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okay, yeah i know…. its been a week plus some. but hey, bloggers need vacays too:-)
im working on some best-of 2008 post for later tonight… so standby guys.


sorry for lack of post…

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hey guys, i know its been a few days since i posted… im just doing alot of work on my portfolio and stuff, but there should be a new post soon.

have a great weekend!

UPDATED: The Urban Gentleman Store

Hey guys, I hope your weekend is going swell! Be sure to catch up on all the new articles from this weekend, it should make up for the 5 dry days this past week. Also I want to announce the creation of The Urban Gentleman Store Front. I always get emails from you guys asking about specific items to buy, well now you can just visit The Urban Gentleman Store Front. I have specifically chosen items that go along with a variety of trends and styles. Be sure to check out the store weekly for new items- I’ll continuously be adding new items and sections. The Urban Gent Store is especially great for gifts!! Some of the feature items will be on the top left sidebar.

Send Me Your Pictures

Hey guys,

I would love for you all to send me your pictures of your “political style”… you can send pictures of you rockin’ a barack t-shirt in a fly way, wearing a suit at the barack obama dinner party you attended last night or even you just rockin red white and blue… heck, it can be you looking dapper with a barack obama button on– just make sure its fly and send it to or

(Oh and your gear can be for McCain or any other presidential nominee;-)

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