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The Urban Gent Store, Fully Restocked.

After so many requests, The Urban Gentleman store has finally been fully restocked!

Holiday GIFTS for HIM

Holiday GIFTS for HER

Jackets & Coats


Sweatshirts & Hoodies

Trendy Glasses (shades and clear glasses)

Trendy Accessories (lots of stylish clear glasses)

and much more.

One Year Ago…

It’s been a year since The Urban Gentleman first hit the scene… and I honestly can’t believe it, time really does fly! I put out my first article on June 10th, but I got my first “big break” (well it was more of a little break) on June 23rd when I got a shout-out on They mentioned my “Lupe Style: The Style of Lupe Fiasco” article… and that’s when the buzz slowly started to grow.

Then about a month or so after that my blog slowly began to rise as one of the top male fashion blogs… its hard to believe that I went from having 4 or 5 random readers to thousands each day– that’s alot of pressure. But you all have supported me the whole way and I adore you for it. I wanted to go through all the old emails to give specific names of people who have supported since the beginning, but I realized that would take forever and I have a ton of emails that I haven’t even read and need to reply back to… the few I can think of of the top of my head- Alija Harrison (one of the original die hard fans, he even wrote a couple articles), Leslie Garry, Andre Tisch, Ashley Lee, my avid young urban gent readers like Herbert Murray, my newer hardcore fans like Antonio, and of course all the editors of magazines who have sent me stuff (GQ, Details, Men’s Vogue, etc)… I just want to send out my sincerest gratitude to each person who has supported and told others about The Urban Gentleman- you’re really awesome! Oh and I can’t forget to thank those who have done articles about me or The Urban Gentleman (like this one).

The Urban Gentleman is continually growing, we’ll remix some things this year, and maybe introduce some new features (who knows)… there’s just sooooo much more to come (eventually) and I just hope you guys stick around to see :)

If It’s Not One, It’s the Other: The Urban Gentleman Duo

Soooo, basically there’s 2 Urban Gentleman Blogs these days.

There’s this one and this one, so if I haven’t posted on this one in awhile chances are I’ve posted something on the other (just maybe).

So if you want go check out the other Urban Gentleman.

The Urban Gent SURVEY:: 5 minutes

Happy Friday Everybody!

I hope your day is going great in whichever part of the world you reside.

I would be much obliged if you would take 5 or so minutes to answer this quick Urban Gentleman Survey.

Click Here to take survey

Be Safe this Weekend!

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