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T.U.G Fitness Challenge Spring 2011, Week 1

Today we're leaving behind our crazy eating habits and committing to working out on an almost daily basis. Now of course many of you are already hitting the gym 6 days a week, benching 350, walking around swole or lean (whichever you were going for), and you eat damn well for your fitness goals… well, if that's you then maybe you can go even harder during T.U.G's Fitness Challenge Spring 2011. Or even better than that, you can comment/tweet/facebook about your fitness goals, eating habits, and personal workout routines to help others with similar body types and goals. 

So here's our T.U.G Fitness Challenge Breakdown again

1. Commit to one or more small fitness/health change

2. Maintain a daily routine of "quicky" morning calisthenics

3. Complete our focused weekly workouts to Lose Fat, Build Muscle, or Combo (lose fat and build muscle)

LSU graduate, former athlete, and fitness trainer Starvos will be bringing us weekly workouts to burn fat, gain muscle, or both for the next 3 weeks. He knows a little about it all as he went from a 300+ pound lineman, with essentially no definition to a trimmer, body-building fanatic during college. 

His workouts are straight-forward, easy to learn, and don't require going to the gym… so you can easily complete them at home–check out the first workout below. But first, lets go over this weeks Health Change. (Since we started the first week midway through, I'll make the first health change rather easy…) 

WEEK 1 Healthy Change: No more fast foodSo no more #1's, 2's or 3's… if you have to eat out make it Subway, Quiznos, Smoothie King, or something along those lines. Yes, many fast food joints have "healthier options", but for some people it's too tempting and they end up ordering a grilled-chicken sandwich PLUS an order of large fries. So don't even tempt yourself… either cook at home, eat at a restaurant that offers many healthy options, or make the local sandwich shop and smoothie joint your "new fast food" spots.


CoolSculpting and T.U.G Fitness Challenge

vintage men's swim ad

Summer's just around the corner, so you know what that means… More beach time, pool parties, weekend visits to the family lake house, just alot of "shirt-off, shorts on" lounging. And with all the shirtless lounging that's about to take place you know you gotta "work on your fitness". So for the next few weeks we've teamed up with CoolSculpting and LSU graduate/former athlete/up-and-coming fitness trainer Starvos to bring you a few health and exercise tips to help get you in that "300/Spartan" type shape… or we'll atleast help jumpstart the process.

CoolSculpting presents T.U.G Fitness Challenge

Each week for the next 3 weeks, we're going to…

1. Commit to one or more small fitness/health change

2. Maintain a daily routine of "quicky" morning calisthenics

3. Bring you focused weekly workouts to Lose Fat, Build Muscle, or Combo (lose fat and build muscle)

T.U.G's Fitness Challenge starts June 1st– so go ahead and order your last $4.99 20-piece nuggets from Mickey D's (McDonald's) because on Wednesday we're eating healthy, cutting fat, bulking up, and getting seriously fit for summer.

As stated above we teamed up with CoolSculpting by Zeltiq for the T.U.G Fitness Challenge. And while the challenge officially starts June 1st, we're going to give you the rundown on CoolSculpting now. Long-story short, it's a really unique, Harvard scientist created, "lunch-time" treatment that freezes away stubborn fat, or more specifically "fat cells". So basically, you "coolsculpt" after you've exercised hard, eaten healthy, and still can't seem to get rid of excess belly fat and love handles… which admittedly is a problem for many people. It's safe, patented, and 100% non-invasive (totally opposite of everything here.)

In celebration of their new launch and the Fitness Challenge, CoolSculpting has a pretty sweet sweepstakes going on. They're giving away 2 free CoolSculpting treatments ($1500 each), REI giftcards, Fitbit, various workout gear (weights, bands, pull-up bars, etc), Nike AirMax kicks, Men's Fitness subscriptions, and much much more. So be sure to enter, HERE.

Checkout more CoolSculpting details below, and check back in 1 day to get started on our T.U.G Fitness ChallengeCONTINUE READING MORE >>>

Spring/Summer Workout Tips: Celebrity Trainer Dolvett Quince

Spring is almost here, so that means Summer is almost here, lol, and that’s when the world gets a little, well, skimpy. So its vital that we all look our best during months where more of the body will be exposed, and of course around here we want you guys to be, well, the sh*t in every area. So we spoke with Celebrity Fitness Trainer Dolvett Quince, and he was able to give us a few tips on how to get your body right– Urban Gentleman style.

1. Best workout to get fit and in shape quickly?

Do a combination of weight training and cardio, and even mix in some calisthenics (push-ups pull-ups, sit-ups, etc.). Have a “get it done” approach and you can finish this in 30 minutes. (just mix and match, maybe 10 minutes of each). This is the perfect workout to define muscles and get ready for the spring and summer!!

2. Advice on how to integrate fitness into a busy schedule?

Simply find time, better yet make time! Set your alarm clock an hour earlier than normal for this month, give yourself a monthly goal! Wake up and hit the gym early, you’ll be surprised how much energy and focus you have throughout your day! Nothing less than 30 minutes, nothing more than an hour for us busy guys!

3. Foods that will aid in slimming down -and- foods that help when wanting to bulk up?

Slimming down: Try increasing your fiber intake, fiber assist in flushing the body, and usually connected to high vitamin intake. A great example, oatmeal in the morning or FiberOne cereal! Also coconut water and oil have tremendous benefits in reducing water retention! I recommend Zico Pure Premium Coconut Water as a refreshing alternative for the upcoming spring and summer heat.

If you’re looking to gain mass: increase your lean protein intake– chicken breast baked (not fried)! Fish and turkey are great foods to increase and sustain muscle mass!

4. What are some of the benefits of your Special “Me & My Chair: The No Excuses Workout” workouts?

A huge benefit: You only need a chair to get through this workout, and trust me you have a chair… you’re probably on one right now as you read this! If you find yourself away on business, or stuck in a hotel, or even at home and wanna burn off those calories, this DVD is for YOU. It’s a great way to speed up and maintain your metabolism! THE Best way to “maintain your sexy”!

5. Let’s say an urban gentleman only has 10 minutes to workout per day, he wants to slim down a little and tone his muscles,what should he do?

Jump outta bed and do 30 push ups, 30 crunches, 30 sit ups, 30 squats, 30 lunges per leg! REPEAT until the 10 minutes are up! Watch what you eat.. that means make clean quality choices when eating! As your body gets use to this workout increase your reps and speed!

6. Top 5 singular workouts? Top 5 foods to eat?

Push ups, squats, sit ups, dips, pull ups!
Turkey, Oatmeal, Eggs, Chicken, Spinach!

7. Anything extra you want to add?

Drink water. Why? It flushes your body and reduces water retention by flushing the system continuously! Enjoy this spring and summer gentlemen, and “be better than yesterday”.

Celebrity Trainer Dolvett Quince

Want to hear more from Dolvett? Check him out Here.
Get the Me & My Chair Workout Here.
Check out the Urban Gentleman Health Corner Here.

More about the Me & My Chair workout:

“Me and My Chair” is an extension of Dolvett’s commitment to help people change their lives “one rep at a time.” “Me and My Chair” is a no excuses workout that can be done anytime, anywhere. Suited for those whose demanding schedules keep them out of the gym, this workout is intended to be a personal trainer on the go. “Me and My Chair” is a low-impact, high intensity workout system that helps you tone up and slim down using only a household chair as equipment. With a Beginner and Advanced workout on the same DVD, you’ll be able to see yourself improve as you move between these two calorie-burning workouts!

Urban Gent Health Corner: Morning Boost, Bolthouse Farm Drinks

in my refrigerator, Green Goodness and Berry Boost

One of my friends has the hardest time getting up in the mornings, he noticed that I have alot of energy and wanted to know what my “secret” was– I told him there was no real secret, but I do have a few things I drink or take to make getting up less of a task…

To have more energy….

– take Vitamin C each morning (taking the Gummy kind makes this really easy:-)
– take a Centrum Multi-Vitamin
– drink tea, green tea is usually best
– try your hardest to get 8 hours of sleep, obviously this is easier said than done

Also, when I find myself feeling groggy I drink Bolthouse Farms Berry Boost, this drink is packed with nutrients and antioxidants so after drinking it, you will almost instantly feel more energized and healthy.

Bolthouse Farms has a series of drinks that I love- my favorites Berry Boost, Green Goodness, Perfectly Protein (Mocha Cappuccino), and C-Boost. Green Goodness is just a really healthy drink, good to just drink throughout the week. C-Boost is another drink that gives you a boost, it contains lots of Vitamin C. Perfectly Protein is packed with protein and is very tasty, but it’s not a good morning drink because it weighs you down some– it’s actually a good drink for guys before or after workouts since it has whey protein (helps you to gain healthy weight). The Bolthouse Farms drinks are usually found on the fruit/vegetable aisle, they’re all natural with no sugar added. And different stores will have different varieties, to see the complete list go to their website.

Also, alot of my friends and family use the following to maintain healthy energized lives:

Garlic Supplements
Omega 3

Check out the Health Corner for more information and to order these vitamins.

This morning routine has helped a few of my friends both male and female, so try it out. And feel free to give your advice on overcoming “morning grogginess”.

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