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Masculine Etiquettes: How To Prepare For a Female Visitor

If you want to end up like these guys, follow the list below

It’s the weekend and I know many of you will have female visitors in your humble abodes. So I wanted to let you know that one of the biggest turn-offs for women is visiting a man’s house when it’s out-of–order, messy, jacked-up, funky, dirty, lol . . . you get what I’m saying:-)

Here’s a quick checklist of things to do when preparing for a female visitor:

1. Clean the living room: this is the first place she’ll see and be.

2. Clean the bathroom: this is so pertinent because if it’s nasty, she’ll think you’re nasty and you’ll quickly loose points with her, lol

3. Clean the kitchen: who knows, she may want to cook for you.

4. Clean the bedroom: this is mainly for men who have roommates or plan to get some nookie.

5. Make sure the place smells good: Use atleast 2 scented candles or 2 Glade plug-ins.

6. Make sure there are no annoying roommates around: they can easily kill the mood.

7. Make sure your satellite or cable is working, if not have a variety of movies prepared.

8. Make sure you smell good, have fresh breath, and
clean cut nails
(long dirty nails are a HUGE turnoff)

9. Have a few drinks and snacks prepared: strawberries, grapes, and bottled water are good choices. Maybe some alcohol. .

10.If you do plan on “getting busy”make sure you have condoms and massage oils ready: always use protection- there are waaaay to many STDs out there now-a-days!

Now, I know alot of these may seem pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised how many guys let women come over to dirty smelly places- its not a good look. So print this list out and post it on the fridge. . . have a GRAND weekend!

For references on Grooming, Breath-enhancers, and Colognes click on those words.

Mouth Etiquettes: Keep it Fresh

Urban Gent’s “This is what happens when you have bad breath” Collage

There’s nothing worse than a great guy with bad breath. It’s a complete turn-off to even the most non-picky women. The man can be attractive, smart, funny, and well-dressed, but if he has bad breath her No.1 pick will quickly become a non-option . . . besides you don’t want a chick doing the Heizman on you, do you? lol. . .
You should ALWAYS have a “breath-enhancer” of some sort on you or nearby. The main places to have “breath-enhancers” is your pocket and/or car. There’s a variety of options – gum, sprays, mouth-wash strips, hard mints. . . what you choose is up to you, but I’ll give you my top picks.

1. Tic Tacs FreshMints aka “the white tic tacs”

Tic Tacs are great because they are tiny mints that have an explosion of minty freshness in each mint. They damn near guarantee that they’ll “kick the stank” from anyone’s breath. For a guy tic tacs are more of a car mint because they are noisy and would be a distraction if in your pocket (but it would be fine for those of you who carry bags). Tic Tac Freshmint is the classic version, but for the modern gents try Tic Tac Bold Mint or Tic Tac Chill Paradise Mint.

2. Extra: Polar Ice

It’s the remarkably long lasting gum, you know the gum who had to shut the factory down because people kept chewing it for so long- yeah, that gum. This has been a favorite of mine for the past 4 years. The flavor is really strong and it lasts. This is a good pocket or car gum.

3. Listerine Strips: Fresh Burst

Remember when they first came out? Everybody had them, lol. . Many people have gone back to the traditional methods of freshening their breath, but these thin strips are undoubtedly a guaranteed way to have fresh breath. The package for the Listerine Strips is small, making it one of the top choices to carry in your pocket.

4. Lifesavers: Wint-o-green

These have also been at the top of my list for the past several years. Once you buy a bag of these you can put them everywhere- in your desk at work, in your car, and in your pocket. One of the biggest benefits that lifesaver mints have over other choices, is that it allows you to share without getting annoyed. . . because we all hate it when everyone starts asking for gum knowing that we only have 2 pieces left.

Other Popular choices:

Dentyne Ice
my thoughts– I’m not a fan of the packaging, you don’t get enough gum to me
and it isn’t that powerful.

best flavor
– Peppermint or Artic Chill

my thoughts– “Dirty Mouth? Clean it up”. . . cool commercials, but the actual gum
doesn’t live up to the hype to me.

best flavor– Wintermint

my thoughts– who doesn’t love the tin can, it’s like vintage candy; always a good choice.

best flavor– any of them really. . . Wintergreen

Old School Choice: Mouth-Spray

Throughout the 80s and 90s there were countless movies that showed the infamous two squirts of mouth spray before kissing the girl. Because of it’s size and inconvenience of not being located near the checkout counter, most people have moved on from the “squirt-squirt” of mouth spray. But it’s still actually a pretty good choice, especially for men who have really bad breath or for people who eat foods (like garlic, onions, dairy products) that tend to give them bad breath. After doing some mini research it seems like Oasis is a good choice. There are also some really funny mouth sprays you can get from places like They have several mouth sprays including: Irish Accent Mouth Spray, Liar Minty Breath Spray, Gay Accent Mouth Spray, Instant Happy Childhood Memories Mouth Spray, etc. . .those could be funny and interesting gifts.

Where to buy:

I know it’s pretty obvious, but if you don’t feel like going to the store you can always purchase online, is a good choice.

Always remember that its ALWAYS best to get minty flavors, citrus and other type flavors are just like buying candy- you might as well buy jellybeans. Your goal is to have the freshest breath you can. . . so you can snag the chick you want:-)

(for those who didn’t get my Heizman reference earlier (it was a down south song), click here )

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