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Pastelle Update: Kanye West and the Designers He Wears

Mr. West in Tom Ford glasses.

Okay, this will hopefully be the last Kanye West post of the day, lol. But after quickly going through the interviews I learned that indeed that is a Pastelle jacket ( I was right, yesssss, lol). The line’s name is still in the works either Past Tell Museum or Pastelle. And he plans to slowly release pieces as they come out and offer them online- I’m interested to see how this will work.

In the interview Kanye says he wears:
40% of Hedi Slimane (tunisian-french designer, created and designs Dior Homme)
30% Stefano Pilati (italian designer, creative director of Yves Saint Laurent)
10% of Tom Ford glasses (american designer)

Obviously this statement is not to be taken literally, but those designers are the “groundbreakers” of our era for men’s fashion. And Kanye is trying to measure up. (Hedi, Stefano, and Tom below in that order).

Wardrobe Check: Kanye West Rocks it in New Zealand

Kanye West performs on stage at the TSB Bank Arena yesterday in Wellington, New Zealand.
So let’s analyze the look…

okay so he’s rockin’:
-wayfarer shades
-buttoned-up polo
-white watch to match the shades and collar
-Jordans (you’ll see below)
and, wait- is kanye trying to get swole on us…
has he been hitting the gym? nice.

Here’s Kanye two days ago in Auckland’s Vector Arena:

The Look:
This time Mr. Louis Vuitton Don opts for
-a red button up shirt
-Gucci belt,
-the same white shades
– and supposedly a self designed jacket.

Press conference in Auckland:
awww, he looks happy for once.

The Look:
-same white shades
-and this looks to be a Pastelle designed jacket

I’m not 100% sure, but just look at it- the colors, the look.
I really love the mixture of materials, It’s funny because I actually designed
some jackets/coats very similar to that this year.

What Do You Think of his New Zealand Looks?

The Results Are In: Kanye Best-Dressed Rapper, but Lupe over Kanye hmmm…

so kanyeezy, they say you’re
the best dressed mayne.
and i must say, your look is so emotional
these days and i love it.

So, If you haven’t noticed there have been some polls on the right sidebar. One asking who is the best dressed rapper alive and another asking who has better style Lupe or Kanye…. and for the best dressed rapper… the winner is drum-roll please– Kanye! (i know y’all thinking “duh we can read the title of the post) and for better style– Lupe. Perplexing results huh? Well I figured I’d launch the ultimate poll and ask who has the better style between Andre 3000, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, and Pharrell Williams…. now that’s a tough poll. My votes goes to…. well, it doesn’t matter, but who does your go to? VOTE NOW (oh and ummm, vote Obama, haha)
Ay Lupe… so alotta people
think your style game is harder than
Kanyes… must feel good, eh?

Kanye West Debuts Pastelle at Fashion Week

Kanye West, creative director of Pastelle

I just knew Mr.West was up to something when he first showed up to the Louis Vuitton fashion show in a jean jacket w/ Michael Jackson & Lego pins. Apparently throughout this past Men’s Fashion Week, Kanye West was debuting pieces of his clothing line by wearing them to different shows. He was always front row and managed to attend about a dozen fashion shows- (all of that without Alexis’s help- Good job Kanye!) Okay so lets have a look back. . .

Day 1Louis Vuitton Show w/ seemingly BFF Pharrell:

Like I said the first time- Kanye looks extra regular. I pray that the buttons are the only possible things that are Pastelle.

Day 2-
He was spotted at Kris Van Assche & Junya Watanabe
in a gray notch lapel blazer and red pocket square

Day 3– Front Row at Lanvin Show

For some reason when I first saw this picture I said to myself
“I bet he’s wearingPastelle”. I thought so because it resembles
Kim Jones designs so much – you know, with all the light
blue. (Kim Jones is helping Kanye Design Pastelle)
I think I enjoyed the styling of the outfit more
than the actual individual pieces.

Day 4- at the Dior Homme Show

This was Kanye’s “break-out” day to some people.
Mr.West sported a zip-front hoodie with shoulder patches and a red-, yellow- and pink-striped hood topped with a shark fin. This is definitely the best piece he displayed during the week- from what I saw anyway. The jacket is innovative, creative, and the caliber we would expect from Kanye. I really like the way the jacket looks from the front- the dark gray shoulders & the red interior of the hood is extraFly.

More pictures of the shark fin jacket:

source: LA Times

Check out my favorites from Dior Homme
Spring/Summer 2009 Collection:

I love the jacket, great color

The bronzy iridescent jacket is sick, as is the belt

I like the jacket, pants, and shades.
I could definitely see Kanye rockin those shades.

Watch the Dior Homme Fashion Show HERE

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