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Style Update: Kanye West

Flaunt Magazine’s 10th Anniversary Party
I think 2009 is gonna be the year of the bow-tie, seriously… it’s like thats the only option.

KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas Day 2

Z100 Jingle Ball

Z100 Jingle Ball
This is one of the looks for 2009, one of my looks anyway, that I haven’t really seen any stars rock until now- I call it monochromatic (I may come up with a better name later), but I’ll expound upon it more in January.

post Christmas shopping in Chanel.

post Christmas shopping
Oh how I do heart a nice letterman jacket.

GQ MAN of the YEAR Party Pictures

Actor Jason Statham
light gray and blue always looks good together.

Adam Brody
Very casual polos and suits? Hmmm,
you can get away with it Adam.

Designer Thom Browne
i heart it. tie clip, tie tucked in,
“high-watered” pants, and boots.
Can ya digg it?

Big Boi
Now this is what I’m talking about Big Boi
You should dress like this more often.
Slate Grey looks good on you.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Velvet suit eh?
Zac Efron
He looks cool as usual, but the tie throws me off a little
I think its because the top knot is so skinny

College Cool RULES: Pharrell Williams

At a show in Paris at the Grand Palais: Picasso & The Masters

How many people can truly wear the sames thing over and over again and we love them all the same? Pharrell Williams truly has staple wardrobe items and he wears them well. I thought Andre 3000 was the “staple wardrobe” king with his A’s hat, converse, and suspenders, but Mr.NERD trumps him. After browsing through some of his photos- I noticed that Pharrell seems to have a few permanent staples and he also has seasonal staples. You may ask, what does he do to switch it up? Well, he just changes the color of his staples…

For example this summer/early fall he rocked red BBC hats, but lately he’s been rockin blue BBC hats. This summer/early fall he was rockin black/navy Vans, but lately he’s been rocking his tan Vans. This summer he rocked his white and navy/burgundy trimmed sweater, while lately he’s been rocking his army fatigued get-up.

Pharrell on MTV earlier this past summer.

Pharrell in Atlanta last month w/ Common.

He throws on a pastel colored polo every once in a while and maybe a plaid shirt for these cold months. His wardrobe is so simple, yet he makes all the Best Dressed List. Gentleman, this should tell you that it’s not about quantity it’s about quality and swagger. I feel like Pharrell is unconsciously being a great example for young men with his sense of style. His wardrobe says ” You do not have to own 200 pairs of shoes to be cool, I rock $45$/$60 dollar Vans on a regular and I’m the shyt”. I LOVE IT. Now of course Pharrell has a lifestyle that involves more informal settings, so if you’re a banker or something this obviously only applies to your weekend gear.

I also feel like his sense of style tells all men that it’s important to figure out your sense of style and be confident with it– wear what makes you feel good because Pharrell surely does.

More Pics in Paris at the Grand Palais: Picasso & The Masters

for the Urban Gent newbies… “College Cool” is one of the fall/winter trends inspired by Pharrell. Check it out here.

Kanye West: 808′s & Heartbreaks Style


I’ve been listening to Kanye’s Love Lockdown on repeat for the past 30 minutes. I’m trying to really get the feel of the song, and it’s deep. I actually love songs like this because we know exactly who you’re talking about… why Alexis Phifer of course. I guess he’s not loving her the way he wanted to and she’s got her love locked down, lol, jk. Anyway I love the look he chose for the album… I feel it’s appropriate for the overall feel I’m getting from the songs. The look is straight-forward, no smiles, pure classic london/american style with that urban gent twist (shoes, brooch, and shades).

His look is robotic… he’s like a modern robot.
Instead of a being made of shiny silverish metal
he’s wearing a gray suit. His posture, his look,
and the sound of the album (that whole T-pain
voice thing) is robotic.

Kanye West’s new album is entitled: 808’s & Heartbreak , and it hits stores November 25th.

You can listen to “Love Lockdown” on while watching the video. I just listened to two more songs from albums and you can listen to them too:

“Coldest Winter”, click HERE.
“Robocop”, click HERE.

Coldest Winter… I like it enough, it’ll probably grow on me like Love Lockdown.
Robocop… WTF?

What do you all think about his style for the album and his songs?

Smartie Pants: The New Maxwell

When I think Maxwell, I think afro, soul music, slightly un-buttoned white long sleeve shirts w/ chest hair coming out, jeans (or leather pants), and boots. But the new Maxwell is all but afro or dreaded and stereotypically “neo soul”, now-a-days he rocks his hair short, wears glasses, cardigans, and plaid shirts… he looks like your resident nerd and sometimes he manages to favor the late great Malcolm X. He’s been rockin’ this style for the past year or two and I really dig it. And After a 6-year hiatus from releasing new music and years of promises of a trilogy album, Black Summers Night he is back and touring… check out his myspace page for me info:

The old Maxwell style.
Maxwell GAP Ad.

Portrait in New York, Sept. 18, 2008.
The Black on Black on Black is HAUTE.

If you want the Maxwell look:
1. Buy the “Malcolm X” glasses here.
2. Buy GAP jeans, cardigans, and button ups
3. Buy a few Ralph Lauren Polo button-ups
4. Get a bunch of skinny ties… try

David Beckham Candids: His Swagger Goes So Hard

One of Urban Gentleman’s favorites is David Beckham… this guy basically does no wrong. He’s hot when he’s dressed up and down… check out a few of his pics from the past month or so:

The Beckhams at one of their favorite London
restaurants, J. Sheekey’s in Covent Garden.
(October 17, 2008)

I love when people correctly combine color combinations that are seen as taboo: black/brown, black/navy, etc. David wear’s this striped navy-on-navy number so well. And the black skinny tie, pocket square, and shoes enhances the look. The black helps the navy to stand out more, even though I love navy and red combos- it’s nice to just let navy be navy sometimes.

Arriving in London from LA
(October 6th, 2008)

David knows how to rock casual wear in the most manly way. Though trend forecasters and fashion experts are saying that the “manly man” look is out and the “feminine man” look is in, I say it’s bullsh*t. Looking burly and masculine will always be haute:-)

Jermaine Dupris’ 36th birthday party
by Stoli at The Underground in Chicago
( September 28th, 2008)

As you can see plaid is where it’s at. Have you bought your plaid shirt yet? Check out my latest articles on plaids here.

David and Victoria Beckham having dinner at the trendy,
celebrity favorite restaurant the
Waverly Inn.
(September 27, 2008)

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying until it’s ingrained in your minds: Wearing opposite, yet complementary tie, shirt, and suit patterns is a must (you don’t have to always do it, but if you’re a truly stylish person you need to do it atleast every 3 or 4 times you wear a suit. ) I’m really feeling the gingham tie.

At Macys promoting his and her fragrances
in New York City
(September 27, 2008)

Isn’t his swagger hard? It just goes sooo hard. When I see suits like this it really reminds me of my brothers back in the day. Their striped 3 piece suits would always get so many compliments- and when it came to Easter, lol, well you know how it goes down in the south. My brothers were both well known for their flawless style and to be honest I feel like they play a big role in my love of fashion (orchestra music plays in the background)… Okay, lol- back to Beckham.

This guy loves to wear striped suits that aren’t just basic- and to many people multi-colored striped suits have always been seen as a “black” thing- yanno? Because these kinds of suits are the ones you see men like Steve Harvey rocking. And for that reason, many men stray away from the multi-colored striped suits so that they don’t fill the stereotype. But what you must realize is that English men rock these kind of suits all the time, the difference is in the fit. They wear their suits much closer to the body and that gives them a more polished, well-groomed look. And that’s what you should do. Quality solid suits are always best, but having a few multi striped in the wardrobe is great. Just be careful not to wear them so big- then you end up looking like a southern preacher- which is fine if that’s what you want… I guess.

The ad for their new fragrance.

You can take away many things from these pictures:

1.) Club collars are haute. Club collars are really growing on me, I think they are my second favorite now to the cut-away collar. These collars really look great on men with athletic builds -epecially ones with big necks and heads:-)

2.) You must learn how to match without matching. Go into a store and just try out out different shirt and tie combinations… you don’t have to try it on- just put the tie on the shirt and see what you think. If you live in Atlanta, go visit a guy named Peter at Nordstrom in Buckhead– he has some of the sickest combos… and I learned from him:-)

3.) Tuck one shirt tail in and one shirt tail out. I mean really, I challenge you to try it out one day… then send me your pictures and we’ll have a contest or something to see “who wore it best, lol. I think this trend should always be worn with jeans and a thick brown belt… maybe a matte black belt will work as well.

4.) Go buy a plaid shirt.

5.) Brown is a masculine man’s best friend. David Beckham loves brown- brown is his black, and I love it. He always wears a brown belt and brown shoes (with a few exceptions). And I feel like that gives him a more rugged masculine look, and it adds to his swagger.

FYI: Some of you may be asking yourself “So what brand suits does David Beckham wear?”. Hugo Boss, Armani, Dolce & Gabanna, and I could speculate other brands, but I won’t at this time:-)

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