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Smartie Pants: The New Maxwell

When I think Maxwell, I think afro, soul music, slightly un-buttoned white long sleeve shirts w/ chest hair coming out, jeans (or leather pants), and boots. But the new Maxwell is all but afro or dreaded and stereotypically “neo soul”, now-a-days he rocks his hair short, wears glasses, cardigans, and plaid shirts… he looks like your resident nerd and sometimes he manages to favor the late great Malcolm X. He’s been rockin’ this style for the past year or two and I really dig it. And After a 6-year hiatus from releasing new music and years of promises of a trilogy album, Black Summers Night he is back and touring… check out his myspace page for me info:

The old Maxwell style.
Maxwell GAP Ad.

Portrait in New York, Sept. 18, 2008.
The Black on Black on Black is HAUTE.

If you want the Maxwell look:
1. Buy the “Malcolm X” glasses here.
2. Buy GAP jeans, cardigans, and button ups
3. Buy a few Ralph Lauren Polo button-ups
4. Get a bunch of skinny ties… try

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