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Rockin’ Recession, Tom Ford Blues

I just got word of Rock & Republic’s new recession jeans... and I would have to say guys- now is the time to buy. There jeans usually retail at about $300, but the new recession jeans will be a staggering $130— hey that’s cheap for them. And that’s without the store sale, so I figure you’ll be able to buy these for $80-$100 at some point. They come in 2 styles: straight leg (Neil) and skinny (Colburg). The jeans will be available March 1st at Looks like some of you will be upgrading the wardrobe .

Neil jean, $132 and Colburg jean, $138

But on the opposite end of the spectrum WWD reports Tom Ford is saying, “Fck the Recession” (he didn’t literally say that, lol) and has created a pair of $990 jeans... yeah you read that correct. Nine hundred and ninety dollars…

Check out the excerpt (from

Tom Ford is taking designer denim to a whole new stratosphere with men’s jeans that retail for $990. The jeans, hitting stores now, are made from Japanese selvaged denim that feels and looks raw, but has been pre-washed and pre-shrunken so the indigo doesn’t rub off. They also come in black or white. The seat is distinguished merely by a straight line, stitched across the pockets, and a small black tab reading TF001 or TF002. The first number designates the boot cut that Ford wears himself, and the second is a straight-leg cut. In the front, the button is plated with 18-karat gold, and the pockets are lined with the same silk as Tom Ford suits. But is the price justified for classic, unembellished jeans? If you have to ask, you can’t afford them.

I can just hear him now, “Fck the recession” “hahahaha”.
I don’t know why, but…. I’m sort of lovin it, lol.

The Man in Skinny Jeans: A Collective View

The conversation of men and skinny jeans is never-ending. I get emails from those who hate it and love it, but I feel like every single style in the world (for the most part) can look good if worn right, that includes skinny jeans. I think it’s still a shock for alot of people because it was a drastic change from baggy jail-house type jeans to fitted almost-rocker tight kind of jeans. The truth of the matter is that if I had to pick between the two, I would pick skinny allllll daaaaaaay looooooong. Grossly over sized pants hanging off your rear is so ridiculously unattractive, and I hope no one still wears their pants 4 sizes too big unless you are forced to wear “hand-me-downs.”
Since the beginning, I’ve been covering this topic and the mixed reactions by males and females never cease… 1st article “Can Men Wear Skinny Jeans“, “Jay-Z on Skinny Jeans“, “Let’s Start the Year off Right“, etc. My opinions on the pants has changed slightly over time, but my overall feeling of the jeans will always remain the same- whether or not you can/should wear them depends on your size, personality, age, etc.

So here’s a small collection of photos of men in “skinny” jeans
*(most are actually just wearing jeans that fit, but alot of guys still call them skinny)

from the 1950s to 2009
from rock to rap
lace-ups to sneakers

w Do You Wear Your Skinny Jeans?

Quote It: Jay-Z on Skinny Jeans

“Can’t wear skinny jeans cuz my knots don’t fit” – Jay-Z

From the song “Swagga” by TI ft. Jay-Z, Kanye West, & Lil Wayne

I have always liked that line alot because it’s real- everybody can’t wear skinny jeans. Yes, it’s the “in” jean and it will be the jean style and fit of choice for the next 10 yrs. But I feel like too many guys try to squeeze into them when that isn’t necessary. The main thing with jeans these days is that they should be your correct jean size, meaning that they should be able to stay on your waist without a belt. I feel like Jay-Z is taking up for the men that don’t rock skinny jeans on a daily, and it’s kinda cool to me. Now, let’s not get this twisted- Jay-Z is by no means a style icon and you shouldn’t use him for style tips, but he does spit some pretty raw rhymes though right?….

An Urban Gentleman Question: Can Men Wear Skinny Jeans?

In the past, without thinking, I would say “heck no… unless you’re a rockstar or you’re gay” because those two types are the only ones who, in the past, have been able to successfully pull it off. But I’ve really thought about this question over the past few months or so and I say that wearing skinny jeans totally depends on the type of person wearing them. (plus many types of guys have been wearing them for years)

I was talking to one of my friends last weekend and we started to talk about Lil’Wayne. He mentioned how non-hetero Lil’Wayne looks in his latest video- A Mille. I don’t watch videos too tough, so at first I didn’t know what he was talking about. But after watching the video, I could kiiiinda see what he was talking about. But the jeans that Lil’Wayne are wearing in the video aren’t really that skinny, they’re more of the “saggy version” of skinny jeans. . . because they Do make them really really skinny. And anyway at the end of the day I believe Weezy can pull of skinny jeans. Why? Because he meets my skinny jeans wearer criteria.

Pharrell rocks skinny jeans
(they aren’t really skinny they just fit)

Male Skinny Jeans Wearer Criteria:

1. Thin or skinny body frame
Thin guys just look better in skinny jeans, bigger guys just look downright uncomfortable in tight pants- it’s NOT a good look) I have a friend who always talks about how he loves “thick dark-brown girls in skinny jeans”; well it isn’t the same for females…. We don’t rave on and on about loving muscular dudes in skinny jeans, sorry.

2. Rock-star
Almost every rock star wears skinny jeans; it’s just apart of the rock star persona. Most of them end up wearing really tight black leather pants at some point in their careers, and it’s cool because it’s some type of rock-star tradition of sorts.

3. Artistic Personality
People with artistic personalities, be it in visual arts, fashion, music, whatever- they usually have the ability to pull off new trends with ease, and they’re usually the ones to start the trends anyway.

4. Caribbean born or descent
It’s a part of the culture- to some extent. I’m half Jamaican and I’ve seen tons of pictures of my dad and his friends rockin’ not so loose jeans throughout the 80s. Matter of fact he has one picture in a pair of red skinny jeans with a varsity type jacket, leaning against his Beamer- its kinda hot…. I’ll upload it if I can find it.

5.) Non-heterosexual
I hope this doesn’t offend anyone, but let’s be honest gay men can pull of shyt that straight men can’t. It’s just apart of life and the sooner some of you all realize it, the better :-)

A combination of atleast 2 of the 5 criteria is the best, but having atleast one is essential. The 1st point about being skinny is also a must, so really you should atleast match #1 plus any of the other numbers.

Notable skinny jeans wearing music artist: Travis Barker, Lil’ Wayne, Chris Brown, Pharrell, and almost every rockstar.

Chris Brown
(note that sagging with a belt is oxymoronish,
please guys pull the pants up)

All in all be cautious of skinny jeans. If you think you wanna wear them or you think you can pull them off, just make sure the styling is right. You can buy them from a couple places- Gap,, American Apparel, LRG stores/websites, and Urban Outfitters.

Check out Weezy in his red “skinny” jeans:

How do you feel about men in skinny jeans?

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