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The William Malcolm Collection

“Classic Menswear with a modern twist” is how one would describe The William Malcolm Collection. Created by, well, William Malcolm, the collection focuses on custom suits, tuxedos, overcoats, and accessories. Every garment is designed and hand-crafted for each individual client based on their specifications.

Upon entering his website, its feels like you’re stepping into the lobby of a luxury hotel or high end boutique– the jazz puts you in quite the relaxing, luxe, and ready to shop mood.

But before you begin shopping, stop by the museum, yeah that’s right– the museum, lol. It’s filled with custom William Malcolm suits (that may give you an idea of what you want) and inspirational quotes. After you have perused the gallery for awhile, you’re ready to design…

You’re able to create a custom suit from his Black Label, WM Monogram, and Formal Wear Collections; you feel like a designer as you pick and choose between the hundreds of fine fabrics that are offered. Once you’re done creating, lounge around the website to learn more about designer William Malcolm.

William Malcolm doesn’t just stop at designing modernly classic suits, he’s also a guy that’s working to uplift young American men. He’s the founder of The Suit Project, a program that focuses on self empowerment, educational advancement, presentation skills, and entrepreneurship, among other things for young men that are 18-22 years of age. Many mentoring programs tend to focus on teenagers and young kids, but most people can admit that ages 18-22 are crucial development years for those preparing to enter the “real world”. It’s great to see someone recognizing that there is a need and is poignantly responding to that need. Learn more about The Suit Project here.

Be sure to support Urban Gent William Malcolm as he continues to design elegant suits and works to change young lives. See more of The William Malcolm Collection here.

Victor Glemaud…

… my new favorite.
well one of my new favorites anyway….
i like his spring 07 and fall 08 collections the best
but i guess its hard to find new ways to do the same thing. his spring and fall 09 collections are still good tho. but anywho, i present to you:
victor glemaud

spring 07 and fall 08
(this is why i love him)

for this look, i just have to stop.
then stare.
then clap.
then say:
im a ramblin wreck from georgia tech a helluva engineer”
lol… if only all the guys wore their old gold like this.

spring 2009, followed by fall 2009
(this is his new ish)

job well done victor.

you can purchase items from the victor glemaud collection at

ODIN (New York)
328 East 11th Street
New York, NY 10003
P: 212.475.0666

(you can also purchase his collection in Japan

inquire for more info).

ABC’s: Men’s Fall/Winter 2009/2010 Fashion Week Reviews

The runways of Paris and Milan have been haute for the past week or so as all the top designers flaunt their newest creations. Some left me overjoyed and totally inspired while others left me wondering "why"? I'll highlight different shows over the next few months, but I figured I'd start you all off with the ABC's- meaning a quick synopsis of the collection of a few designers whose names just happen to start with A, B, or C.
Fashion Week Milan Paris: (prepare yourself… I'm in fashion mode and I am therefore not responsible for the things I say… lol. just kiddin)

Adam Kimmel.

Adam Kimmel. frumpy see as frumpy do. Even though it seems as though many have moved passed baggy and saggy and turned to more clean lines and straight silhouettes, Kimmel like other designers this season, are showing otherwise. Here again we have a rising of the over-sized and bulky… do we leave it or do we love it…. who knows. But he certainly takes the worker look to a real level, almost giving each look its own personal story- and for that reason I am a fan… 7.8/10.

PS- I live for the star and striped sweater. People who dress like this in real life are always so cool.

Alessandro Dell Acqua.


Alessandro Dell Acqua. flesh tones, cuffs, bigger tops smaller bottoms, structured shoulders… in the water we all must go (high-watered pants)… Though Dell'Acqua's new catch phrase is "bourgeois revolution", I for some reason, get a feeling of "modern goth with alot of class"- clean yet emotional in subtle ways- the elongated sleeves, cuffed pants, flesh tones… immaculate pieces for the most part… 7.9/10.





Alexander McQueen.

Alexander McQueen
. drama is his middle name- always has been always will be. I must say aside from the scary faces McQueen unsurprisingly brings it once more- his array of designs, patterns, textures, shapes, can easily be seen in the wardrobe of any well dressed man. When viewing his collection, like always, you have to look at the individual pieces. And the pieces are very well executed. Though I feel like these models are going to jump off the screen and get me- I do like the overall collection… but I didn't however like the order of the show, I would have changed it a bit… 8.9/10… The man is a brute.



Bottega Veneta.

Bottega Veneta. "Excuse me gentlemen, but can I take you home with me," that is the feeling I get after viewing Veneta's collection. These are the clothing of a pristinely dressed gentleman. Great, I mean just great jackets- especially in the chocolate section- this is what fall is all about! My only criticisms would go to the short sweater and large trouser combos- oh how I do hate that silhouette, I am simply not a fan… never have been never will be. Overall, Bottega makes the monochromatic trend I spoke of earlier this month seem like a work of art. I absolutely adore this collection… (applauds) 9.3/10.


Burberry Prorsum.

Burberry Prorsum. (Christopher Bailey) We all love you and we all buy you, but… if you don't mind me saying so- "the show" was completely uninspiring. Well, maybe completely is a bit harsh, but the only thing I found special was the use of velvet. Again we see the frumpy crotch heavy harem pants… I really do wonder if this trend will hit America in a big way. Seems totally appropriate for England and the pebble stone streets of Italy, but America, hmmmm– who knows.The highlight of the show was… well, there wasn't really one, but I did like the 2nd to last look because of the blouse and jacket- so perfectly tailored, so burberry. Besides that, the ever changing shapes and cuts of the pants were completely distracting leaving me slightly annoyed. And the random graphic tees left me perplexed. But again, just for the record- we do all love you Burberry– today just wasn't your day.


Comme Des Garcons.

Comme Des Garcons. dressing in the dark is so obviously the name of this game. Perhaps the Comme Des Garcons show would have meant more to me if I had been there, but since I wasn't I can only ask "When did the circus come to town"? The girly shoes, wide yet short pants, and unsuccessfully playful silhouettes left me thinking- wtf? Rei Kawakubo', my darling, I hate to ask, but "when will the show end". Though her shows are always playful, they also always include pieces that can be confidently worn alone- this years collection lacks that. Coincidentally this is the same show Kanye and his colorful crew were photographed outside of and many weren't fans of their get-ups either… but hey, maybe we just didn't get the memo.


Stay Tuned for more mini-reviews of the
Fall/Winter 2009/2010 Menswear Collections

Cindy of the Urban Gentleman

Andre Reigns Supreme: GQ Magazine Best New Designers in America

No explanation needed- we here at The Urban Gentleman always rank Andre Benjamin number 1… he’s the centerpiece of our main image for pete’s sake, lol. Anywho, it seems as if Atlanta is going to be officially put on the fashion map thanks to Mr. Benjamin- sure we have other great designers… but none (besides Mychael Knight) that has graced the catwalks during fashion week and inside pages of fashion magazines recently. Don’t worry though, hopefully you’ll find me there in a few years (but shhhhh, it’s a secret:-)

Check out all the designers below… but ummm Andre could we perhaps get some kind of flagship store in Atlanta? (I’ll even run for awhile:-)

(click to enlarge images)

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