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2009 MTV Movie Awards: Photos, Clips, Best-Dressed

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

A few photos from last night’s MTV Movies Awards
at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, California.
Before checking out the red carpet photos, watch the clip of the
“2009 MTV Movie Awards Most Talked About Moments”

Urban Gent

JC Chasez
very dapper, i love the shoes

Bentley Fonzworth and girlfriend/actress Fuane Chambers
perfectly dressed as usual

Ed Helms, Justin Bartha, Bradley Cooper
a very neat trio
this is a great example of how your pants should fit

Danny McBride and Will Ferrell
the funny guys keep is casual

Tyrese and Souljah Boy Tell Em
nice… minus Tyrese’s shoes

I think this is the best I’ve ever seen Souljah Boy
though he’s unnecessarily blinged out, I like it

Zachary Quinto

Brody Jenner
he’s always so flawlessly groomed- hair, face, everything

Zachary Levi

Zac Efron
this is my first time, since… i dont know when
that i actually don’t like the way he looks
he’s ALWAYS look perfect, but we all have our days…
he just looks like he got dressed in a hurry

Taylor Lautner
one of the perfect looking Twilight guys
(nice creative recs)

gotta love it, lol…

King of Leon

Quest Crew
very edgy and casual, interesting mix

Jonah Hill
though i like him, i must say, this is sloppy
to my husky readers, this isn’t how you want to end up
he has some great pieces, but just failed in execution
(to fix it: jacket should have been tailored/fitted to him, slightly larger pants maybe one size up, tailored fit shirt preferably in a complementing bold color)


Cam Gingandet
i love it, he looks great
this style isn’t for everyone, but he pulls it off well
(another one of the perfect looking Twilight guys)

Rick Foxx

Aziz Ansari

MTV Canada host
Jessi Crickshank and Dan Levy
I admire Dan’s Thom Browne inspired look

Lil Wayne

(shake head), weezy looks rough…

Peter Facinelli

fashion designer Christian Siriano
the watch is rockin sockin

Channing Tatum

Twilight wins for best movie.

My favorite….
hmmmm, it’s a toss up between:

– Mr.Fonzworth
– Cam Gingandet
– Souljah Boy (minus the chain)
– Dan Levy (mtv canada)

Who Do You Think Had the Best Look?

MTV VMA Red Carpet Fashion & Style: The Men

Check out the fashions and styles from last night’s MTV Video Music Awards held in Los Angeles at the Paramount Pictures Studio Lot. Everybody looked really good for the most part, so two thumbs up!
Plain White T’s: Tom Higgenson,
De’Mar Hamilton, Tim Lopez, Dave Tirio and Mike Retondo

Paul Wall and Travis McCoy of the Gym Class Heroes

They say he finally “came out the closet” by the way, nothing to be ashamed of.
I guess the final verdict is still in the air though.

Michael Phelps

Lupe Fiasco


Lil Wayne

Jonas Brothers
Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas

David Banner

Residente and Visitante of Calle 13

Taboo of The Black Eyed Peas


Shwayze and Cisco Adler

Robert Pattinson

another weezy pick, he loved his thumbs up
pose last night, lol

Zac Efron
He’s always so darn clean

Busta Ryhmes, rockin the same shirt Kirk wore
at the BET Awards earlier this summer

C Breezy

Our favorite- Lupe Fiasco rocks the
marching band jacket


German band Tokio Hotel

Pete Wentz (R) and The Fall Out Boys

DJ AM and musician Travis Barker

Kobe Bryant

A few performances:

Backstage Cool:

Jermaine Dupri and Q

Corbin Bleu

Ryan Sheckler and Tony

Panic! At The Disco

Trend Analysis:

Like I said before everybody looks pretty good. They are all following the latest trends: fitted pants, blazers, skinny ties, vests, preppy & rock combos… I love it. Good Job Gentleman!

What Do You think of this year’s MTV VMA fashions?
Who’s your favorite?

G’s to Gents on MTV

Some of you may have noticed the lack of G’s to Gents posts… well, I slightly lost interest.
But I will try to post a “catch-up” article sooner than later… maybe, we’ll see;-)

From Gs to Gents: Episode 3

Sorry this is late, but as you can probably tell- I’m not THAT into the series. But here I go…

The day/episode begins with sports, and they play the gentleman’s sport- cricket. The drama with Kesan and D-Boy continues…

Chapter 3: Sportsmanship

A true gentleman doesn’t just play to win, he plays with honor. A gentleman shows respect for teammates, opponents, and officials and take responsibility for your actions.

World class cricket player David Sentance was the special guest. He’s the author of “Cricket in America: 1710-2000”. Side note: I was feeling the seer sucker jacket Fonzworth rocked during the cricket game and the floral tie.

The Challenge was a 5 on 5 basketball game and the team with the most points wins.
2 Captains, Kesan and D-boy and they play street ball with “real hood gs”- just seemed like more bad actors to me, lol. D-Boy’s team lost with a score of 7:3 and Kesan teams looses 11:0. Though D-Boy’s team scored more points, Kesan’s team had better etiquettes during the game so they won.

After the challenge Cee confronts Kesan about spitting on D-Boy’s bed. Kesan packs his bags and leaves the house then Shaun and Creepa run after him and eventually talk him into staying. When Kesan walks back into the house E-6 confronts him, but too much doesn’t build up just words exchanged. Later Cee breaks down crying to his ex-girlfriend Gina about how guilty he felt about setting up Kesan. And Kesan has a heart to heart with Mr.Bentley and he decides to stay in the house.

Cee, D-boy, and J-Boogie were up for elimination and in the end J-Boogie goes home.

I liked Fonzworth’s jacket, tie, and short combo at elimination- a black velvet jacket with wine colored shirt and tie. His purple shirt had a nice wide spread collar. That’s actually one of my favorite types of collars.

Spread collar

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