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Japanese or Italian Selvedge Denim Jeans: High Premium Quality, Low Price from One Denim

One Denim Japanese Raw Selvedge Denim, Worn by Urban Gent Taariq Tut

It's been awhile since we've done a proper denim piece at The Urban Gentleman, so when the kind folks at One Denim hit us up we decided to to explore their offerings instead of just bypassing the request like we sometimes do (sorry others). A little history lesson… We wrote our first denim article, "Top 10 Jeans" back in July 2008, just a month after we started (the styles have changed so so much, it's kinda hilarious). In 2010, we were asked to do a Denim Style guide for H&M. Then in 2011 we collaborated with Italian brand Meltin Pot on their in-store and online campaign to relaunch their new collection. I reference all that to say we're definitely denim lovers and we've seen the growth in the past decade from a focus on just jean style to a more dedicated focus on premium selvedge denim.

Since 2010, selvedge denim has been a staple in any stylish man's wardrobe. The rise in popularity of course lead to more and more companies making their jeans selvedge, nearly every brand has caught on, but there's mediocre quality and high quality. You of course want high quality. The price for a really good pair of premium selvedge denim ranges between $195 – $450, generally landing around $300. This can be a little bit pricey if you're on a budget– whether it's saving for university or saving for that floating home you're itching to build in Seattle. The thing we like about One Denim is that they've found a way to cut out the middle man and offer a $300 pair of denim for $100 (£80). Pretty sweet right? Yea, we think so. To test out their line we chose to compare their staple Italian Selvedge Denim and Japanese Selvedge Denim


Unveiling of our One Denim jeans CONTINUE READING MORE >>>

Raw Selvedge Denim: Personalize Them Over Time, Maybe 15 Months


Denim, jeans, or denim jeans. Created in America by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873. Then refined by the Japanese over the past several years or so. The Japanese has raised our standards in denim because of the high level of craftsmanship they put into the process. They use natural dyes, and more notably the pants are selvedge or selvage, from the phrase “self-edge”, which refers to the natural end of a roll of fabric which prevents unraveling of the material. The cost of creating denim with that is selvedge and only contains natural dyes is more expensive. But it also leaves you with a superior quality pair of jeans that you're able to personalize over time.

University of Alberta student Josh Le shows off his jeans which haven't been washed in 15 months,  on Wednesday, January 19, 2010, in Edmonton, Alta. Despite wearing his new blue jeans almost every day, he and his professor, Rachel McQueen, discovered after taking a bacterial count, that there were no unsafe bacteria and no real reason for concern due to the lack of washing.  Le, who wanted his jeans to get their own unique wear pattern as part of a new raw denim fashion trend, thought fewer washings had the added benefit of helping the environment. But he also wanted to see if the grubby garment posed a health risk. THE CANADIAN PRESS/John Ulan

Canadian student Josh and his personalized pair of,15 month distressed, raw denim jeans

Recently, a guy named Josh from Canada wore his raw selvedge denim jeans for 15 months straight just so he could distress them, or personalize them, himself. He wore the jeans 330 times without washing them between September of 2009 and December of 2010. It was more of an experiment for his textile class at the University of Alberta, but I don't know if I could do that. I guess it's pretty cool, and it totally makes sense for a college student, lol.  He put them in the freezer when they got smelly, and he miraculously didn't come away with any skin problems although the jeans had bacteria.

I wouldn't advise you to go this long, but it shows the beauty of investing in a good pair of denim. His jeans are Nudie btw, I hope they gave this kid a scholarship for the free awesome press. Ready to personalize your raw jeans? Choose from our selection below: 

URBAN GENTS PLEASE REMEMBER: "Selvedge" refers to the edge on the denim -and- "raw" refers to a lack of pre-washing on the fabric. Most selvedge denim/jeans are raw, but there are some they have been pre-treated, pre-washed, or pre-distressed. And on the flip side, there is some raw denim that are just made in the regular projectile loom and are not selvedge. You gotta flip the insides to check.

source: neatorama . com/2011/01/20/as-an-experiment-man-wears-jeans-for-15-months-without-washing-them/

Lupe Style: The Fashion of Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco is the self-proclaimed “Coolest dude”

Hands down without a doubt, one of my favorite rappers is Lupe Fiasco, he’s just one cool dude. I remember being backstage at one of his concerts in Atlanta:

His crew was really interesting especially Gemstones- he was quite the character. Everyone was stylish in their own way. . . they seemed a bit rushed and stressed, so the hospitality wasn’t at its best, but that comes with the territory.

While being backstage I had a chance to not only meet Mr.Cool, but to also analyze his style.And I must say- it’s pretty simple. The formula to getting the “Lupe Look” is . . .

t-shirt + designer jeans + fly superbadAss unique sneakers = Lupe Look

He often time adds a fly superbadAss jacket to the mix and some accessories. The jacket is usually one of a kind and Michael Jackson-esque, Marching Band-esque or it’s dramatically preppy- like a colorful or goth varsity jacket. His accessories range, but they all stay within the skater, rock, or urban realm.

Common Lupe Fiasco accessories: studded belt, coin wallet w/chain attachment, arab scarf, aviator shades, book-bag, and he always has on a gold watch.

If you want to know what Lupe Fiasco wears on a more specific note, just listen to his music- he gives alot of names in his song “Gold Watch”:

In my Fall of Rome jeans, my Head Porter wallet My Neighborhood shirt and my Eddie Cheng clock . . . I like City candles and Maharishi sandals And Dita sunglasses, Purple Murder surface samples I like False T-shirts, Dover street is off the handle Such a good designer, Junya Watanabe got **** you I like Yohji Yamamoto and a Mackro Solo Leather Gucci belts and Guilty Brotherhood polo’s I like Montblanch pens and Moleskine paper I like Goyard bags and green Now or Later’s Monocle magazine and Japanese manga Futura, noz furatus and HTM trainers

For those of you who didn’t catch it. . .

Brands Lupe Fiasco wears: Fall of Rome jeans, Head Porter wallets, My Neighrbood shirts, Maharishi sandals, Dita sunglasses, False t-shirts, Junya Watanabe, Yohji Yamamoto, Gucci belts, Guilty Brotherhood polos, Goyard bags, HTM trainers (nike shoes). . .

Lupe Fiasco in a False t-shirt at his concert is Atlanta
So what does all that mean? It means Lupe loves Japanese designers and he likes original clothing especially local up-and-coming talented and unique designers. He doesn’t really wear brands like Bape and BBC (Billionaire Boys Club)- which he mentioned once in an interview.

Lupe’s jackets usually combine materials such as leather, wool, and cotton.

And for those who don’t know, according to certain sources Lupe Fiasco will be throwing in the towel for music:

The rapper say his next album, LupEND, will conclude his stint as a recording artist. The budding thespian will then move on to do other things, among them write a book. “I have one more album in me and then I’m out,” he says. “I’ve been doing this music hustle for eights years and have more things I still want to do. There are other ways besides putting out an album that allow me to channel my creative energy and I’m writing a book about a window washer. I will have more than enough to keep me busy.”

Well, I can’t wait for his final LP LupEND– it’s sure to be hot.

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