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Celebrity Style Update: Usher, Zac Efron, David Beckham, Diggy Simmons, Lil Wayne and more.

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Usher, in Berlin for his tour rocks a pair of Dita Grandmaster Two sunglasses and a double-breasted military Burberry Prorsum Military Wool Felt Peacoat.

Zac Efron in Sydney, Australia hops out of an Audi (I only see him in Audis) Rayban aviators, a navy crew neck, and Levi's matchstick jeans.

Lil’ Wayne in Las Vegas at Fruition boutique, wearing a limited edition Jeremy Scott x Fruition collaborative Bart Simpson crewneck sweater.

David Beckham on the Ellen Show wearing Burberry.

Scott Disick in New York City wearing a pair of Arfango velvet loafers.




Lil Wayne: 2008 Voodoo Experience at City Park

looks like someone has been reading The Urban Gentleman
check how weezy accessories… fingerless gloves,
chain on the flat front khakis, malcom-x
glasses, fitted hat, watch and ring.

now if he could just pull those damn pants up.

but on the real guys, sagging this hard is
sooooo NOT whats up, please dont do it
it makes you look uncomfortable and like
a gang-banger, lol.

plaids and glasses are so beat. even thug’s wanna
look smart these days, lol.

Want Lil Wayne’s look?
For plaid shirts, click HERE.
For glasses, click HERE.

Lil Wayne x ESPN: Sports Blogging

Extra Extra read all about it! The rapper known as Lil Wayne aka Weezy is now writing for ESPN Magazine’s blog. This will definitely be a switch up for ESPN because Weezy writes how he talks, lol… He says he ONLY watches sports and feels that he knows what’s gonna happen- a sports physic of sorts. Well, this should be interesting… check out his first entry here.

Does Lil’Wayne aka Weezy Really Have Style?

Little Wayne aka Lil' Wayne aka Weezy, real name Dwayne Carter Jr. is undoubtedly the most jocked mc in the game, and not by females… by men. I mean if I had a nickel for the amount of times I've seen grown azz men have orgasms when they listen to Weezy I would be rich …as hell. It's just something about him that everybody loves… especially guys. His swagger, style, lyrics everything about him seems to make him the american idol of rappers. And in recent times many have begun to inquire about his apparel, where to get his jeans, his scarves. If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me where they could find the "weezy scarf", well I'd have about $83, lol.

After being asked about "weezy apparel" so much I had to ask myself, does Weezy really have style? I first thought to myself, "well everyone has style, be it good or bad", so I guess the real question is does he have good style? He's yet to be featured on anyone's best dressed list, and yet to be pronounced as a major trendsetter. But I'm thinking…. Weezy has swag, and he actually has style. Now I know some of you are like, "WHAT? c'mon, you're trippin, weezy?? not weezy, I mean his lyrics are dope, but NOT weeezy". And I answer with "Well yes, yes weezy" because he has a different kind of style…. it's not the typical Urban Gentleman Kanye, Lupe, Pharrell, or Beckham style it's an un-edited hood style, I think I'll call it Raw Hood Couture. Because he mixes street hood styles with current trends and a little bit of high fashion.

Weezy rocks the saggy skinny bright colored jeans, with his white wife beater, and his arab scarf, he also usually rocks some dope shoes. Now, is this my preference for men's attire…. lmao, c'mon now, heck no, but I can respect it (to an extent). Moreover many "hood" people follow rappers like Lil'Wayne because they can more visually relate to him. And because of him, many boys (and grown men) have gone from wearing night gown tee shirts and oversized shorts that come down to their ankles to wearing jeans that actually fit and shirts that are made for humans, not giants, lol… I mean I really do burst out laughing every time I see guys in t-shirts that look like dresses and shorts that go to their ankles, it's like "just buy some pants fool" … craziness in these streets, lol… but back to Weezy.


Dwayne Carter Jr & Derek Watkins aka Bentley Fonzworth

I can't go as far as adding him to my best-dressed list, but maybe if he hires me as his stylist he'll end up on a few sooner than later:-)

this picture makes me laugh
he looks like a little kid, lol.
red converse are a must.

Now his sagging is still crazy and un-called for, but this is better than attire that looks just look jail apparel.

So What Do You Think About Weezy's Style?
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