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ATLANTA STYLE: The Rise of Sneaker Culture, High Museum of Art



“Wait… I sneaker exhibit at The High?!” That was the general reaction when people learned that Atlanta's finest museum would have a bunch of rubber-soled athletic shoes on display this summer. The concept intrigued me so I made plans to go opening night, and I must say it was quite the experience.


As I walked up to the High Museum of Art it seemed as if I had entered into an alternate universe or atleast onto the set of a movie… “Panda… Panda Panda Panda”. Are they playing Future, I mean, Desiigner? Bro… seriously, what's going on here?!  I had never seen so much hip-hop flavor at my neighborhood museum. You see I go to The High quite often, just about once a week or so. And while I’ve definitely experienced lots of music, people, and dancing in the courtyard of The High, I’d never seen this before. It was like a high-end, fancy HBCU cookout where dress code required sneakers valued no less than $300..


SWANK OR DANK: Jordan PHLY Legends

Can a pair of Jordans ever be considered dank? hmmm…. Well these navy, red, and sunset orange Jordan PHLY Legends will hit shoe stores Decemeber 1st– will they end up in your closet? Alright you know the deal- SWANK OR DANK?

Olympic Celebration: Jordan VII Miro

Jordan VII Miro
Today Opium Barcelona will celebrate their opening and will be releasing the Jordan VII Miro simultaneously. The shoes are an homage to the Spanish artist Joan Miro. The shoe will only be released in very limited quantities and a handful of shops worldwide.

These are some freshAzz Jordans, some people may think they’re too colorful, but being that I’m an artist of sorts- I can truly appreciate them and the deeper meaning behind the design.

Famous Spanish painter Joan Miro had died before the 1984 Olympic Games. Later years in 1992 Michael Jordan and the Dream Team won gold, they played in Miro’s hometown Barcelona, Spain, and in the game Jordan wore the Air Jordan 7 Olympic edition. Taking one of Joan Miro’s design, the “Woman and Bird” sculpture. They have mixed that style into the Air Jordan 7 Retro.

I wonder if we’ll see any celebrities rockin’ these artistic creations.
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