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Kanye Couture: Louis Vuitton, Pastelle, Ksubi, Kim Jones

Kanye at Lavin Menswear Show in Paris


One name: Kanye West + One designer:Louis Vuitton = FlyHauteness


Kanye West told WWD that he is collaborating with Louis Vuitton to help design a collection of mens shoes for the label. We all know that those shoes are guaranteed to be hot- they'll probably be the freshest kicks of the year. The Louis Vuitton Don is also working on a womenswear line which is suppose to hit stores this fall.

Kanye West- An Urban Gentleman, Paris 2008
Also, as some of you may have noticed, Kanye West has been making his rounds at fashion shows over the past week or so. Why? Just to show off his swagger? Nope. He is doing research for his men's line, Pastelle- which was suppose to launch last year.
Kanye in Pastelle
These clothes look okay, I'm hoping that when the line gets
here it'll actually be pure unAdulterated Hauteness.


MORE INFO on Pastelle:
We don't know too much about Pastelle, but what we do know is that Kanye is hooking up with Australian fashion label Ksubi. Ksubi is a very unique and innovative design house, with an equally interesting google inspired website and stores to match.

According to an article:

The denim boys will create a sunglasses collection with Pastelle with the collection aptly called, Ksubi for Pastelle, the range is set to launch globally in October 2008. Designed by Ksubi co-founder, George Gorrow, the collections center piece will be a limited edition pair of sunglasses which will retail for about $2,000 – and according to a news report it has already received orders from Japanese buyers, sight unseen.
“I love the sunnies Ksubi has produced over the years, and it’s an honor to collaborate with them on this first installment of Pastelle frames,” West said. “George is an incredibly talented designer, and I’ve never met anyone who knew more about sunglasses and other cool stuff.”
“At our first design session at Kanye’s place in LA we spent two days talking and going over shapes,” Gorrow said. “He allowed me to push the design but playing on his aesthetic. He’s not afraid to try new things, and I guess that is why he is where he is.”
The pair first worked together when Ksubi created a collection of eyewear for West to wear in 2006 for a series of music videos for the Grammy award winning artist. Check out Ksubi in the "Good Life" video HERE.

Kanye in Ksubi

Check out their website:
I guess it's suppose to be a really cool simple design, but it's quite annoying to me. I think they should redesign the site , but that's just me. . .

Also, Ksubi won the 2008 Interior Design Award for its store "The Bombed Mache"

They won the award even before the store was finished

British Designer Kim Jones

For the actual clothing line Kanye West apparently signed famed British mens fashion designer Kim Jones. Jones has worked with a number of fashion houses including Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, and Umbro. He also has his own collection, and won Menswear Designer of the Year in 2006. From what I've seen Jones designs are really clean and simple- he uses alot of cool tone hues. He's known for his flawless casual clothing designs, but I really digg his shoe designs.

Umbro by Kim Jones

Umbro by Kim Jones

designs by Kim Jones

designs by Kim Jones

I can't lie, I'm not just in love with Kim Jones designs (for his label), but I think they are nicely constructed (and I love his tailoring on the pants). I'm really eager to see how Kanye's PASTELLE line will turn out. I guess we'll see in a few months (fingers crossed).

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