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Presidential Branded: Hart Schaffner Marx

These days its all about America, American Made Products, and American Made Brands… for us Americans anyway. And President Barack Obama chose “made in the usa” for his inauguration suit, tuxedo, and topcoat by wearing Hart Schaffner Marx– he also wore the brand several times on his campaign trail. One of my friend’s forwarded me an article from Chicago Tribune about the company filing for bankruptcy. Quite unfortunate huh… But don’t worry I’m sure someone will buy the company. (let’s hope anyway)
They have some pretty good online sale items, check out a few:

Tan Camel Hair Sportcoat:
Price: $595.00
Sale Price $357.00

Black Stripe Suit:
Price $1,595.00
On Sale $957.00

Cashmere Topcoat
Price: $540.00
Sale Price $270.00

For more Hickey Freeman/Hart Schaffner Marx classic american clothing:

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