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Mini Urban Gentleman: LACOSTE x TUG Fall Winter KIDS Look Book


We teamed up with iconic luxury sportswear brand Lacoste to create a special Mini TUG LookBook entitled, "Life in Color" or "La Vie En Couleurs" to pay tribute to the french brand. Our approach and idea was simple — we wanted to display elegant colorful clothing on beautiful children in a sophisticated yet playful setting. The "Los Trompos" outdoor interactive exhibit at The High Museum of Art was the ideal location… in fact it was the biggest inspiration for this season's Mini Urban Gent Look Book. While this feature was initially centered around the original and kid sophistication of a mini Urban Gent, we decided to include what is the ideal mini Urban Gent girlfriend as well — who's equally as fashionable and beautifully compliments his style. Needless to say this was a fun look book, it was a sunny day full of laughter, spinning art, skateboarding, drawing cool logos on sidewalks, basketball, and playing fetch with a toy parti poodle at a beautiful museum. 

Starring TUG Mini Models Quintin & Skye

Lacoste Boys // Lacoste Girls

Boy's Pique Polo; Navy Chinos, Plaid Button Down;  Lacoste Chukka Boots // Girl's Pink Cardigan; Striped Voile Woven Shirt; Ruffle Striped Drawstring Skirt; Purple Vans


If If Had to Shop for You, Online, Today… this is what I’d buy: Urban Gentleman BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING GUIDE PT.1

Everyday for the past month I’ve received several emails from urban gents around the world seeking advice on “back to school clothing”. Some of you are going back to high school, others college, and some may just be returning from a summer long vacation and want to purchase a few things for casual days at work.
Let’s be upfront about things- this recession is a b*tch… especially for us Americans. Now my readers from Europe, Asia, Australia, etc you guys probably have a bit more money to spend. So I’m going to mainly shop according to the current budgets of many people who reside in the U S of A, but of course I’ll also shop for the readers who are banked and happily unaffected by the recession (sitting pretty on those trust funds).
Okay, lets get started.

I will choose items and place them in 3 or so self-explanatory categories: pocket-friendly (less expensive), i gotta trust fund (more expensive), and my favorite (items that I just personally like in addition to the other choices) or etc.

So here’s your very basic back to school check list:

2 pair of jeans
4 or more graphic tees (or a polo/tee combo)
2 pair of shoes
1 outwear piece (cardigan, jacket)
accessory of choice

The trends you want to keep in mind are the same, but basically at the end of the day you should “do you” just in a really polished way.

First Up: Jeans.
(perfect sexy jeans)

POCKET FRIENDLY: Express. Great fit, nice quality, and you really can’t beat their buy one get one half off sale. A pair of their jeans ranges from $50-$90… meaning on the light side you could get 2 pair for $75 (that’s $37.50 each) or at max $135 for 2 pair…. basically its a great deal that I wouldn’t pass up. Plus its tax free weekend for some of you,

I GOTTA TRUST-FUND: Levis. Oh no, not just any Levi’s the oldest pair of Levi’s 501 jeans known- Vintage XX First Blue Rigid Jeans. At 407 bucks and 1 cent, these jeans are probably the purest ode to the classics you can find. If you have the cash, by all means spend away because if it wasn’t for Levis we wouldn’t have the jeans we know and love today.

MY FAVORITE: Nom De Guerre Classic Fit. These jeans are Super sexy, seriously I might melt if I see a guy in these- okay maybe that’s a bit extreme, but you get my drift. They look to be the perfect fit, they’re un-embellished, and they’re dark- so basically they’re a classic pair of designer jeans that are on sale from $250 to $148, niiiice…. and for you lucky brits that’s only £90.

ETC: If you want to choose from a huge variety of denim- ever color, every style, all the fits you can imagine visit Karmaloop.

(bookbag tee from Karmaloop)

POCKET FRIENDLY: As always Dr.Jays, KarmaLoop, and EastWest Worldwide reign supreme on selection. If you want, let’s say, a more subtle selection choice, opt for Express or Armani.

I GOTTA TRUST FUND: To be honest as far as tees, no one entirely fits this category, but if I had to choose a store I’d say Oki-Ni. But they actually do have a quite a few pocket-friendly choices as well. I like their t-shirts because they’re extremely different and I doubt you’ll see someone else rocking it, so if originality is what you seek- choose Oki-Ni.


FRED PERRY. enough said…. Okay, well maybe not, but everyone knows Fred Perry has some of the best polos. You can even catch guys wearing them on the red carpet.

POCKET FRIENDLY: If you want a larger selection of polos with a variety of colors, again I’d opt for Express… because their deals are just really on-point at the moment- 40% off…. only 20 bucks each.

ETC: Diddy actually has a nice selection of polos for Sean John, alot of great neutrals.


For this category, there’s just too many to name. So I’ll give you 3 of my favorite shoes now then I’ll come back later (after I take a nap, I’ve been up for almost 24 hours, crazy I know) and add on a bunch more.

– Converse, well they… hmmm, how can I put this- they’re just really awesome. They have a new make your own shoe feature, and it only cost $62… that’s not much for a custom designed shoe, actually that’s VERY inexpensive.

– There’s nothing, like a nice fresh pair of Vans to start the school year with.

– Okay, maybe I fibbed, maybe there’s nothing like a new pair of Creative Recreations to start the school year with. And ummm, the selection of styles and colors at is vast.

Accessories, Outerwear, and more shoes in Part II

Part II- customized shoes for school.
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