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Urban Gent Poll: Whose Style Do You Like Best

The results from the latest Urban Gent Poll are in… this was sort of a mini poll since it didn’t run for that long:

The Question: Whose Style Do You Like Best?

Zac Efron
20 (17%)
Nick Cannon
3 (2%)
Channing Tatum
10 (8%)
Kid Cudi
53 (45%)
John Legend
25 (21%)
Robert Pattinson
5 (4%)
Votes so far: 116

1st place goes to Kid Cudi, 2nd John Lengend, and 3rd Zac Efron.

I’m not surprised at Kid Cudi winning first, the Winter/Fall Fashion Guide has been posted front and center for the past month or so, and he’s posted as my example for Assorted Swank. Plus, alot of Urban Gent readers are big fans of artist like Kid Cudi, Lupe, Pharrell, etc etc. I’ll look into doing a more in-depth Kid Cudi style article later.

Zac Efron at UK premiere of ‘Me and Orson Welles’, Nov 18th

I honestly thought Zac Efron would get 2nd, if not 1st, but he got 3rd. He’s been pretty consistent with his style for the past two years and he constantly updates his looks; sometimes its a big update while other times it’s subtle. Zac’s perfectly polished look from the beginning of 2009 was, well, perfect. And his messy, swept-over hair do from mid-2009 was oookay, not one of my favorites, but I appreciated the update and experimentation. His current look is pretty great as well. Hmmm, I guess when I think of Efron’s changing styles I think of his hair. But besides his hair his attire is always perfect… his jeans fit well, as do his button downs. He and his girlfriend always look flawless on the red carpet.

John Legend always look nice. His suits are usually custom-fitted, he wears trendy bow-ties, and just keeps himself well-groomed (hair, skin, clothing) like an Urban Gent should.

***Don’t forget to vote on the new poll… What’s Your Favorite Fall/Winter Trend? (located on the right side of the page)

G.I Joes Have Style: Marlon Wayans & Channing Tatum

2 weekends ago I had a chance to see G.I Joe… and the beginning was good, I just wasn’t able to finish it. Not because it wasn’t a great film, but because we went to the drive-in theater and had already watched two movies before then, so we fell asleep towards the beginning-middle of G.I Joe. Nevertheless, I enjoyed what I saw mainly because the stars were just so hot…Marlon Wayans has always been cute to me and he added on some muscle for the role (niiiice) and Channing Tatum, well, (sigh) he’s probably one of the hottest guys on earth- yeah I said it- he’s like the equivalent of… hmmm of a Megan Fox to guys but just hotter. Geeez, I’ve had a crush on him since… I guess since Coach Carter, buuuut I digress, I know you guys don’t want hear all that.

Check out a few pictures of the two (and other GI Joe crew members) at interviews and premieres:

I love Channing’s hair here- edgy yet simple and stylish.
And his facial hair- low and perfectly trimmed.
(being well-groomed is SO important guys)

For some reason the first thing that sticks out
in this picture to me is his nails. Weird?
Yeah perhaps, but that’s one of the first things I notice on a guy.
Marlon’s nails are JUST how Urban Gentleman
should have theirs- clean and short.

Channing Tatum, Sienna Miller, and Marlon Wayans

These guys are HILARIOUS
(ps- you KNOW this was Marlon’s idea, darn 7th grade poses)

on another note- I’m really diggin’ the boots, they sort of remind
me of the Jeffery Campbell tattered “war-boots” from last winter.

Lol, I love it.

Gentleman, take a good look at Marlon’s and Channing’s jeans
are you looking? Okay, great.
Now THAT is how your jeans should fit.
It still saddens me when I see guys wearing pants 8x too big
and its getting to be QUITE disturbing to see guys in jeans 8x too small
I really need for you guys to pull a Goldilocks and wear the pair
that fits just right :-)

More of Marlon’s and Channing’s Style:

I’m not too keen on the suit choice, but I think it looks good on Marlon
So this is an example of successfully “doing you”- not everyone
can pull this suit off though.

Rachel Nichols and Channing Tatum

Channing Taylor and wife actress Jenna Dewan

Sienna Miller and Channing Tatum
I love her dress and I love his jacket

Rachel Nichols , Marlon Wayans,
Sienna Miller, and Channing Tatum
Both of the guys are sporting nice simple casual looks.

What do you guys think of their style?
Has anyone seen the whole movie? How is it?

Channing Tatum in GQ August 2009: The ‘Perfect’ Man

Gentleman’s Quarterly August 2009 covers G.I Joe Channing Tatum.

Shirt, $375, and tie, $195, by Prada.
Tie bar, $250, by Thom Browne New York.

Jeans by Dior Homme. Sunglasses by Ralph Lauren.
Necklace by Rogues Gallery. Watch by Rolex.

Cardigan and boxer shorts by Polo Ralph Lauren.
Jeans by Levi’s. Socks by American Apparel.
Watch by Rolex. Hat by Stetson.

Trench coat by Burberry Prorsum.
Tuxedo and shirt by Calvin Klein Collection. Bow tie by Brooks Brothers.
Shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo. Socks by Falke. Watch by Rolex.

Jacket by Versace. Tanktop by Calvin Klein Collection.
Sweatpants by Save Khaki.

Suit, shirt, and tie by Calvin Klein Collection.
Jeans (in hands) by Levi’s American Rag Cie.

Suit, shirt, and tie by Dolce & Gabbana.
Tie bar by Thom Browne New York.
Pocket square by Paul Stuart. Watch by Rolex

(round of applause… for all that hottness)

photos via GQ Magazine.

Seeing Double: Kanye’s Black Blazer…. and possible Timberland Comeback?

When I first saw Kanye’s picture from the Serpentine Party, I immediately thought about his ensemble from the Vanity Fair Party earlier this year… so I checked the Urban Gentleman Archives and voila- Kanye’s rockin’ the same perfectly fitting shawl collar jacket. And I must say Ye’ I ever so do approve. If you look at the ensemble it looks almost exactly the same- black pants, black on black herringbone blazer w/ the slanted pocket, and solid shirt. Why do I like the fact that it’s a repeat? Well because a repeat is so un-kanye, as he’s admitted he’s innately flashy and always raps about designer duds. So for him to repeat a distinctive jacket at an event, well that’s cool, practical, and it shows that Mr. West is growing up a bit. But I guess the real question is, will he wear it again, when or if he ever gets words of this post- who knows. But nevertheless I’m digging it… his style is progressing quite nicely, now if he could just relax with parading around with the chick that he sung about in “Stronger”… (because Ye’ the time is No longer right, lol).

On another note, he’s been rockin’ the Timbs pretty heavy. And, maybe its just me, but I actually think it’s the appropriate time for a Timberland comeback… I remember rockin them hard as a freshman in high school back around 2002) my boyfriend and I had matching pairs… he played football I was a cheerleader, so we’d wear them with jeans and our varsity jackets- it was cute stuff, lol.

Besides, a few designers had timberland-esque boots in their winter and spring collections (including Dean and Dan Caten of Dsqaured2). So maybe it’s time to dust off your old Timberlands…

Style Update: Kanye West

Flaunt Magazine’s 10th Anniversary Party
I think 2009 is gonna be the year of the bow-tie, seriously… it’s like thats the only option.

KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas Day 2

Z100 Jingle Ball

Z100 Jingle Ball
This is one of the looks for 2009, one of my looks anyway, that I haven’t really seen any stars rock until now- I call it monochromatic (I may come up with a better name later), but I’ll expound upon it more in January.

post Christmas shopping in Chanel.

post Christmas shopping
Oh how I do heart a nice letterman jacket.
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