenging the death of her family during the Red Wedding. The rest of the episode was surprisingly satisfying… Game of Thrones has the tendency to leave you disappointed and annoyed at the end of each episode. I understand its the nature of the book and trying to weave in so many things can be incredibly difficult, but it's just one of those shows that's generally best watched at the very end. As a mini ode to the return of GOT, we've chosen some modern goods that are inspired by the show. Suede shoes, glass rings, metal jewelry, and even House of Stark & House of Lannister wine glasses for Sunday nights. See below: 


Jon Snow

Tough Luxury: Top 3 Carbon Fiber Wallets

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Top Three Carbon Fiber Wallet Styles: Money Clip, Front Pocket, and Bi-Fold

In our last post we discussed the 3 Main Types of Wallets for Men: Bi-Fold, Money Clip, and Front Pocket. We broke down which type is best for you depending on various factors like career, habits, and lifestyle. In this post we showcase those three essential wallet styles, but made from carbon fiber. You can also learn more about carbon fiber in general way below. 

Carbon Fiber Bi- Fold Wallet: If you qualified as a classic wallet guy, who is also very organized, then this is the one I'd choose. It mixes both leather and carbon fiber, so it should last for a very long time. 

Carbon Fiber Money Clip: So much better than a rubberband, so much classier. It's pure carbon fiber and holds up to 8 credit cards and 11 bills, but get this– it can also securely hold 1 bill. 

Carbon Fiber Front Pocket Wallet w/ Money Clip: I'm a front pocket wallet type of person myself. This particular model has the added bonus of a magnetized money clip. Not sure if it's the carbon fiber material or the fact that it's brand new (probably both), but I like that it has very tight side pocket. The tight secure pockets are perfect for those who may be shying away from this style because they don't think it's secure enough.

All of the above are just $49.95, so check out the entire Carbon Fiber Wallet Collection HERE


Which Men’s Wallet is Best For You? Classic Bi-Fold, Money Clip, or Front Pocket

Father's Day Gift Idea: Book, Cologne, Wallet, and Tools

A man and his wallet is like a woman and her purse– an everyday essential that is carried throughout all stages of life. The type of wallet a man carries will depend on his lifestyle, personality, and needs. Today we aren't going to focus on colors or textures. And we aren't going to bore you with 21 different styles. The Urban Gent will keep it simple and straightforward and help you choose one of the THREE main men's wallet options: classic bi-fold wallet, money clip, or front pocket wallet


Bottega Veneta, Fendi, Prada, and more // $25 – $600

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1. The Classic Bi-fold – Everyday before going to school as a kid my dad would open his brown or black leather wallet and hand me cash for lunch. This scenario or a similar one was probably the introduction to a wallet that the majority of us had. We'd see dad pull it out his back pocket when he paid for something in the store or gave us money at home. A bi-fold wallet is classic, useful, and loved by many.  Some bi-fold wallet carriers know how to keep their wallets organized and light. Unfortunately MANY others let it get bulky, fat, and overfilled with crap.  We've all seen it– it begins to look like a miniature mountain is forming on their right or left buttock… super unflattering. If the latter describes you, do us all a favor and steer clear from the classic bi-fold wallet. 

Who Should Wear / Buy the Classic Bi-Fold Wallet?

A well-organized man that has several essential items to carry, uses cash, and does not wear super skinny tight clothing. The classic bi-fold fits your ID, credit cards, a few business cards, cash, change, and if you still carry pictures it'll hold those too. 


God Vibes Only: God Love by Papa San + Sunglasses for the Summer

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I love the artwork for Papa San's Journey album

Let's start the week off with God vibes, which is the greatest of good vibes. I discovered reggae artist Papa San last week and have been blasting him ever since. His latest album Journey was exactly what I needed to give me those chill reggae vibes this summer.  (Song below). To match the reggae vibes we chose some of our favorite sunglasses for you to browse through below.  All are in a reasonable budget range of  $18 – $300 , Raybans, Oliver Peoples, Express, Urban Outfitters, Paul Smith, Stella McCartney, and more. 

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