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Back to the Basics: CUT YOUR NAILS

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I am always shocked and amazed when I meet a guy with long nails. I ask myself, “Does he think that’s sexy?” Because it’s NOT- it’s soooooo NOT sexy, not even a little. Then I’m even more shocked and appalled when I run into associates with long nails I’m like ,”Don’t you read the Urban Gentleman… dude, you need to subscribe.” Lol, but seriously meeting a man with unkempt nails is one of the most unattractive things ever! It automatically gives the impression that you weren’t taught well and that you may be a dirty/messy person.

Gentleman, for the record, there are two things that even the most basic man must do outside of showering, washing his face, and brushing his teeth… he must:

1.) maintain his haircut /hairstyle
2.) cut his nails.

There is never an excuse to walk around with long nails- you can buy a pair of nail clippers anywhere for about 2 or 3 bucks. But each of you should own a manicure set of some type. If you don’t have time to cut your own nails, just go to a nail shop and get a basic manicure for about $15-$20. (go on a Tuesday or Wednesday night if you feel self-conscious about being there b/c those are usually the slowest days).

I asked a variety of women from different backgrounds how they felt about long nails and they pretty much all responded, “ewwwwwwww”. One woman even went on to tell a story about her boyfriend having long nails and how every night she’s tempted to cut them while he sleeps. I personally think that she obviously doesn’t have that close of a relationship with him if she can’t just ask him to cut his nails, but who knows…. Anyway guys, I cruised the web and found 3 different quality maniucre sets in 3 different price ranges- check them out on the left or click here.

Please please Urban Gentleman, I implore you to cut your nails!

Back to the Basics: Grooming 101

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Usher Raymond and his lovely wife ,
Tameka Raymond.

Usher is always very well-groomed and
put together- take notes gentleman.

I’ve been looking around, and it seems that some guys need a refresher on the basics.

Hair, Nail, Skin, and Teeth need to be right at all times– “gotta get it right, gotta get it tight”, lol. Anyway, click HERE.

Fantastic Grooming is a priority and it’s the first step to becoming the perfect Gentleman.

Be Smooth: Basic Skin Care for the Urban Gentleman


For some reason somebody created the myth that men don't need to do worry about skincare… "Lever 3000 and Suave is all I need" are words that have been echoed by many- and I must say, "It's sad, oh-so sad". A man doesn't need 20 cremes to take care of his skin, but please guys you can do better than Lever, Suave, and Old Spice.

First off everyone has a different type of skin, some of you may have really dry skin while others may have really oily, sensitive, normal, or problem skin- it's important to realize what type you have. Once you realize it you can buy products that are best for your type of skin.

There are a few key products that most men should use and own:

1. Palmers Products: Shea, Cocoa, or Olive

The realness of it all is that Shea Butter, Coca Butter, and Olive Oil are GREAT for the skin of people of color. If you want smooth, bump-free, stretch mark free (yes men get stretch marks too, especially if you work out) then it's all about these products. Palmers has the best range of products from oils to lotions to cremes to soaps they have it all. And the price of their products are great! Where to buy: Walmart, Target, Walgreens (most drug stores), and online.

Try this:

After washing your body in the shower, rub some Palmers Coca butter oil on from neck to toe then rinse it off. And once you step out the shower dab yourself dry instead of harshly rubbing the towel against your body… I promise you'll see a difference within a week or so.

2. Jack Black Products

They have such a comprehensive range of products that fits all skin types and complexions. There are many men who absolutely swear by Jack Black (I've met a few).
Where to buy: Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Sephora, and online.

Try this:

After washing your hands put on some Jack Black Hand Healer. It's the perfect product for men who work out alot and have rough hands from lifting weights, it's also great for guys who always work outdoors or have jobs that leave their hands rough and dry. I suggest carrying some in your car and having one at home.

3. The Art of Shaving
Oh how I love the name… it just sounds like it's good, huh. Like Jack Black, The Art of Shaving carries products that are great for all skin types. But the difference is that this brand specializes in products for shaving, every gentleman should own atleast one Art of Shaving product.
Where to buy: The Art of Shaving Store, Nordstrom, online.

Try this:
Many men, especially men of color, tend to get ingrown hairs and lots of bumps when shaving.
If you run into this issue then dab some Ingrown Hair Night Cream before going to bed.

Other Good Products:
4. Lab Series
5. MenScience

Try these:

Buy it online from

Buy it online from

For ALOT more Men's Skincare products go here.


What are your favorite skincare products?
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