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My Newest Fetish: Animal Scarves

I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about these animal print scarves that make me look twice- they really stand out. The python scarf? sick-o-ning. You can cop one of these babies for $182 (by Yarnz) at, but I’m hoping H&M or Urban Outfitters make similar animal prints for about $20, and when they do, you guys will be the first to know.
zebra dude? this is so haute.

snow leopard? a bit feminine- i would stay away from this.


Hey, Don’t Forget Your Fedora

Goorin Brothers fedora, $38,

Fedora hats… it’s just the american way. Classic, gentleman like, and just good old-fashioned cool. Dress like it’s the 40’s and go buy a fedora or two for this season.

How to Wear Fedoras: To be honest you can wear them with anything at this point, jeans and a tee, khakis and a button down, it just depends on the kind of look you’re going for.

You can find fedoras almost anywhere in any color… Macys, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, etc… I suggest going in the store to buy this guys, unless you just know what fits you.
Best Online Store:, $28.00

Inspire Me: Street Fashion… sockless

Hey guys, sorry for the long break in posts… but Parsons School of Design is a beast! and it’s consuming my life these days, but I am determined to get back to my daily schedule of posting…

Any who. I was rummaging through the net and found some really haute pics that inspire me in their own way, and I was going to just keep them for my personal delight- then I decided they would be great for the blog.
I heart saddle oxfords.
I know y’all are probably thinking…
Cindy this is some dorky ish.
But I love this because it’s so Benjamin Bixby.

Trends this look embodies:
the manbag/murse
the simple man/classic look
no socks

I am really feeling this casual look because
its so effortlessly stylish.

Trends this look embodies:
pants roll
vans shoes or skippers

If you look at him starting from the head down to
the waist you would know in your heart that he’s
wearing some nice tailored trousers, but nope.
This gentleman is confidently rocking denim
jeans complete with slashes.

Trends this look embodies:
pants roll

As you can see sockless is the way to go… yes, it’s getting cold but its not ice cold yet. Cuffs and rolling up your jeans is very chic and very in, so for these next couple of warms weeks be sure to cuff up your pants and rock your skippers with no socks. When winter comes invest in some really classic, unique socks in a variety of colors.

rugby socks, $8,
saddle oxfords, $129,

Urban Gentlemen: Dee & Ricky

Dee & Ricky

Do you remember those buttons Kanye was rocking at the Louis Vuitton Spring09 fashion show this summer? Yeah, well the heart lego button was the creation of young fly entrepreneurs Dee and Ricky Jackson. “The Twins” are known throughout the fashion and music circuits of New York. They have appeared in fashion spreads and advertisements in the world’s most influential style magazines. These two young 21-yr kids from Staten Island ended up styling an entire Marc Jacobs fashion show- that’s HUGE and crazy… makes you wanna just follow your dreams completely huh? lol… The Twins are a part of what I like to call “a new breed of cool”, lol, style and music and everything just seems to have a peculiar vibe these days. The way many of us “80’s babies” are expressing ourselves is so ridiculously unique. People like Santogold and Janelle Monae are also examples of this “new breed of cool” as well. I found an article about Dee and Ricky and I’ve posted some of the notes and interview from it below:

They [Dee and Ricky] have had their portrait painted by renowned fine artist Kehinde Wiley and have popped up in advertising campaigns for Puma, Nike, Supreme, and A New York Thing, as well as in editorials for Teen Vogue, The New York Post and Paper Magazine. Recently, the Twins’ accessories – belts and brooches by Dee and Ricky- were commissioned by renowned fashion designer Marc Jacobs for his New York Fashion Week Spring 2008 ready-to-wear runway show.

Kanye sportin’ a Dee & Ricky brooch
at the Louis Vuitton Fashion Show this summer

Marc Jacobs Fashion Show
featuring Dee & Ricky Accessories

Check out this interview they did:

Tell us about yourself.
Dee: I live in Arlington Housing Projects in Staten, Island, NY. I’m 21 years old, and I’m one third of the internationally famous recording act Jackson Swinton.
Ricky: I am Ricky and I am an extraterrestrial.
Who would you most like to style with your Lego belts and brooches?
Dee: Michael Jackson Or El Debarge. They’re cool..Yeah!
Ricky: I would want to put our belts and brooches on an official Lego Minifig.
What’s the worst fashion faux pas?
Dee: Tight Pants I hate them!
Ricky: The sagging of the trousers.
At what age did you begin to feel passionate about fashion and design?
Dee: Probably around 11 or 12 years old. I was always wanting the newest garments and such.
Ricky: Yeah, me too. Probably around 11 or 12 years old.
Where do your creative inclinations stem from?
Dee: Everywhere, just random, nonsensical stuff.
Ricky: My surroundings, basically. My backdrop.
Who do you consider to be personal icons within the fashion or art world?
My style has no father.
Yeah, word.
Do the two of you have any major differences in personal taste or style?
Dee: Yes, we most definitely do. It depends on the day though.
Ricky: Yeah, Dee likes men. LOL.
How did the Lego-belt/brooch design come about?
Dee: Our boy Ari got us into this accessories game. He originally gave us the idea of making belts out of toys and then we came with the Legos and really started doing our thing.
Ricky: Yeah, On The Go Ari and our whole team set things up for us then we put our flavor in it and took it to the next level.
At what point did you come into contact with Marc Jacobs?
Our boy Matt Goias brought us to a party in The Hamptons and we got introduced to Jason Preston who was Marc’s boyfriend at the time.
Yeah. Then Jason liked our belts and showed them to Marc and I guess he was feeling them too. From there it was a wrap. A few days later we got the call that they wanted to commission us to make accessories for the Marc By Marc Jacobs runway show.
What has that relationship (with Marc Jacobs) been like?
Dee: We don’t really talk but I stay whooping him out in guitar hero, chea!
Ricky: It’s all pretty grand. He’s mad cool. Very open-minded and he loves our style and energy.
How would you describe your aesthetic as designers?
Ummmmmmmm. Whatever Ricky said.
Hanna Barbera meets Muppets In Space.
Is the goal to make a career out of designing?
Dee: Yeah, I’m also thinking about going to flight school.
Ricky: Yeah but not just designing. I wanna try everything we come across.
What projects are you currently working on?
Getting ready to drop the Jackson Swinton album but also working on some top secret shit.
Mainly Jackson Swinton right now but we’re also gonna bring back some of our vintage stuff and some artist collaborations that we gotta keep on the low.

For more info, check out:
Dee and Ricky / Jackson Swinton
interview source:

The Twins featured on the Satorialist Blog

The Twins at a Camp Beverly Hills Photo Shoot

The Twins with Marc Jacobs

Step Your Watch Game Up: Latest Watch Trends

Lupe has helped to bring back some of the latest watch trends
Watches. . . sometimes they seem like a thing of the past especially since the invention of the cellphone. Now of course there are those who ALWAYS wear watches and it’s commendable because watches are great accessories. They’re sort of like the equivalent of bracelets for women- to some extent. If you are one of those men who wears watches daily then you probably already have your favorites styles and brands in mind. But for those who don’t. . . . well, you should think of watches as an accessory more so than a necessity, therefore you should get a watch or watches that fit your style. The newest watch trends are all pretty hot, but you should really look over you wardrobe and analyze your style when trying to match which watch style is best for you.
I think some of the flyest watches are digital these days. When I was younger I thought they were pretty nerdy, but now that nerdy is in digital watches are cool. . . superCool, lol. They fit in perfectly with the overly prep styles, 80s styles, urbanPrep, and they go GREAT with graphic tees. . . they’re just kinda dope. Check these out:

Neat huh? And sleek at that the same time. This is a great watch- very tech savvy looking.
“Pimp Watch” Saishin Diode
Buy it HERE
(b/c of urban gent readers, this watch is now sold out)

This a nice clean simple digital/analog watch. It would look good with the graphic tees.
Fossil Ana-Digi
Buy it HERE
It’s a watch AND a calculator – at the same time, lol. . . With this watch on your wrist it’ll be easy to caculate how much you’re spendin’, it may even help you out on a test, who knows- the possibilties are endless with this one;-)
Vestal “Calcutron”
Buy it HERE

This is the watch NERD’s like Pharrell William rock on a daily. Yep, he’s a Casio digital watch fan, and I must say after checking out the website– they have some great picks there. The one above was just released in March.
BAPE G-shock MGD-00209

Forget Platinum, GO GOLD:
Like Lupe says “Got my- gold watch- and my. . . ” you know the rest. After about a decade of getting no love, Gold is back in style and that includes gold watches. I’m kind of glad Gold is back b/c it allows for more variety. Check out these Lupe style watches, and make sure you cope one so you can be “the coolest dude, what”. . .

This is a good choice, and the watch looks just as vintage as the Penguin polos.
Penguin Gold Watch
Buy it Here
(b/c of urban gent readers, this watch is now sold out)

This is a very classic looking watch, and it would go great with a casual or dressy outfit.
Paul Frank Gold Watch
Buy it HERE
(b/c of urban gent readers, this watch is now sold out)

Now these elegant time pieces are perfect for those who want to go back to gold, but in the least corny way.
Guess Gold Watches
Left: $125.00 Right:$115.00
Buy them HERE

Now this watch makes me laugh, lol. . .why? Because look at it- it’s so damn nerdy. It’s gold and it’s digital a happy medium between the main watch trends. AND it’s a Timex- so that adds to it’s nerd-like credibility. Call me crazy, but I really like this watch, I mean I really really do- okay, well I’m not in LOVE with it and I mean it’s no Jacob watch, but it’s so trendy. . . and for only $35.00 it just doesn’t get any better. PLUS it looks alot like the gold watch Lupe rocks.

Timex Digital with Chronogragh
Buy it HERE

Instantly Increase Your IQ: Men’s Accessories Part II- Glasses

Lupe Fiasco & Kanye West consistently jazz up their look by wearing glasses
Kanye is rockin’ Tom Ford glasses above

Glasses. When you were little wearing them made you lame. People didn’t like you, some even called you names. . . 4-eyes, goggles, etc. But now it’s 2008. . . and the past few years have been slowly preparing us for this moment- GLASSES are HOT. The flyest dudes in the world rock glasses these days, and you might as well join the club. And the best thing about them is that they automatically make you look smart- boosting your IQ by atleast 50 points, lol. Glasses are absolutely a perfect addition to an Urban Gentleman’s wardrobe.

Not every retail store carries clear glasses quite yet, but many do. There are several ways to get these glasses- check out the list below:

1. The Urban Gentleman Store
We have the latest styles are recession-friendly prices. We seriously have the best collection of all the latest trends in eyewear, clear glasses and sunglasses, at very low prices, check it all out here.

2. American Apparel
They always keep chic frames in stock. There online selection is okay, but the instore selection is much better.

3. Thrift Store
The thrift store carries the most unique frames, and more often that not, thrift store frames are the kind you see in pictures and movies. If you’re from Atlanta- check out Little Five Points for these authentic frames- they have the best selection.

4. LensCrafters
If you want a huge selection of glasses and designer frames to choose from then LensCrafters is your spot. You can just buy the frames straight off the floor or get a prescription put in the lenses. LensCrafters also has coupons.

5. Drug Stores, Wal-Mart, or Target
Drug Store like CVS or Walgreens and places like Wal-Mart or Target carry reader glasses for really cheap prices. If the reader has a prescription in it then just pop the lenses out. This would be the best choice for someone who wants to test out the style.

6. Urban Outfitters

UO has a nice variety at their stores

7. Shades
You can always just buy a pair of shades or use some old shades and pop the lenses out.

8. Online
Buying these glasses online are also pretty easy, and as always The Urban Gent store is your best friend. And don’t be afraid to wear or buy glasses that are modeled by females- glasses are mostly uni-sex anyway.

Other online sites:

– Great styles for really great prices.
– They have a great selection of reading glasses, including retro styles.

Check Out these Specs

The Official RUN DMC glasses. If you want the authentic look, you should cop a pair of these bad boys.

These give that clean, Pharrell Williams type of look. If you’re going to own a pair of glasses, you MUST have these, every stylish guy and girl I know own atleast a pair of these and/or the “grandpa readers” below. Buy these here.

I loooooove these, they seriously add so much personality to any look. Get the “grandpa readers”, here.

I call these the Ron Johnson “A Different World” glasses, some people call them the John Lennon glasses– I guess it just depends on the generation you’re in. Either way, they’re pretty cool right? Get these flip-up frames here.

These vintage inspired clear glasses come in a variety of shades- black, pink, green, check them out here.

These guys are rockin glasses from American Apparel

Get designer frames from LensCrafter
(shown above Burberry & Rayban)

Get these frames from

Brad Pitt rocks these Tom Ford glasses flawlessly.
Very dapper indeed.

(Oh, and don’t smoke- smoking kills you- Brad is just “acting” above)

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