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G’s to Gents on MTV

Some of you may have noticed the lack of G’s to Gents posts… well, I slightly lost interest.
But I will try to post a “catch-up” article sooner than later… maybe, we’ll see;-)

From Gs to Gents: Episode 3

Sorry this is late, but as you can probably tell- I’m not THAT into the series. But here I go…

The day/episode begins with sports, and they play the gentleman’s sport- cricket. The drama with Kesan and D-Boy continues…

Chapter 3: Sportsmanship

A true gentleman doesn’t just play to win, he plays with honor. A gentleman shows respect for teammates, opponents, and officials and take responsibility for your actions.

World class cricket player David Sentance was the special guest. He’s the author of “Cricket in America: 1710-2000”. Side note: I was feeling the seer sucker jacket Fonzworth rocked during the cricket game and the floral tie.

The Challenge was a 5 on 5 basketball game and the team with the most points wins.
2 Captains, Kesan and D-boy and they play street ball with “real hood gs”- just seemed like more bad actors to me, lol. D-Boy’s team lost with a score of 7:3 and Kesan teams looses 11:0. Though D-Boy’s team scored more points, Kesan’s team had better etiquettes during the game so they won.

After the challenge Cee confronts Kesan about spitting on D-Boy’s bed. Kesan packs his bags and leaves the house then Shaun and Creepa run after him and eventually talk him into staying. When Kesan walks back into the house E-6 confronts him, but too much doesn’t build up just words exchanged. Later Cee breaks down crying to his ex-girlfriend Gina about how guilty he felt about setting up Kesan. And Kesan has a heart to heart with Mr.Bentley and he decides to stay in the house.

Cee, D-boy, and J-Boogie were up for elimination and in the end J-Boogie goes home.

I liked Fonzworth’s jacket, tie, and short combo at elimination- a black velvet jacket with wine colored shirt and tie. His purple shirt had a nice wide spread collar. That’s actually one of my favorite types of collars.

Spread collar

From G’s to Gents: Episode 2

Marcellus Reynold and Fonzworth Bentley
I love Bentley’s casual look- perfect.

The bad acting continues. . .

In a nutshell: The episode starts with a “B*tch calling contest”, a few of the guys call each other and their mothers the B-word. After getting dressed they go down and read The Daily Gent, which is a newsletter about the activities of the day. The Daily Gent lets them know that the day is going to be about fashion. The guys drive down to Beverly Hills to meet with celebrity stylist, Marcellus Reynolds at the Reiss store. He gives them a few tips and pointers about fashion and style. After the visit to Reiss the “G’s” find out that the next challenge is going to be a fashion show.

Britsh men have impeccable style,
Ozwald Boateng has dressed Jamie Foxx and Will Smith

For this event celebrity stylist Ozwald Boateng was the guest judge. The guys were divided in a group of 4 in which one guy had to be the spokesperson while the other 3 dress up for a particular event/occasion: 1. Spokerperson at a Country Club 2.) Skybox Party 3.) Charity Event aboard a Yacht. Stan, Zenel, and E6 win simultaneously, which left group A as the winners with immunity (Stan & E6’s team).

Male stripper Stan wins the Country Club look

When it came down to elimination. D-Boy had 1 black ball, Zenel had 2, Mikey P had 2, and Kesan had 7. In the end Mr.Bentley sent Zenel and Mikey P home because he felt like they were already doing pretty good for themselves as actors and/or models. (Even though Kesan is a actor as well and a rapper, but whatever, lol. . .this show is too fake).

Zenel and Mikey P loose their Gentleman’s Club Membership

Lesson 2: Fashion
Fashion is a non-verbal language. You notice it as soon as a person enters the door, so it’s a part of the first impression you give off. It’s all about dressing appropriately for everywhere you go. The suit is the international uniform for business.

Every man should know how to a tie a tie. When tying a tie make sure you have a dimple in it; the dimple is also known as the “Wall Street Clevage”.

Urban Gent view: Fashion is obviously very important, hence this blog, lol. And a dimple in your tie is a must.

Fonzworth Bentley and his guest judges looked superb all episode.

G’s to Gents: Episode 1

Some of these G’s are already Gents
great tie, shirt, suit combo

The first thought that entered my mind as I sat down to watch the show was “This ish is sooo fake… these guys are acting, and the acting is bad.” But hey- that’s “reality tv” for you, right?

Anyway here’s the rundown on what happened on Episode 1 of From Gs to Gents:

All 14 guys go into the house, they check it out, get drunk, then get their official club blazers. Fonzworth Bentley announces that their first lesson and challenge will be about First Impressions. He explains that while they are outside having dinner, he’ll pull them into the brandy room to get to learn more about each person.

The guys were basically getting drunk and acting like wangsters (wack-ass gansgters) as they awaited the 2:1 talks with Mr. Bentley. And I must say, Pretty Ricky was the guy of the show- getting drunk, hitting on chicks, and peeing in the backyard- it wasn’t a good look.

During the interviews we find out alot about the guys: Stan is a stripper, Creppa calls his glasses “hater blockers” and he proclaims himself as a goon… lol, yeah right dude, no “goon” would ever be on a reality show unless it’s a behind the scenes look into America’s prison system… but anyway, The Truth got into arguments with several guys in the house and Bentley Fonzworth didn’t like him too much either.

After dinner and the interviews each guy had to cast there Black Ball Vote- in which each guy voted for who he thought should go home. Majority of the G’s got no votes except for:

The truth- 5 votes
Pretty Ricky- 7 votes
Creepa- 1 (Zenel voted for him)
E6- 1

In the End:
Pretty Ricky went home: He was drunk as hell all episode and he wore a white blazer over his club jacket, which irked some people.

The Truth went home: E6 plotted against him heavily and told everyone to vote for him and it worked.

Fonzworth Bentley’s Gentleman’s Guide:
Lesson 1: First Impressions

The moment you walk into the room people are trying to figure you out: how you look, how dress, how firm your handshake is- these are queues people use to evaluate you. Leave a bad impression and it may last forever. You never have a second opportunity to leave a first impression.

Urban Gent view: First impressions are very important and great dressing and grooming is the best first step to making a good impression.

Wheat/Straw colored blazer, white & sea green plaid shirt,
copper tone pants, lavender tie, navy pocket square,
and gold tie clip.

First Impressions is a lesson that we all pretty much know, so the only real lesson from this show can be learned by paying close attention to Fonzworth Bentley’s attire. Dude is a sharp dresser, and we’ll definitely get some great style examples from him this season. Take note of the colors he wears, materials, and patterns- I think we’ll find alot of interesting combinations that work.

Zenel is a Sean John model

On another note… While watching the show I kept thinking that Zenel looked familiar and it’s because dude’s a Sean John model. He has also modeled for Akademics, Azzure, Virgin Mobile, and many others… He’s probably in the VIBE or Source Magazine that’s on your coffee table right now.

yeah, he’s a G alright, lol…

Male models are G’s now? Yeah-no the shows credibilty was pretty much shot after I learned this. I really don’t want to watch anymore episodes, but because I vowed to cover it-I will, but I think I’ll more or less only cover the lessons. Also, this season we can expect to see guest appearances by Master P, Irv Gotti, and a few others. Looks like a pretty violent season ahead of us, we’ll see…
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