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Chris Brown: BIG HEADED Boxers

C.Breezy does it again… first hats, now boxers. Chris Brown has teamed up with Big Headed boxers to create his own line of underwear. With a tape measure as their logo, Big Headed boxers have been around for awhile and they’re suppose to give comfort to men and their partners… hmmmmmm interesting, check this out:

Big Headed Boxers has started a trend not only with its name, but what it stands for. Comfort and quality is the key to the success of Big Headed Boxers. With attention to every fine detail, Big Headed Boxers are made to not rise up, allowing you to let loose and enjoy yourself. Literally!
When asked about the success of the line, Keith Davis, chairman and founder of Big Headed Boxers says, “We created Big Headed Boxers to give every individual confidence when wearing our product. Not having to wear another man’s name on your boxer’s is a key component behind the branding of Big Headed Boxer’s. It’s all about you!”

The Chris Brown New Era Hats

Being fly has further payed off for Urban Gentleman Chris Brown. Check out this tidbit on C-Breezy’s new line of New Era hats:

Chris Brown is joining with New Era for a line of hats. The Chris New Era hats will go on sale this month.
The Brown line will be baseball cap styled and carry one of six different designs, all done by Chris. The designs include a 1980 vintage boom box and another with the initials CBE that draws from Chris Brown Entertainment, his label under Interscope.
Brown in total reportedly designed 10 patterns/hats, but New Era will sell six of them with Brown retaining rights to the other four. The price of Chris Brown’s hats ares less than previous New Era celebrity hat offerings, with Brown’s New Era line coming in retail between $35 and $40. (What a great price!)

Speculation says that New Era will do a limited production, at least initially. So if you are interested, better buy up fast.

The Chris Brown hats went on sale Thursday, August 14, at Lids, New Era Stores, and can be found on and

Check Out ALL the Chris Brown Hats:

In other CBreezy news, check out Chris Brown
at the 2008 Teen Choice Awards at Gibson Amphitheater on August 3, 2008 in Los Angeles.

He’s one of the first stars I’ve seen rock the Jordan VII Miro
You get about 10 cool points for that CB.

Men’s Fashion: The Marching Band Jacket from Lupe Fiasco to Chris Brown to Michael Jackson

Being a nerd has never been so cool
Georgia Tech Marching Band

It’s never been so cool to be a nerd. Not only do nerds currently rule hip-hop, but they also dominant the current styles. From the most preppy L7 (square) clothes to borderline bi-focals. . . dressing nerdyish is too cool for school. And the marching band jacket falls right in line with these trends.
Chris Brown rockin a really haute band jacket at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards

Kanye West, Chris Brown, and Lupe Fiasco all seem to be fans of the band jackets. And the new Converse commercial featuring Santogold in a marching-band jacket has seemed to make the trend even more popular … everybody wants a band jacket now!

Lupe Fiasco has some of the most meticulously designed
marching band-esque jackets I’ve ever seen.
I’m sure Dr. Romanelli helped to create a few.
(Dr.Romanelli has designed several of Lupe’s jackets)

Wearable marching band jacket are actually pretty hard to come by. The style is popular, but only a few brands and stores carry it, so the jacket is sold out everywhere. I found a website that carries some unique variations of the marching band:

Ipso Facto Jackets




Life Research Group LRG carries variations of the
marching band jacket too

To be honest, the marching band jacket style isn’t just about marching band jackets. The style is actually a mix and cross-over between marching band jackets, military jackets, varsity jackets, and motorcycle jackets. Both Chris Brown and Lupe Fiasco sufficiently mix these styles in their wardrobes. And as long as you have one of those type jackets you can easily gain the edgy looks that the superstars create.
If you happen to come across “marchmiliVarmoto” type jacket, scoop it up quick because it most likely won’t be there for long.

This new style is also somehwhat of a tribute to Michael Jackson- who started it all. You can find many of these retro style jackets on for a really good price.

Michael Jackson “Victory Tour” Jacket

Michael Jackson “Thriller” Jacket

Michael Jackson “Walk of Fame” Jacket

Check out Santogold in her marching band jacket in the Converse commercial:


New Fall 2009 article on
Men’s Marching Band/Military Jackets,
click here.

Where to buy them, which designer brands carry them, etc.

Essence Music Festival 2008: Men’s Fashion- Kanye West, Chris Brown, & more

Kanye West is one of the many headliners at this years Essence Music Festival

One of the biggest gatherings of African-American recording artist happens each summer at the Essence Music Festival. Only headliners perform, and year after year Essence delivers the best artist of every genre. This years artists included everyone from Rihanna to Chris Brown to Kanye West. Check out some of the styles stars rocked at this years festival- held this past weekend in New Orleans.

Our main man Kanye West does it up in an interesting
ensemble. He’s rockin a snake-skin baseball jacket, leather
gloves, and a hard to find Louis Vuitton Damier Azur
backpack. It’s alot going on,but we always make
exceptions for Mr.West.

LL Cool J rocks it the same way he does at every event: graphic tee, cross necklace, baggy jeans, and a NY fitted that matches his shirt. He wore the same “Respect” t-shirt to the BET Awards a few weeks ago, but it was in black. I’m thinking it’s part of his new clothing line that is coming out in September. LL’s clothing line will be exclusively sold in Sears.

Musiq hit the stage in a red leather jacket, aviators, and
Obama shirt. “Yes We Can”! You can expect to see someone
wearing an Obama shirt, at every single major event in the world for now on:-)

Chris Brown stays stuntin’ , this time he rocks a Bathing Ape “Baby Milo” shirt, light royal blue American Apparel pants, and Vans SK8 Hi Dripworks in blue/pink. You gotta admit even if you think the pants are questionable the shoes are sick.

ROCK it Like Chris Brown:

Van hi-tops, $49.99,
Blue slacks, $68.00,
LRG Green straight-leg pants, $68.00,
A bathing shirts, $45.99,
Studded belt, $15.00,

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