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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving Gentlemen!

Father’s Day: What Do You Really Want?

Father’s Day is around the corner and I know alot of ladies come here when trying to figure out what to get you guys, so I figured instead of me making a random list of potential Father’s Day gifts it’d be better if you guys just gave suggestions, sooooo…

What Would You Guys Like to Receive for Father’s Day?

(all ideas are welcome, even from future fathers)

Do you really like receiving tools and ties, or would you prefer an ipod or a few of your favorite dvds? Maybe a great home cooked meal with all your favorite dishes?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I found this funny, and wanted to post it.

Happy Valentine’s Day Guys!

If you don’t have a Valentine don’t sweat it- just take your mom or sister or best female friend out. Or just do whatever you normally do on a Saturday night. If you do have a Valentine’s good luck! Remember to be extra nice and turn the volume up on your gentleman behavior. And please be sure to bring her flowers- that’s a must, never forget flowers on Valentine’s Day.

Happy Birthday: Martin Luther King Jr.

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I just want to take out the time to say Happy B-day to the late Martin Luther King Jr. Thanks for making this world a better place.

This is one of my favorite MLK quotes:

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. “

Merry Christmas Urban Gentleman!

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I hope everyone is having a fantastic Christmas with family and friends. If not, well just know that I’m thinking about you and I really appreciate all the love that you all have shown towards this blog since the beginning- I couldn’t ask for a better group of readers!!!!!!!

Don’t stuff your face too much tonight, don’t drink too much eggnog, and just remember that this day is about giving not getting so be grateful for whatever you get:-)


(the best Christmas video ever!, TLC is so the shyt… rest in peace Left Eye)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I was so preoccupied having a great Thanksgiving meal at what has to be the most beautiful residence in Harlem that I forgot to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving- so Happy Thanksgiving! I’m sure many of you are hitting the Black Friday sales right now. Men tend to lean towards the electronics than clothing on this day… so got hit up Best Buy, Circuit City, and all those other places and get the plasma screen tv you’ve always wanted.

One random deal I saw on, I know how you guys LOVE these GPS systems.

Magellan GPS System (portable); only $80, you save $120:

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