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He Does No Wrong: Brad Pitt

at the 33rd Toronto International Film Festival

The past weeks and months have been filled with so much Kanye, Pharrell, David, and Lupe on The Urban Gentleman…. we’ve been neglecting some of the best dressed men out there– like Brad Pitt. He doesn’t need much introduction– he’s married to one of the hottest women on Earth and he’s father of the year in everybody’s book. He has an affinity for 3-piece suits and wide ties with fat knot and we love him for it. Brad Pitt has the elegant edgy look that is damn near flawless.

“Burn After Reading” press conference (Canada)

Brad Pitt as lieutenant Aldo Raine in Quentin Taratinos world war drama ‘Inglourious Basterds’ on the first day at the film set at Babelsberg studios in Potsdam near Berlin, Germany

premiere of “Changeling” at Ziegfeld Theater
with “wife” Angelina Jolie

33rd Toronto International Film Festival

Brad Pitt and George Clooney- picture perfect Film Festival in Venice

at the 65th edition of the Venice Film Festival

Brad with son Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt take a water boat from Marco Polo Airport in Venice

David Beckham: English Perfection

Beckham won Best MLS Player at the 2008 Espy Awards
last month. His attire was impeccable.
If I had to define Best Dressed I would define it as: what one becomes when he wears the attire of persons such as David Beckham. Then I would have a picture of Beckham next to it. . . seriously though he is ALWAYS on my best-dressed list and has yet to disappoint. He never under or over dresses, never tries too hard, or looks too casual- he dresses for perfection wherever he goes. And he is the PERFECT person to mimic if you want to have flawless style.

David Beckham is a total package, he combines athletic w/ suave w/sexy w/masculine w/urban w/cool w/prep w/tailored w/modern w/classic with everything fly to make a look that men crave to one day have. And he creates trends that would otherwise seem corny… including his “one shirt tail in one shirt tail out” look:

David at Teen’ s Choice Award-
he won Choice Male Athlete

ZOOMED in on the “one-shirt tail in”

One thing to note about Beckham is that he always wears a quality brown leather belt- always… never black or tan, but brown- which I feel is so classic. To get the David Beckham look you must combine:

button down shirt + cardigan + relaxed fit jeans + brown leather belt + beaded bracelets= David Beckham’s Style.

You can easily imitate him by shopping at Express, they’ll have everything from the shirt to the optional tie. And most importantly Express will have the jeans that are a major part of the look.

His serious style and swagger has recently landed him on yet another “Best-Dressed” List, this time- Vanity Fair’s International Best Dressed List. Check out his short interview in the magazine:

David Beckham
Residence: Los Angeles.
Occupation: Midfielder, Los Angeles Galaxy.
Age: 33.
Style icon: Steve McQueen.
Favorite clothing purchase of 2008: “There is still time in 2008, so ask me next year.”
Tailor: Armani.
Most frequently worn items: “Due to the L.A. weather, it has to be a simple pair of shorts and top, at the moment.”
Favorite sunglasses: “My wife’s range of dVb aviators.”
Causes: “Victoria and I have the David and Victoria Beckham Children’s Charity, about which I am very passionate. I am also a goodwill ambassador for unicef.”

Check out more pictures of David and his family at the Teen’s Choice Awards:

Wife Victoria Beckham

The 3 litle Beckham boys

David is also in this month’s Men’s Health:

Extracts from his interview:

On his comfort zone: “There is this madness around me, around my family. Without a doubt, out on the field is where I’m most comfortable, where I’m happiest, because I know what I’m doing, and I know I can do it.”

On losing: “I’m a really bad loser. It stays with me for a while. I always take it quite personally when we don’t win as a team or I don’t win in everything else I do.”

On relaxing: “People always ask me, ‘Do you play golf?’ Because a majority of sportsmen do. I used to play, quite a few years ago, but to be honest, I’d rather spend four hours with the kids than four hours on a golf course. As much as it can be relaxing, it’s a frustrating sport. My way of relaxing is listening to music and spending time with the kids.”

What another player said to him when he was 13 years old: “You’ll never play for England, because you’re too small and not strong enough.”

The other cover for the David Beckham
Men’s Health Issue

What Do You Like About David Beckham’s Style?

They Play Hard, They Dress Even Harder: Best Dressed Athletes

King James is a king of style

When I was out shopping for blazers and sport coats with one of my friends last week, he kept mentioning how he wanted to get that “Dwayne Wade Look”. I chuckled as he continued, “He had on this orange and brown outfit one day, and I want to get that same look, you know that Dwayne Waaaade look”. Well my friend based his opinion of Dwayne Wade’s style on one outfit he saw him wear in a magazine or on tv. . . little did he know that Dwayne Wade is more often than not, found looking quite stylish. But Dwayne Wade isn’t the only professional athlete who dresses so well he could double as a model, there’s a slew of well-dressed men in the athletic world.

My top picks (in no particular order):

1. Lebron James
He’s called King James for a reason and style is definitely one.

Lebron, dude. . .you look fly

Jay-Z and Lebron in Vegas

Lebron’s casual look is really cool as he’s posing w/ Jimmy Kimmel

2. David Beckham
He’s always at the top of my best-dressed list. What can I say those Brits just have great style. Not only is he the new face of Emporio Armani, he also has a wife that’s equally as chic- Victoria Beckham.

Classic perfection in this suit

The new face of Emporio Armani. . .underwear

He really has a thing for the “one shirt tail in, one shirt tail out” look

see. . .he ‘s doing it again

David & Victoria Beckham

3. Thierry Henry
Some of you Americans may not know who he is (lol), but my international readers and true sports fans know that he is a sharp dresser. His charm and style has landed him a contract as an international “brand ambassador” for Tommy Hilfiger.

I love the suit, great color & material
An international brand ambassador for Tommy Hilifiger

A natural Urban Gentleman

In Barcelona, 2008

4. Dwayne Wade
He always shows up to award shows and events wearing the latest trends and wearing them well. And besides. . . it seems like alot of gentleman are trying to get the “Dwayne Wade look”.

Dwayne rockin the “country/cowboy” look

At the Jay-Z/MJB Tour Kick-off in Miami, 2008

Dwayne loves those Tom Ford aviators

At his 26th birthday bash, 2008

Honorable Mentions:

Will Demps – he’s most women’s picture of perfection and his fashion sense has allowed him to snag Hollywood hotties like R&B singer Letoya Luckett.

Tom Brady – he dresses how I expect and want athletes to dress- stylish & clean. I’m sure his girlfriend, supermodel Gisele, gives him plenty of fashion tips.

Alex Rodriguez – he has a really classic style that has made him a GQ favorite.

Terrell Owens – some say cocky athletes always have great style. . .hmmm, I don’t know about that, but T.O definitely does.

Reggie Bush
– he’s actually one of the best dressed men in the NFL, he dresses up & down almost flawlessly. He has the complete Urban Gentleman look, he just doesn’t have the UG swagger or class quite yet. . .but I’m sure he’ll get there soon.

The Fashions: 2008 BET Awards

Chris Brown looked dapper while accepting his award

Years ago, I made a vow to myself that I would never watch BET- I find the station mostly degrading. But every once and awhile I find myself watching it, and tonight, for the sake of my readers, I tuned in. . . just for a little bit :-)

As I watched the show, eager to report the best outfits, I became disappointed. I felt like the male stars dressed to go to the mall rather than an award show- everyone was so extra-ordinarily regular! Though the immense-style that I had hoped to see was absent, there were still a decent amount of men who managed to “clean-up nicely.”

John Legend, David Banner, Eric Benet, and Kirk Franklin were among the best dress:

Chris Brown


David Banner

Eric Benet & date

Kirk Franklin & wife

John Legend

Fashion trends of the 2008 BET Awards Show:
-suits with no tie
-brown/khaki colored suits
-Gucci belts
-white-framed aviators
-black high-top sneakers
-white pocket squares
-brown Gucci shades

Even my main man Kanye left us hanging, he was the most regular that I’ve seen from him in awhile. But atleast he looked 1000 times better than his performance partner T-Pain.

MORE 2008 BET Awards Men’s Fashion:

LL Cool J rocks the graphic tee

Boris Kodjoe

Kevin Liles looks Morehouse Fresh

Kevin Hart

Derek Luke & date

Mario gives a good Urban Gentleman look

Musiq keeps is simple

I hate to say it, but I don’t like Neyo‘s look. . .
hmmm, maybe it’s just the way he’s posing

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