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Summer Fedora: Black & Brown

I say, this year, every guy should acquire atleast one fedora to wear this spring and summer. So while browsing Nordstrom I found these two classically colored fedoras, that should easily match an array of clothing in the average guys wardrobe.

Goorin Brother Straw Fedora, $45, brown and black.

Ode to the Fedora: A Collective View of the Man and his Fedora

Check out this collection of celebrities wearing fedoras…. some look quite stylish, while are others are lacking….

Johnny Depp

Brad Pitt

Jude Law

Hugh Jackman

Josh Hartnett

Justin Timberlake

Colin Farrell

Pete Doherty

Ian Ziering

Jeremy Piven

Thomas Jane

Kevin Federline

Ashley Parker Angel

Taye Diggs

Matt Lauer

Reverend Run

Benji Madden


Randy Jackson

Mario Vasquez

(Photos compliments of DETAILS Magazine pick up the March issue) They forgot a picture of Ne-Yo though, he probably has the largest fedora collection known to man. lol.


Overall, I feel like the guys who try, yanno like they’re trying and planning to wear a fedora, yeah well those guys end up looking like douchebags… But the men who moreso wear them out of necessity and without trying end up with the coolest look. It’s all about looking naturally cool when you’re sporting a fedora- it shouldn’t be contrived. When you specifically plan to wear a fedora you’ll most likely end up looking sort of corny…. kinda like Ne-Yo. As much as I love his ridiculous ability to write hit songs for female superstars like Beyonce and for himself- I am just so over his tilted fedoras. Fedoras should be worn straight on the head, the proper way, unless you’re in the mafia, a gangster of sorts, or attending Easter Sunday services at a southern church.

You should notably wear them like:
Jude Law- with character and personality, or like…
Hugh Jackman– in a distinguished handsome way, or like…
Pete Doherty– with easy swag… swag isn’t the right word, persay, but I can’t think of any other word at the moment…

Hey, Don’t Forget Your Fedora

Goorin Brothers fedora, $38,

Fedora hats… it’s just the american way. Classic, gentleman like, and just good old-fashioned cool. Dress like it’s the 40’s and go buy a fedora or two for this season.

How to Wear Fedoras: To be honest you can wear them with anything at this point, jeans and a tee, khakis and a button down, it just depends on the kind of look you’re going for.

You can find fedoras almost anywhere in any color… Macys, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, etc… I suggest going in the store to buy this guys, unless you just know what fits you.
Best Online Store:, $28.00

The Chris Brown New Era Hats

Being fly has further payed off for Urban Gentleman Chris Brown. Check out this tidbit on C-Breezy’s new line of New Era hats:

Chris Brown is joining with New Era for a line of hats. The Chris New Era hats will go on sale this month.
The Brown line will be baseball cap styled and carry one of six different designs, all done by Chris. The designs include a 1980 vintage boom box and another with the initials CBE that draws from Chris Brown Entertainment, his label under Interscope.
Brown in total reportedly designed 10 patterns/hats, but New Era will sell six of them with Brown retaining rights to the other four. The price of Chris Brown’s hats ares less than previous New Era celebrity hat offerings, with Brown’s New Era line coming in retail between $35 and $40. (What a great price!)

Speculation says that New Era will do a limited production, at least initially. So if you are interested, better buy up fast.

The Chris Brown hats went on sale Thursday, August 14, at Lids, New Era Stores, and can be found on and

Check Out ALL the Chris Brown Hats:

In other CBreezy news, check out Chris Brown
at the 2008 Teen Choice Awards at Gibson Amphitheater on August 3, 2008 in Los Angeles.

He’s one of the first stars I’ve seen rock the Jordan VII Miro
You get about 10 cool points for that CB.

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