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Stuntin’ Like Her Daddy: Valentine’s Day LOOK BOOK, Part III♥

Behind every stylish man, is a stylish woman… or atleast that’s how it should be. Our last dose of Valentine’s Day wardrobe and clothing gift idea advice focuses around the the realistic thought of people seeing you and your date and thinking, “wow, what an amazing couple… I wish my girl (or man) looked like that.”
We chucked the deuces to the dress up blazer and gave you a more casually fly ensemble; while giving her the choice between a dress and pants– because alot of the time women look sexiest in an amazingly great fitting pair of jeans. Jeans/pants that she can wear with a dope pair of kicks, like her daddy, or sexy stilettos.

Sexy in Red: His & Her Valentine’s Day LOOK BOOK, Part II

Whether you want to insinuate love or lust, adding red into your Valentine’s Day ensemble keeps you sexy and will make heads turn. Check out our next set of His and Her V-day looks… (click below to see more)


HERS: Get Her a Sexy Dress

Valentine’s Day Special: His & Her LOOK BOOK

We’re trying to make Valentine’s Day as easy as possible, so we’ve created a few elegant looks for your special evening…. (click below to see more)



Guys, if you are 100% sure about her size and style surprise her with a Valentine’s Day outfit– from head to toe. Or if you’re on a budget, choose one item that you know she’ll adore. Then compliment her sexy new outfit with a stylish ensemble of your own. 
Ladies, I know that Valentine’s day is all about you, but if you want to do a little something extra surprise him with V-Day clothing.  If you’re on a budget upgrade an item in his wardrobe– maybe a new pair of dress shoes, a blazer, or a fresh new fragrance.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: For Him & Her

Mosey on over to The Urban Gentleman Store and check out our first batch of…

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her
Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Outfits for Valentine’s Day and Gift Ideas for Men & Women
His and Her Look Book, Part I
His and Her Look Book, Part II 
His and Her Look Book, Part III 

Gentlemen, don’t forget to read last year’s Valentine’s Day article in which several women gave their version of the ideal Valentine’s Day scenario. Here’s a snippet…

“Teddy bears and balloons ended after pre-k. I had intellectual needs that a poorly-stitched bear and a ball of helium couldn’t satisfy… Needless to say, I like jewelry, getaways, panties, strawberry shortcake from Cake Love! But most of all, I love a gift that captures a part of our connection to each other and to God. No matter what the gift is, it needs to have some relevance to our relationship and show that somebody’s been paying attention.”
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