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Proud to be American: Congratulations Barack Obama and our First Family Michelle, Malia, and Sasha.

I’m soooooo unbelievably happy about today- Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States of America- and the first African-American President! But I must say, my favorite thing about Barack is Michelle… I love Michelle Obama. Anyway, you all should celebrate all today whereever you are- Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia…

Barack Obama: My President Has More Swagger Than Yours

Photos of President Elect Barack Obama from Time Magazine... he was spotted by an up and coming photographer in his 20s and did an impromptu photoshoot. My goodness this dude simply gets cooler by the hour- I don’t think there’s ever been a President this flyy.

this is a cool azz picture but, please dont smoke… it’ll kill you.

Barack Obama: Pictures of His Designer Choices for the Inauguration

So, just like they did for Michelle and the girls, WWD (Womans Wear Daily) asked designers what should President-Elect Barack Obama wear to the Inauguration. And here’s some choices below, which ones are your favorites?

Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brother



Kenneth Cole

Marc Jacobs


Paul Smith

Rag & Bone

Richard James

Salvatore Ferregamo

Sean John

Sean John 2

Tommy Hilfiger

Thom Brown

Tim Hamilton

View all 55 designs here.

Out of them all my favorite is probably the Zegna suits. But as you can obviosuly see its harder to pick out a man’s suit from designer sketches than it is to choose a woman’s dress. Men’s suits are all about the look, feel, and fit of the suit. The fabric used is a vital element and pictures just can’t give you an adequate view of them. That said, these designers did a pretty good job in individualizing their styles and clearly whichever suit he chooses will be exquisite.

EBONY Magazine Person of the Year: President Barack Obama

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Ebony Magazine is a classic in the American household. My grandmother probably has every issue since… I don’t know- 1970. And this month’s cover is simple, yet emotional and grand. Be sure to pick up your collector’s edition of Ebony Magazine.
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