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Become Your Own Designer, Customize Your Shoes: Nike, Reebok, Converse, Puma

Yesterday I found myself spending hours designing shoes. One of my friends was in need of a few new kicks and instead of going to the store to try on a variety of shoes, he decided to get creative and make his own. He already knew about Nike ID and Reebok, I hipped him on Converse, and we both re-discovered Puma. Ahhh, Puma- so refreshing- I LOVE Pumas, especially high-top ones. All the best dressed guys I’ve ever known wear high-top pumas. Well, not all of them, but a few of my favorite well-dressed guys exclusively wear Pumas as their casual sneaker of choice. Anyway, he and I spent hours changing colors, shoe styles, textures… in the end he bought one custom made pair from each brand. And I must say, though time consuming, it was fun. Here’s a random colorful selection of a few of the shoes I made:

Though I like all 4, I must say that my favorite has to be Puma’s Mongolian Shoe Barbeque “Spice Needed”… They offer the best textures and color combos, and you’ll get the most elegantly stylish shoe from them. To be honest it would be very hard to not make a rockin sockin shoe with Puma’s Mongolian BBQ, buuuut I am sorta biased. Converse came in a close second, it’s a classic shoe that you want in every color anyway, so being able to customize every part of the shoe- down to the thread is pretty sweet. These are all great options for someone who is searching for a certain color or has a hard time finding shoes that match a ‘certain look’ they had in mind. It’s also a great gift to give a sneakerhead or a person who likes exclusive apparel.

More “Make Your Own Shoe” Tidbits….
NIKE ID : Best Shoe Variety
YOUR REEBOK : Best Background
(I like the view with the person wearing the shoes)
PUMA’S MONGOLIAN SHOE BBQ: Most Stylish, Best Textures
If you’re looking to make a specific type of shoe, maybe for a sport or a particular event, then Nike is the obvious choice. If you’re looking for a classic shoe with a twist- Converse is #1. If you want a head turner, show-stopper type shoe… c’mon Puma (it seriously doesn’t get any better). And if you’re looking for a small mixture of all of the above then choose Reebok.

When you get the time go check out their sites… 4 great brands with endless creative possibilities. I’d love to get the opinions of people who have gotten customized shoes from one of the brands- how did you like them? Which brand is your favorite?

If I could only have one pair of shoes….

I’d rock a pair of chucks.

That’s what the majority of you guys said in the most recent Urban Gentleman Poll.

“If you could only have one pair of shoes, which kind would you choose?”

classic converse all-stars
99 (29%)
nice pair of air jordans
70 (20%)
ferragamo lace-ups
66 (19%)
26 (7%)
high-top supras
66 (19%)
i dont really need shoes, i like to walk around in my socks
11 (3%)

Votes so far: 337
Poll closed

I think it’d be foolish to ask why Converse were chosen over the almighty Jordans and elegant Ferragamos… but if you absolutely have to ask why, then I’d quickly riposte, “because they’re classic”. And if someone was itching for further explanation I’d say…

“All-stars are the all-american shoe, they transcend race, background, region, sex, or social status. All-stars are the only shoe I can think of that are truly generational… my parents wore them, I wear them, and when I have a few youngins for myself they’ll wear them too. It’s the one shoe everyone can agree on and that has made debuts in every genre of music, movies, and art in general… whether its Fat Albert and his whole crew as they go on an adventure or Soda Pop and Ponyboy as they prepare for a rumble (from the book Outsiders). There isn’t one celebrity that I haven’t seen in chucks atleast once, and there’s a ton who make the classic converse a staple in their wardrobe, like Andre 3000. I’m even sure the fashion king and queen themselves- Andre Leon Talley and Anna Wintour have a pair amongst their thousands of designer soles…”

The cool thing about converse these days is that they come in so many different colors, styles, and materials, so its easy to straightforwardly dress them up or down. Now that you guys have proclaimed classic Chuck Taylors as your favorite, what’s your style/color preference?

(and be sure to vote on the new poll,” Which accessory can you NOT live without?” its on the right column)

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