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Derrick Favors EXCLUSIVE: Fashion, Comic Books, and Basketball. (NBA Utah Jazz Power Forward)

It’s 10AM in Cabbagetown, USA. A creative artsy neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia. We’re in the gorgeous, historic, magical home of the town’s unofficial mayor, prepping for the shoot and listening to various tunes. Tink's “Million” repeats a dozen times at one point before we take notice… it's a good song. Not too long after the hour in walks Utah Jazz forward, Derrick Favors. Fresh from a weekend full of birthday festivities, community outreach, and an extended appearance at a car and bike show. This Atlanta-born giant is as cool and calm as they come.
"Indestructible": Derrick shows off his levitation powers.
GET THE LOOK: Alexander Wang lightweight sweater; Zanerobe joggers; custom Creative Recreation; MCM book bag; Meister watch // Cindy Samoht: I went for a stylish stealth look here, all black, with a little pop in color for socks and accessories
The Urban Gent team came to learn that Derrick airs more on the modest side of fashion, nothin’ too too flashy. This didn’t surprise me, he almost instantly struck me as "classic guy". The classic/typical/average guy wants to look nice, but doesn’t go to extreme heights to stay trendy (many are just too damn busy). Well, today, we opted to mix his usual chill look with a little Urban Gent sauce of the classic and edgy variety.
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"Basketball skills like a Chameleon": Chameleons can see in two directions at once and can blend in and stand out as needed.
GET THE LOOK: Rag & Bone shirt, Rustic Dime leather joggers, Fjallraven backpack, Meister watch, Ray-ban Clubmasters, UO socks, and custom Italian sneakers. // CS: I love a monochromatic look so I did a bold all red look this time – soft red shirt, crayola/MJ red pants , oxblood colored backpack, almost-burgundy custom Italian sneakers (contact us if you want a pair), and rustic/copper red hand-made bracelets.  
As we walked back and forth between looks, under the skittishly hot Atlanta sun, Derrick and I chopped it up. “I’m a weird dude," exclaims my fellow Georgia Tech Alum. “I am”. I know exactly what he means, it’s that Andre 3000, Cee-Lo Green, B.O.B in 2009 type of weird, it’s the good weird, the #antibasic if you will. Basically, he doesn’t just like the regular stuff society might expect him to— he’s cooler than that. He’s a 6’11 comic collector… the classics are his favorite. I asked, “If you could be any super hero who would it be?" He pondered on it for awhile before saying there were 'too many to choose just one.' But I‘m thinking Superman. Hmmm, maybe Spiderman, or even Green Lantern, yea it seems like all guys born in the early 90s like Green Lantern. What I knew for sure though, was that his favorite Ninja Turtle was Raphael - it was hanging from his Maserati keychain.
"Rockstar Prep"
GET THE LOOK: Ralph Lauren button-down, Rustic Dime jeans, custom Italian-made suede navy loafers // (contact info@theurbangent to order size 14-20 custom shoes) // CS: This is one of my favorite 2015-2016 looks for any Urban Gentleman. You're keeping it classic with a button-down, but adding some edginess and trendiness with heavily slashed jeans (rolled up of course). You can easily pair this with some white low-top sneakers or keep it classic with a pair of loafers.

GET THE LOOK: Vintage sweater and trousers; custom Italian-made tan leather penny loafers; Urban Gent Pinbacks; Meister watch // CS: I love a crew neck sweater in general, but after spending time shopping for real life giants like Derrick, crew necks are often a safe and well-fitting choice. We paired the classic striped print with rolled-up trousers, beautiful Italian loafers, and of course TUG pinbacks.

By the end of the photoshoot, we had the seemingly shy Jazz power forward opening up about life in Utah, his favorite music (mostly Atlanta artist of course), and even admitting to watching Love & Hip Hop Atlanta for entertainment (he was shocked when I told him I chose to forgo such tv shows). Luckily, we finished just in time for him to go grab some Flying Biscuit– an Atlanta breakfast staple.  // Follow Derrick Favors Instagram and Twitter @DFavors14. //
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To Be Unique.

Yasiin Dante Smith Bey aka Mos Def

Sometimes it's those simple defining pieces, that make you different. Gotta have the proper accessories to add that special uniqueness to your look. 

Take your pick: Sunglasses, Pocket Squares, Ties


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Sendhil Ramamurthy (Jai Wilcox) Style Guide

Not too long ago, we covered the undeniable great stylings of White Collar's Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer). Another USA star, whose style is pretty impressive is Covert Affairs' Jai Wilcox, real name Sendhil Ramamurthy.

I remember writing the Men's Hair Guide that displayed hair inspiration photos of several celebrities with various hair types. Moreover, I remember getting a comment from one T.U.G fan who was a little disappointed in the examples of Indian stars, saying he wanted better examples… I guess Kal Penn and Aziz Ansari wasn't cutting it, lol. It was an understandable comment, although let me just once again express  how magnificently hilarious Aziz Ansari is– who doesn't love that guy? But anyway… Senhil Ramamurthy, though not initially on my radar has made his way there after I watched an episode of Covert Affairs. And he, dear T.U.G fan who wanted better examples of indian-american hair, is quite the dapper gent… Sendhil has plenty of hair examples for you to indulge in. Matter of fact before going on about his style, let's have an interlude to check out a few of his past hair styles/hair cuts…

Great grooming, huh? There's plenty more photos below.

Chicago-born, Texas raised Sendhil Ramamurthy definitely has a very relaxed, casual sense of style. Perhaps that's brought about by his Indian roots or even likelier, it's a side-effect from all that tennis playing (he's a great tennis player). Either way most of the time you will find Sendhil in a crisp pointed-collar button-up  modern-fit blue or gray suit, and of course– no tie ( yes he's one of those guys who prefers to forgo a tie). Similar to his red carpet looks, when Sendhil is playing Jai Wilcox, former Yale Lacrosse players, on Covert Affairs he's often styled in navy or gray modern-fit suits as well, but with matching ties of course. 

It's been said that Sendhil Ramamurthy is a very private person, so the paparazzi barely ever catch him out, but when they do he's often sporting a simple polo (sometimes Louis Vuitton), medium-blue wash denim, baseball cap, and shades (he's a fan of Lacoste eyewear).

Get Sendhil Ramaurthy Style below:



More Photos Below —> CONTINUE READING MORE >>>

The Style of Prince William of Wales, Duke of Cambridge

The Royal Wedding has finally taken place, and Prince William and Kate Middleton have been wed. (They've been named the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.) To be honest, I didn't really keep up with all the royal happenings over the past months, but I guess in some sense we all did because every single detail of their lives have been on every channel from CNN to Bravo. Not to mention that every talk show has had some sort of Royal Wedding segment… Stephen Colbert's was probably my favorite though (that guy really is hilarious).

So today, I was like– why not get in on the action? Pay a little homage to good ole Prince Willy ;-) .But of course with an Urban Gentleman twist… so we're giving you The Style of Prince William.

Overall Prince William has the simple, clean, and proper style we expect from modern day British royalty such as himself. His suits aren't slim-fit tailored, he doesn't wear brightly contrasting tie and shirt combos, I don't even think I've seen him go sockless since he was a young lad at university. William keeps it completely classic. He mainly wears navy suits (sometimes double-breasted), light blue button-ups with classic pointed medium spread collars, and navy and/or burgundy ties. When he goes casual he usually opts for simple polos paired with khakis,  or crew-neck sweaters on-top of button-up shirts and trousers.


Get the Look:



Prince William and Kate

Back in 2000, People Magazine highlighted his style because at the time he was a little more fashion-conscious, even making fashion statements at times– once wearing a Great Britain flag waistcoat with the words "Groovy Baby" sewn on (he was 18 at the time). Now-a-days he isn't making such statements, but who knows what the future holds… Duchess Kate did wear an Alexander McQueen dress to the wedding paying homage to the late designer. So maybe, just maybe, we'll see them front row at a handful of fashion shows in the coming years.

More photos below –>


Celebrity Style: Zac Efron, Bruno Mars, & More


Bruno Mars in Obey Burlington Plaid jacket,

chambray button-down, and Converse All Stars


Zac Efron in Ray-ban aviators in gold, black straight leg jeans,

and black Converse All-stars


Drake in Supreme Zebra jacket


Zac Efron in New York– shades of black.


Cam Gigandet looking quite monochromatic in a gold/tan RRL Western shirt.


Daniel Craig in London; wearing shawl collar cardigan,

selvedge denim, and Alden wing-tip bluchers


Zac Efron in Rag & Bone sweater, Persol sunglasses, Vans sneakers

Get Celebrity Style:


Celebrities in All Saints: Hayden Christensen, Joe Jonas, and Zac Efron

What do Hayden Christensen, Joe Jonas, and Zac Efron all have in common?

They sometimes rock All Saints (head to to toe) in their downtime,

check 'em out below:


Joe Jonas and his girlfriend Ashley Greene wearing All Saints


Here they are again… both are obviously big fans of the military-inspired brand


Hayden Christensen



Zac Efron in a pair of All Saints sneakers.

Get their looks here:


Check out there big sale, here.

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