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Eminem: The Way I Am Exclusive Tee

I was sent an email about a new t-shirt that features Eminem… when I first read the email I thought “Geeeez, I haven’t heard anyone mention this guy in forever, is he still alive?” Well, it looks like he is. The tee went on sale yesterday, it features Eminem (obviously) and was designed to support his new book, The Way I am.

Buy it from

Just in case you forgot who Eminem was, here’s a helpful reminder:

He goes hard huh? Who knew…

Nature Calls: 2 Cool T-shirts

I saw these tees online and thought they were pretty cool…

Both shirts are Lira, buy them for $30.

This Weeks Graphic Tee Picks: Obama, Lil Wayne, Lupe, & More

It’s all about the fist bump

It’s always great to have a variety of graphic tees in your wardrobe. And because I always get asked where to buy graphic tees even after I did an article about them I figured I could do a weekly segment on graphic tees. I’ll try to keep them within a theme, like all purple tees, cartoons tees, etc. This week it’s rapper tees, plus some of Obama- since Barack Obama t-shirts are so effin popular:-)

He’s the coolest dude, what?
This shirt was made specifically for the release of “The Cool”
It was contest, where the best design won, pretty fly huh?

Rapper: Lupe Fiasco
Brand: Sons of Liberty, $22

Have y’all seen the sweet sixteen with his daughter?
I wonder if she’ll ever be as cool as her daddy- she seems kinda spoiled to me. . .

Rapper: Eazy E
Brand: Dope Couture, $34

I still can’t beleive this guy said “girls pee pee
when they see me”, lol

Rapper: Biggie
Brand: CTRL, $30

Allow me to re-introduce myself
My name is Hov’, OH, H-to-the-O-V
I used to move snowflakes by the O-Z
I guess even back then you can call me
CEO of the R-O-C, Hov’!

Some people think those are some of the flyest rap lyrics ever.
They must not listen to Lupe, Andre 3000, or Common. . . j/k.

Rapper: Jay-Z
Brand: Bobby Fresh, $27

So many men are completely in love with this guy, and let’s keep it raw. . .you’re probably one of them too. Men seem to have orgasms when they hear “A milli”. . .
“no homo”? – yeah right, lol

Rapper: Lil Wayne
Brand:8103, $32

The west coast king

Rapper: Tupac
Brand: RockSmith, $33

Rapper: Big Pun
Brand: RockSmith
buy it here, $32

I know this shirt doesn’t have a face on it, but everybody remembers and loves this song, Elevators is the shit. . . my favorite verse: “True I got more fans than the average man but not enough loot to last me to the end of the week,
I live by the beat like you live check to check If you don’t
move yo’ feet then I don’t eat, so we like neck to neck”
. . . they’re so fly.
Rappers: Outkast
Brand:RockSmith, $36
(all at karmaloop)
Barack Obama Graphic Tees

white tee and black color tee,
(from karmaloop)

barack the vote tee,
progress tee, urbanoutfitters

The LIST: Best Places to Buy Graphic Tees

Pharell rockin a simple graphic tee
After all these years, it’s finally here. . . The List- not just any list, but the list of the best places to buy graphic tees. Now some of you may say “Wait! I can buy them anywhere”, well yes, that is true, but for some reason I am constantly asked the question “Where should I buy my graphic t-shirts?” so here it is:

First off, every store has graphic tees now- the basics: Old Navy & Urban Outfitters. But I have searched the internet far and wide to discover the best places for particular graphic tees at a pretty decent price:

Best Prices: Heritage 1981
This is my number 1 pick, they have unique modern tees for around $16. (Heritage 1981 is sort of like the male version of forever 21)

Best Rock Tees:

This website has very orginial looking rock star tees. The designs are really creative and edgy, and they seem to always have sales.

Best Phrases:

T-Shirt Hub has really funny t-shirts with phrase like “Save me JEBUS” and they’re only $10.
Snorg Tees are well known for their weekly new funny t-shirts. Prices are usually around $17

Most Authentic 80’s Tees:
This website is perfect for anyone wanting to get a 80’s t-shirt, you know a shirt that has RUN DMC or even a Fred Sanford or Rolling Stones throwback.

Best Musical Tees:
From Soul to Funk to 50s Rock & Guitar Stars, this site really does have stellar ass t-shirts. (prices are in british pound)

Best Political Tees:

This is the original Barack Obama t-shirt and my personal favorite. There are millions of websites that have Obama t-shirts, but this is the t-shirt that all the stars wear and the most authentic “Barack shirt”.

Okay, I hope that list is helpful. . . peruse these websites and I’ll add more to the list later.

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