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NOVERO TheTalkyOne Bluetooth Speakerphone: Stylish Hands-free Living

Last year we reviewed Novero’s TheFirstOne as one of the most stylish bluetooth headsets on the market. This year Novero is unveiling yet another stylish solution for hands-free living– TheTalkyOne. Yeah, their product names are a little quirky, but TheTalkyOne’s feature are far from it.

package contents

TheTalkyOne is a minimally-designed Bluetooth speakerphone, about the size of an iPhone that lets you make calls and stream music anywhere that you are – in the car, home or office. It is ideal for anybody that needs the added flexibility in their digital life, but doesn’t want to settle for the usual unattractive (or just down right ugly) digital products.

perfect for car use, especially with the many
“no cell-phone while driving” laws

F E A T U R E S:
Crystal Clear Sound: TheTalkyOne uses best-in-class DSP, and the latest in noise reduction and echo cancellation technology

Bring Your Music with You: TheTalkyOne streams music in multiple file formats from your phone or Bluetooth enabled MP3 player, through stereo music streaming (A2DP 1.2)

Text-to-speech functionality allows TheTalkyOne to distinctly read text messages and announces the names of callers, if supported by your phone

Simple Pairing with Multipoint technology: Connect easily with 2 mobile phones. If traveling with a passenger, calls can be taken from either handset

Go Anywhere: TheTalkyOne is compatible with all major Bluetooth phones, and can be effortlessly mounted in any car, home or office interior with its versatile clip

It’s only $139, and you can get it here.

m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n:
You can read the guide for TheTalkyOne by going to, click on service, click on manual, and choose TheTalkyOne from the drop down menu.

TheFirstOne: Luxury Bluetooth Headset

Fashionable people are tired of having their personal style insulted by ugly gadgets, lol, that’s the philosophy Novero had in mind when they created TheFirstOne.

In winter white and chrome, TheFirstOne combines a minimal fashion aesthetic with high-level functionality. It brushes effortlessly, stylishly, and conveniently into anyone vying for a higher lifestyle. This one of a kind Bluetooth earpiece includes a wide range of in-box accessories: a car cradle, wall and computer chargers, a necklace and a wearable clip.

This is hands down the best looking Bluetooth headset I have ever seen, which makes sense being that the luxury technologically savvy device retails for $149.

TheFirstOne would seriously be an ideal holiday gift for anyone that constantly wants the best digital gadgets. It’ll pair great with an iPhone or a new Blackberry… speaking of Blackberry is anyone else impatiently waiting for the new Blackberry Bold to come out, it was supposed to be out on the 11th… geez I wish they would hurry up.

For more technical information on TheFirstOne Bluetooth headset visit their website or check out the indepth review on CNET.

Speakerboxx Speakerboxx: List of the Best Earphones, Headphones, Earbuds… (whatever you want to call them)

Though we all love ipods… we’re tired of the itty bitty earbuds. At first, they were cool because they were sleek- easily hideable and all that jazz buuuuuuut now,–they just kinda hurt after wearing them too long… and they make sharing seem a bit unsanitary- if you know what I mean.

So I checked some reviews, checked websites, tried on a few in store, and asked around. Some of these are technically the best, while others may be stylishly the best, or the best value… but this is the best list you’ll find on the web.

Top Ten Earphones
(in no particular order)

WeSC – Alp Horn Headphones

(Chocolate Brown or Marshmellow), $168 (or less)
These are known as THE “premium streetwear head gear”… WeSC offers a variety of styles and colors, that will easily make you the freshest.
Sennheiser HD 202 Headphones

$29.95 (or less)

Senhesiser seems to have some of the best headphones as noted from the “real people” reviews I found.. great sound, great quality, two year warranty, and great price.

Sony Studio Monitor Series Headphones MDRV150


These were a pleasant surprise to my friends and I. They sound amazing and make for a reliable pair of main or “back-up” headphones when you get tired of the earbuds.
Beats by Dr. Dre

$349.95 (or less)

You’ve seen the commercials… Dr.Dre’s Beats are showing up everywhere these days including on Charles Hamilton in “Brooklyn Girl” aaaand on the great LeBron James- both guys have exclusive limited edition pairs created just for them (for Charles- only 3 in the world and LeBron- only 20 made.) And the list of celebrities who wear them don’t stop with those two- Michael Phelps, Paris Hilton, Diddy, Souljah Boy,, Pharrell Williams, New Kids on the Block, Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Keri Hilson, Owen Wilson, Eminem, and the entire USA Olympic basketball team- just to name a few.

Coby CVE92 Isolation Earphones

$14.99 (or less)

I refer to these at the better ipod earbuds, they have a similar look, but are much more comfortable and are always rated much higher than apple’s earphones.
Eskuche – Premium Headphones

(Chrome), $60

Anything with a stainless steel look always seems sleek. For only 3 jacksons- I think these are the best “style-conscious” value headphones… I like the vintage look.
These bad boys are often times called “an instrument” because they create a sound that can’t just be classified as noise. Ultrasone offers a variety of styles, but the most coveted would have to be the Edition 8 S-Logic Plus Natural Surround Sound, coming in at $1499.
Panasonic RP- HTX7-RS Ryan Sheckler Signature

$60 (or less)

Worn by skater Ryan Sheckler (remember his show on MTV, “Life of Ryan” ) these are yet another “all around” headphone choice- great style, great sound, and comfortable.
Sony MDR-V6 Monitor Series Headphones

$100 (or less)
Referred to as “the classic” you can find these perfect headphones in studios all across the world.



Besides WeSC, Skullcandy offers the most comprehensive stylish variety of headphones, you can literally buy a pair in every color (almost anyway).

Other Notables:
Shure SE530 Sound Isolating Earphones, $399 or less
Etymotic ER-4P Portable In-Ear Earphones, $300 (or less)
Sennheiser PX-100 Collapsible Headphones (great gym headphones), $40 (or less)
Klipsch Image S4 Earphones, $79.99 (or less)

I think its best to have a solid pair of both.. the bigger more comfortable ones for almost every day use and the earbuds for the working out or when you’re in the mood for a smaller pocket-friendly pair.

You can get many (all but one) of the headphones above here at superb prices. Or at your local electronic store.

So, what are your favorite headphones?

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