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Lupe Fiasco, LASERS


If you haven't already, be sure to purchase Lupe Fiasco's LASERS. Lupe, quite simply, is one of the best rap artists alive. Strong statement? Nah, not even a little bit… don't y'all get tired of empty lyrics and repetitious auto-tuned beats from so many rap/hip-hop artist? I know I do. So for us "un-basic" people Lupe feeds our "famished from the lack of real rap" souls. And as usual he mixes intellectual lyrics with rhythmatic alternative beats, and tops it all off with that classic Lupe styley'all know what I mean. I can certainly hear the "slightly more mainstream than raw" sound of the music that many Lupe-heads have talked about, but this is obviously the labels doing… which I'm okay for one album– hopefully it'll open him up to a wider group of fans (which I believe is Atlantic's plan). So, the moral of the story is: purchase LASERS (amazon, itunes) and while your at it go ahead and get Food & Liquor and The Cool if those two albums are somehow not already in your ipod.

For more Lupe, check out his website.

I wanna go ahead and start the "Lupe Fiasco — Best Rap Album" Grammy 2012 campaign. As long as Andre 3000 and Cee-Lo aren't nominated as well, then my vote in that category will always be for Lupe (the) Fiasco.


It’s Morning… I’m Beamin’.

It’s Morning… I’m Beamin’.

Lupe Fiasco "I'm Beaming" A nice morning groove…

The Urban Gentleman

Lupe Fiasco: Solar Midnite

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet. This is the newest video from Lupe Fiasco for “Solar Midnite”, it’s  a bonus track to the New Moon soundtrack.

Lupe’s third album Lasers, is expected to be released early next year.

The Latest: Lupe Fiasco

In ode to Lupe Fiasco very indirectly adding to the success of my blog, I feel it’s very appropriate to write a new Lupe article or update… I haven’t written one in awhile.

There’s not Too much to say, everything is pretty straightforward… he has a clothing line called Trilly & Truly (video below) and he’s working on new music for his upcoming album (“Fire” is dope).

And that concludes the latest… of the greatest…
lupe THE fiasco :)

fan art from

for more info on Lupe, check out The Lupe Fiasco Show.
(top photo from 944 magazine)

One Photo, What Do You Think: LUPE FIASCO

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted something about Lupe Fiasco (one of my faaaaaaavorite artist), but I just so happened to stop by The Lupe Fiasco Show and saw it and just had to repost it, they got it from his myspace page, but anyway… its one of the coolest photos I’ve seen of Mr.Fiasco.

What do you think?

“Now We Just Got One More to Go L-U-P-END”: Lupe Fiasco’s Triple HotCrazySuperDuperTightness

It’s sooo fcking official (sorry if that offended you), but ummm I heart some Lupe Fiasco and he has officially announced more info about his final album. And the album will consist of not one, not two, but THREE mother effin cds… talk about an instant orgasm, sheesh. And it is going to drop in 2-0-0-9, are you ready, can you truly handle that much Lupe at one time??? Ha, ha, well anyway…

The 3 discs will be called LUPE.N.D.:



Down Here

(get it?)

check out the announcement at his concert here.

I mean Lupe Fiasco albums are like “sure fire super star, sure shy fire cracker extravaganza fantastic super size with extra cheese oh yes indeed”… I really wanted to see a “Go Baby” video though (tears of sadness). And to complete the post, I figured I’d throw up some pics of Mr.Fiasco:

Jacket by Y-3; T-shirt by Stussy; pants by Stone Island; sneakers by Supra NS

Sunglasses by Kris Can Assche x Oliver Peoples;
T-shirt by Nike; vest by UNIQLO; pants by BOSS Orange

Sunglasses by Kris Van Assche x Oliver Peoples; jacket by Raf by Raf Simons; sweater by UNIQLO; pants by Prada

Jacket by Y-3; T-shirt by Stussy; pants by Stone Island; sneakers by Supra NS

and i mean why not, here’s some more…

(in atlanta at my first lupe concert… it was sold out,
i was backstage and in the front row, oh yeah :-)

Album Info: via via

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