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My Canali Story + The Urban Gentleman’s Favorite Canali Looks for the Season: Suits, Polos, Pocket Squares, Denim, Loafers, Dress Shirts, Belts

CANALI: Since 1934 in Italy

Suit, shirt, tie, pocket square. Suit, shirt, tie, pocket square. Suit, shirt, tie, pocket square, belt, shoes, socks, cologne. This was how I spent my slow hours as an intern in the Men’s Furnishings department at Nordstrom. I would sit around doing these combos, honing my ability to pick out the perfect suit combo off the cuff.  My eye for a suit combo became amazingly good, I was sort of a machine, the suit-tie-pocket-square combo slayer if you will. When a man walked in my department I scanned his frame, processed his wants and needs sized him up and paired him perfectly within minutes. This particular Nordstrom was located in the wealthiest part of town so the men I dressed were CEOs, NFL players, restaurant owners, and I even dressed my first "royal" there. Given the clientele I had to prepare myself for these types, for the men who came in wanting the absolute best we had to offer. My combo was nearly always the same for these men: Canali Suit, matching dress shirt (the brand would vary), Zegna or Robert Talbott SevenFold tie, Ferragamo shoes and belt. 

The Canali Suit — I remember asking Stacey, the dashing perfectly dressed and groomed manager of the suit department, if he could teach me everything he knew about suits. It was during this training that I first learned what cuts, brands, and styles looked best on certain body types. He also taught me that Canali was the best, and they've been one of my favorites menswear brands ever since. 

Read more about their history below and checkout The Urban Gentleman's favorite Canali Looks for this season:

CANALI offers a complete range for The Urban Gentleman's wardrobe
Suits, Polos, Denim, Pocket Squares, Belts, Shoes, Dress Shirts, Trousers, and more
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Best Places to Buy Men’s Suits

Terrence Howard in a modern suit

Sometimes there are too many choices, and the choices need to be narrowed down- like where to buy your suit. First off, there are many qualified contenders, but each store has different perks that may sway you to purchase from them.

The Most Classic/Traditional and Best Service: Nordstrom
The Most Stylish and Best Variety: Bloomingdales
Best Value: K&G
Good Prices and Good for the Everyday Man: Joseph A.Bank

Classic Burberry Suit from Nordstrom
This is where I learned about the details of men’s fashions and styles. If you want superb one on one personal service to help choose a suit, then Nordstrom is the only place you want to go. They only carry the best brands and they have some of the best tailors in the business. Nordstrom does not have tons of promotional sales or coupons, they have a half-yearly and a anniversary sale that easily trumps the sales of all other retailers. Those sales, that are usually during the summer, are the best times to buy suits, shirts, ties, shoes, belts, pocket squares, and anything else. Featured brands include: Canali, Hugo Boss, Joseph Aboud, and many more.

Modern Hugo Boss suit from Bloomingdales

If you want the most stylish and most trendy suits, then Bloomingdales is perfect for you. The store offers a wide variety of styles and brands including: Armani, Purple Label, Hugo Boss, and many more. Bloomingdales, known for its brown bags, has sales throughout the year and is great place for anyone on a reasonable budget or who has thousands to splurge. This is usually my first recommendation for someone searching for a suit.

If you are on a very tight budget and looking to spend $100-$200 on a suit, then K&G is your godsend. K&G is a warehouse so the store has a plethora of suit offerings- every color, style, and cut. K&G carries the Steve Harvey wide-leg suits, Jones New York athletic-fit suits, italian-made suits like Zenetti, and even 3 piece-suits by Sean John. They have a wide variety, but it’s hard to find a teir-1 suit in K&G, you have to really search and you’ll only find a few to choose from.
Signature 3-button suit from Jos A.Bank

Jos A. Bank
I’m sure you’ve seen their commercials and advertisements- Joseph A. Bank is known for its sales. This store is good for the average guy on the search for his first suit. They have helpful attendants and have many traditional styles and brands to choose from.

*Other Notable Stores: Brooks Brothers and Men’s Warehouse

Every man should own atleast one suit. Not one that you got from your dad or brother, but one that you bought specifically for you and your body. I also recommend all men to have atleast one quality designer-type suit. A good suit can easily be spotted and definitely speaks tons about who you are- it says that you are serious and ready to succeed, not to mention that you have great taste!

Modern John Varvatos Suit from Nordstrom

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