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Gentleman Interior Part I: A Basic Guide to Spruce Up a Gentleman’s Quarters

A Basic Guide to Spruce Up a Gentleman’s Quarters

Gentlemen, when deciding to spruce up or re-decorate don’t do it in haste. Seriously think about how you want your pad to look. Ask yourself “What don’t I like about my place now?”, “Whose home decor do I really like”, and “What type of ambiance do I want my place to have?” After those three questions you should have a general idea of what you like and don’t like. If you’re sprucing up or doing minor re-decorations then your room already has a look or theme of some sort… you should build upon this. If you’re current theme or room look is very unique and different, you may need to email me so I can help you out one on one, otherwise follow these tips.

Let’s focus on 2 main areas: living room and bedroom

Living Room:

This is usually the main part of the house because it’s the first thing people see. First off, it should be neat and clean, and less is ALWAYS more especially when it comes to a man’s house. SO if you have alot of stuff in your living room- narrow it down to the main pieces (couch, coffee table, side table, lamps). Spruce your living room up by adding artwork- you’d be surprised how much of a difference a couple large art pieces can make. Depending on your current living room theme or look- you may want to opt for a painting or a print. Find an accent color (the second main color) that you want to use in you room- blue, orange, or whatever and make sure that your painting or print has that color in it.

pop art

See, there’s a big difference in the vibe that a print gives versus an actual painting. If you decide to go with a print I suggest pop art- it’s cool and chic. If you opt to get a painting I suggest an abstract painting.

abstract art

At this point you should have a clearer vision of what you want your room to become. If you are lost, then take a look at your print or painting and build your new theme/look around the art. Depending on the current color of your walls I suggest painting one wall a new color. For example if all your walls are white- paint one royal blue, black, or burgundy- whatever color matches best. Painting your wall will make it seem like you totally re-did the house, it’s called the accent wall by the way. Now, we need to just add some finishing touches, by adding a few accent pillows, maybe a new rug- and you’re done. It doesn’t take too much to spruce up the living room: color on one wall, 2 new paintings or prints (they should be framed), pillows, and maybe a few accessories… new shag rug and/or lamp. Oh and let me not forget- a flat screen tv is a must these days… and most stores have good deals on them- so please upgrade if possible.


The bedroom is the place that most of you are concerned about- for obvious reasons. But I must stress how important it is for the living room (den) to look nice- that’s the first impression you’ll give off to visitors. So please make sure it’s right! Okay, back to the bedroom…

When re-decorating the bedroom, start with the bed spread and sheet colors. You probably already have a color or pattern in mind, if not let’s use the same method we used with the living room- find a painting or print you want to use. From your art, choose a color and base everything around that. In the bedroom decorating is alot easier if you opt for a modern look- it’ll make your place look instantly chic. And you’ll really give off the impression that you have true style and swagger. (The modern look is just an easy way to gain style for those who need help, but if you have style already feel free to go for whatever look you want). Always use soothing colors in the bedroom- cool hues such as blues, purples, blacks, greens. You can use warm colors like- red, yellow, or orange, but they should be an accent color- not a main color. Cool colors make you and your guest feel more relaxed and besides, it’s nice to wake up to a beautiful “cool-toned” room with the sun shining in.

(Oh, and remember this is NOT the time and place to post up your Scarface poster collection, save those things for your theater and game room areas- women like gangster movies just as much as men, but they don’t want to see it while you’re making love, lol)

Once you have your art and colors picked out, you can get bedding to match. Now the core of the room is re-done. Finishing touches would include re-painting furniture, getting new more modern lamps, and/or adding unique accessories.

Possible bedroom upgrades: top-notch mattress, king size bed- it’s just so comfortable.

The two main colors are black and white
orange, zebra, and silver are accents

Suggested colors for redecorating:

If your main color is black try using purple and heather grey as accent colors.
If your main color is brown try using turquoise and burnt orange as accent colors.
If your main color is navy try using brown and white as accent colors.
If your main color is white try using burgundy and stone gray as accent colors.

Places to shop:
– Online stores: Ex:
– Crate & Barrel, IKEA, Bed Bath & Beyond.
– Vintage/thrift stores often have unique one of a kind pieces and they have the BEST deals
– T.J Maxx, Marshall’s, Ross
– Clothing stores often sell unique furniture, like Urban Outfitters.
– Check for sales in your local papers, you can find deals at stores like Rooms To Go, American Signature Furniture, Macy’s.
– Don’t be afraid to stop at a yard sell.

Buy Art:
– find an image you like on the internet, take it to Sam’s Club or your local printing shop and get it blown up, then frame it.

Magazines to Help:
– Home Magazine
– Elle Decor
– Tye Pennington At Home
– Metropolitan Home

TV Shows to Help:
– Cribs (MTV)
– Trading Spaces (TLC)
– Design on a Dime
– Extreme Makeover

If you have any specific questions feel free to email me:

Inspirational Photos:

Gentleman Interior: A Man’s Guide to Decor

Throughout the summer I was often emailed by bachelors who asked how they should decorate their pads… I was trying to wait to write an article to answer their questions because I was helping two of my bachelor friends decorate their new condo, and I was going to do a before and after piece. But we got a late start decorating and before we finished I moved to Manhattan… so it is what it is (hopefully I’ll post it at some point this fall though). In the meantime let me help you Urban Gentleman get your pads right!

Now, there are tons of ways to decorate and tons of topics we could go through. But I’m going to focus on 3 main topics:

1. A Basic Guide to Spruce Up a Gentleman’s Quarters
2. Gentleman Decor: How To Decorate
3. Dorm Room Tips for the Urban Gent

Those 3 topics are more of a series that will come over the next few days (or weeks). So the topics are relevant to each of you whether you’re in college, want to decorate a new place, or just want to add some finishing touches or even do some minor re-decorations.

Check out the next post to get- Part I of the UG’s Decor mini-series…

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