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Date Night with Your Lady

Gotta have a date night w/ your booskie:-)

On the weekends I try to give you gentlemen different type of advice… something that is applicable to the weekends. Topics over the past few weeks:

The Perfect Club Attire
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And this week: Date Night With Your Lady

Every Gentleman has to take out time to spend with his boo, atleast once a week- to show her that you care. And the time you spend does not have to cost you $3oo and some change… I mean you can spend that much- I’m sure it would be much appreciated, but you don’t have to:-)

Here are some really fun, cute, inexpensive (and kinda expensive) dates you can have with your lady:

1. Dinner & a Movie (yaaaawn)

It’s been done, you probably already do it if you don’t then it’s a cute alternative… otherwise try to think more creatively.

2. Chinese Take-Out in the Park

Instead of doing the traditional: pack some food in a basket and head out to the park on a sunny afternoon. Try packing some really good chinese take-out and heading out to your prettiest local park one evening. You could also bring an ipod player so you both can enjoy some romantic music (perhaps a little Coltrane). Now this does sound easier than it is because you’ll have to bring a blanket and some OFF- just in case the mosquitoes come lurking.

3. Roof-top Sunrise

This is pretty cheesy and it may seem kinda unrealistic, but it’s more doable than you think. If you live in a major city this is easy because there are so many buildings that have ladders or stairs on the side that lead to the rooftop. Once on the rooftop relax, talk, really get to know each other, get completely lost in conversation about life and the future then before you know it you’ll see a beautiful sunrise. It’s really romantic and you’ll feel like you’re in a movie! If you’re worried about getting caught trespassing then go to a rooftop of one of your friend’s apartment buildings – it should give the same effect… (note: if this is planned you should atleast bring a blanket).

4. Cartoons and Junk Food

Okay this one isn’t for every chick, but for certain ones this will be really fun. Get a few seasons of The Boondocks, Family Guy, or South Park– though explicit and often time racist and derogatory these cartoons are funny as hell. While watching these shows pig out on a few of her favorite guilty pleasures maybe m&ms, doritos, papa johns and just have fun. (be sure to have plenty of bottled water to offset all the sugar and salt)

5. Salsa Lessons
This is always fun, if you haven’t done it then you need to. Google salsa clubs or salsa lessons given in your area, then setup a time to go. You could make it into a complete Latin night by taking her to a tasty Spanish restaurant after the lessons.

6. Jazz Night
Jazz nights are the best! They make you feel “grown & sexy” (yes I know that phrase is dead, lol, but it’s appropriate for this sentence). Every city has Jazz Nights- it may be at a restaurant, museum, club- just find out where and make sure you go. If you’re from Atlanta I highly recommend Jazz at the High Museum (every 3rd Friday).

7. Unique Restaurant
Everyone goes out to eat, it’s just a basic for the whole dating thing. But for your special chick switch it up by taking her to a unique restaurant. Like a house that was turned into a restaurant or a themed restaurant- just somewhere really different and new.

8. Get-a-way In the City
One of the most romantic dates is when you “get-a-way” in the city. Choose a really elegant hotel and book a room for a night. Order room service, watch movies, give each other massages and just get it on!

At the end of the day, it’s all about thinking outside the box- have fun and be sporadic! Do things that make you both happy:-)

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