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Mixed Layers.


A few weeks ago, right before Atlanta's winter storm really hit, I hung out with two friends of T.U.G's expanding crew, Nedu and Jordan. Check  this eclectic mix of traditional/prep, military, and hunting gear with street styling.

Mixed layers. 


Left: Nautica plaid button-down; Carhartt camouflage vest; RRL tee; Gap camouflage thermal; Ralph  Lauren canvas pants; vintage L.L. Bean Boots; Stormy Kromer plaid cap.

Right: Nautica button-down; LRG knit sweater; APC jeans from 2007 (after 36 months of wear and 3 repairs); Supreme shirt; Stormy Kromer cap.

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Next evening…


Left: Vintage military-issued fishtail parka; LRG knit sweater; vintage duck hunting camo waistcoat; APC jeans; Air Jordan Ones; YSL vintage brooch, T.U.G pinback.

Right: Nautica button-down; Double RL t-shirt; Vintage hunting pants; Church's of England velvet slippers; Vintage turquoise Navajo bolo tie. 

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Randomly Inspired: Unknown & Native Inspiration

A couple of random looks: One is "Uknown"… I didn't know what to call it, I saw the Vivienne Westwood Seditionary shoes, Cole Haan boots, and Hulme field briefcase, then just added a couple other shoes and accessories.The other is "Native Inspiration"…






Black & White.


A (simple) black & white lookbook.

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in photos: Common; supermodel Naomi Campbell;

Robert DeNiro and Martin Scorsese;

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Urban Gent LOOK BOOK: A Mild Winter Day

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We had these pants for american workwear , but never had a chance to use them. So, I put this together… its moreso for a mild winter day (and falls more inline with the basic: plaid, slim-fit pants, canvas trends).



Look Book: Destroy.




in photo: kid cudi.

Utility: The American Workwear Trend




1. pertaining to or consisting in utility.

2. having regard to utility or usefulness rather than beauty, ornamentation, etc.

3. of, pertaining to, or adhering to the doctrine of utilitarianism.


4. an adherent of utilitarianism.


2. practical, useful, functional, sensible.

The American Workwear trend is simply about having utilitarian style. Style that is based upon necessity and usefulness rather than it just "looking good". When you're working on the factory line, or on the ranch, or in a steel mill you have to wear clothing that matches the environment, that protects, and makes it much easier to get the work done. Even the old school paper boy had to be mindful to not wear garments that would not get in the way of his job.


Take this trend to another level and make it personal by choosing to base your workwear style on that of a particular industry or job. Perhaps that of a mechanic or maybe that of a hunter or maybe one of the many others we've mentioned over the past few days.

Get the Looks featured in our American Workwear Lookbook.


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