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Morehouse Men. Class of 2009.

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Yesterday I had an opportunity to experience a Morehouse College graduation ceremony (aka commencement exercise) and I must say- I was touched. It was truly an experience like no other, I’ve attended ceremonies at a few ivy league, art, and engineering schools… but this one was different. It was embedded with jubilant pride, abounding history, and a spirit of unrelenting prominence. Simply stated, it was the ish.
And besides, where else can you see Cicely Tyson, Hank Aaron (theeeeee HANK AARON, yeah the legend in ALL history books probably THE best baseball player of all times! yeaaah thats him), Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr., Spike Lee, and Cornell West in one place? (Yesss, those living legends were all there- I have pictures!)

One of my favorite parts of the ceremony was when one of the two Valedictorians, Joshua Lamar Harris, spoke– he was outstanding. (the other Valedictorian Anthony Connell Roberts did well too).

The person recording was only able to capture the tail end of his speech because, quite frankly, they (and I) didn’t realize it would end up being so good…. but if any one has the entire thing please email me :)

Morehouse College 2009 Graduation: Valedictorian Speech from The Urban Gentleman.
I love all the ad-libs in the background, so funny!

CONGRATULATIONS to all 2009 Graduates
High School and College!

Morehouse Fresh

A few years ago I began calling the fashion style of some guys “Morehouse Fresh”. It’s my patented phrase! Some non-Morehouse males don’t like the phrase, they say it’s biased. But I find it very appropriate because it describes the fashion sense of many men of the prestigious college. The style is distinctive and easy to point out in a crowd; it usually consists of a sweater vest, bow tie, plaid shirt or polo, oxford style shoes and maybe even loafers. You may think “Well, that’s just called prep”- my retort is prep only describes clothing; Morehouse Fresh describes style and swagger.

Derek Watkins aka Bentley Fonzworth

There are many men that embody the Morehouse Fresh style, a perfect example is Morehouse Alum Derek Watkin aka Bentley Fonzworth. He’s previously known as Sean Comb’s butler, but he’s now a successful business man who has his own book and cd.

Andre Benjamin can often be found looking Morehouse Fresh, showing that you don’t have to attend Morehouse to dress the part. His new fashion line, Benjamin Bixby, is perfectly Morehouse Fresh. Check out some of his pieces:

Spring 2008 Benjamin Bixby Collection

Wanna be Morehouse Fresh?
Well, the best way to get the look is to make sure you own 2 or more of these items:

– unique classic blazer (ex. brown jacket w/ navy elbow patches)
– vest (button and sweater)
– bow-tie or classic-colored tie
– quality oxford shoes
– a designer accessory (Armani shades, Gucci belt, LV computer case, etc)
– glasses (they can be fake. . . you can get some from Urban Outfitters, this is optional)

Best Brands/Stores for the “Morehouse Fresh” look:

– Ralph Lauren

– Brooks Brothers

– Heritage 1981

– Lacoste

– High-End Thrift Stores

Check out these Morehouse Fresh Items:

Bright Classic-Fit Ralph Lauren Polo

Slip-on Leather shoes from
(these can easily be dresses up or down)

Linen Plaid Sport Coat from Brooks Brothers

Multi-colored Paisly bow-tie from

Red/Burnt-Orange Cardigan from Urban Outfitters

*Note that not all Morehouse men dress “Morehouse Fresh”

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