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Common, “I Want You”

Common: Universal Mind Control

I don’t have time to give a complete review right now…. but this album is hot. Common is hands down one of the best artist alive— he and Lupe and Andre 3000 completely keep it real. I love alot of the beats on this album, they’re different yet classic. I actually first listened to the album this morning and I’m re-listening to it right now and it really is pretty darn fantastic. “Make My Day” featuring Cee-lo is one of my favorites… it just has that “southern easy living” feel about it, with a little bit of that 50s/60s sound- basically it has the same feel as “Hey Ya” by Andre 3000 and “Go Baby” by Lupe Fiasco. I just like the way he raps… it’s a bit old school, but modern at that same time.
Definitely buy this album or buy it for a friend.
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