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Cleant Up… Kanye West and his new “Amazing” video

Have you all seen Kanye lately…. he looks, well… so well-groomed. Not that he wasn’t before, but for the 808s album he had been rockin a more emotional scruffy look, but now… well I guess its spring and Kanye decided to keep it fresh and clean. (<--- i wasn't trying to rhyme, lol)

Kanye West at Vanity Fair party for
2009 Tribeca Film Festival (April 21st, NYC)

And check out his newest video,
“Amazing” featuring Young Jeezy

The Fray Covers Heartless by. Kanye West

Check out this video I stumbled upon.

Is it just me or does this possibly (just possibly) sound better than the original. Well, it just really works- very smooth.

Charles Hamilton

I know this song has been out for a hot minute, but for some reason I’ve been jamming it all morning. Gotta love that freshmen 10…

Common, “I Want You”

Throwback: OUTKAST, ROSA PARKS… “ahh-haa hush that fuss…”

Remember this video, aww the memories, gotta love it…

In a Perfect World: Keri Hilson ft. Kanye West & Ne-Yo “Knock You Down”

Ne-Yo looks great in this video, perfect look.
Kanye, looks cool as usual.
And Keri Hilson is looking “sexy fly”. She’s been behind the scenes all these years, writing hit songs for many people in the industry including Beyonce and Ciara (just to name a few). But now she’s out (like alot of behind the people do- Diddy, Pharrell, Kanye, etc) and she’s about to be huge… I feel like she’s the female version of Kanye West, since she has ALOT of style (very original style) and she’s talented behind the scene and as an artist… be sure to buy her album, in stores now:

Keri Hilson, In a Perfect World.

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