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Men’s Grooming: Diddy & Jigga Man Get Bikini Waxes

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Mr. Shawn Carter likes it bare down there

“Bald is Beautiful” – Jay-Z

When I first learned of Jay-Z and Diddy waxing there private areas, I thought it was pretty funny. I thought to myself “Okay Diddy- I can definitely see that, but Jay-Z iounno that’s a little much”. But at the end of the day I do know guys that shave in places that are typically only shaved by women and swimmers. I can totally see why men would do it- cuz no chick wants her man to look like Chewbacca down there, lol, but waxing??? Waxing just seems like it would be too painful for men. . . I mean c’mon putting hot wax down there ripping off the hair- pretty graphic picture, huh? I can just feel pain. . . I mean most women can’t even do it because of how painful it is.

Remember that scene from The 40-Year-Old Virgin? When Steve Carell’s character got his chest-waxed? Soooo painful! I just can’t see why a man would wanna go through that, but I guess Beyonce and Cassie prefer their men hairless. . .

Let’s be real no one’s surprised that Diddy gets bikini waxes

Check out this excerpt I found from one site:

*Men Brazilian Waxing is a hair removal on everything in your bikini, two sides, genital, testicles, gap between the butt and anus with wearing a paper thong. Leave you completely nice and clean, smooth and silky feeling. With a Brazilian wax, you’ll never have to worry about “escaping tendrils” again. A Brazilian wax is not something you should undertake at home; it’s definitely a professional procedure. You’ll never be able to reach all the spots and crevices a professional can, and really, wouldn’t you rather have somebody else making sure you’re perfect?

If you think you want to try to be baby’s bottom smooth you should try to choose products that won’t irritate your skin. I would recommend using whatever you see your mom and/or sister uses- if they have really good skin. There’s an Australian wax called Nad’s for Men Hair Removal Strips that is a favorite. You can find it on Amazon for the low.

Check out there website

So, let’s be real guys- do you shave down there? Would you wax down there? I have to know your thoughts on this interesting topic.

Men’s Grooming 101: The Basics

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There are many facets to men’s grooming, but there are a few basics that every man should remember, practice, and keep dear to his heart.

Hair + Nails = the bare minimum

No matter the amount of money you have in you pockets $5 or $500, it doesn’t take much to keep your hair and nails up.

Every man needs to own a manicure set.
There is nothing more distasteful than seeing a man with long nails. . . its just disgusting. Having long nails makes a man look like an old-school pimp, drug dealer, drag queen, or junky. When you have long nails it’s easy for dirt to collect underneath, and what woman wants her man to touch her with long dirty nails? . . . none.

Buy your manicure set from any store: Walgreens, Target, or Publix. . .everyone has them. OR you can order them online, we have a few in The Urban Gentleman Store.

Hair is also very important . . .and for men it’s really easy to keep your hair looking good. If you have the dough then make sure you get a fresh cut every 2 weeks. And do your own shape-ups on the weeks in between. For all the longer hair guys keep the hair-do neat and be sure to keep your hair washed . . . nobody likes snowflakes in July.

Once your nails and hair are in tact you can move on to the other basics . . .

Skin + Teeth = a little above the bare minimum

Tyrese Gibson may just be the poster-child for great teeth & skin

Don’t just use a Dial soap bar and a washcloth to clean your beautiful physique . . . use a body wash with cocoa butter or shea and a loofah. And if you’re blessed to have a face with great skin, then keep doing your regular face cleansing routine, but if you have bumps, pimples, or other little face blemishes try: Noxzema, Sea Breeze, and/or Proactive. Check out the best acne treatments here.

There’s nothing more refreshing than a great smile. Everyone may not have the straightest most-even and Hollywood-esque teeth, but it’s easy to have the cleanest and whitest. First off, be sure to brush and floss your teeth twice a day. Secondly, the best method to getting a killer-smile is using Crest Whitestrips. Crest Whitestrips are a guaranteed whiter smile, and I strongly believe that everyone should use them at least every 2 1/2 years. If you have really dull or yellow teeth you may want to start by using them every 4-6 months for no more than 2 years- I’ve seen some great things sticking to that teeth-whitening schedule:-) Check out the best Crest has to offer here.

Okay guys, once you have these 4 basic things down, you’re on your way to possessing characteristics that are innately gentleman-like.

Maintaining your hair, nails, skin, and teeth are not only good hygiene, but they will surely get you extra points with the ladies because those are the first things that women notice about a man.

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